Over 1 crore consumers never paid their power bills in UP


LUCKNOW: Amid UP go nment's promise to provide round-the-clock power supply to the consumers, and the proposal to privatise Purvanchal distribution company, the UP Power Corporation Limited's (UPPCL) data show that more than 38% consumers have not paid their electricity bill since the date of connection.


The fact was shared by UPPCL chairman and additional chief secretary (energy) Arvind Kumar in a series of tweets on Thursday. He said that out of a consumer base of 2.83 crore, 1.09 crore consumers have not paid their bills. About 96% of these defaulters are from rural areas. UPPCL sources said that the amount recoverable from these consumers is around Rs 68,000 crore.

UPPCL主席兼首席秘书(能源)Arvind Kumar周四在推特上分享了这一情况。他说,在2830万用户中,有1090万没有支付过电费。这些违约者中大约96%来自农村地区。UPPCL称,这些用户的欠费约为6800亿卢比。


Significantly, of the over 1 crore consumers who have never paid their electricity connection, mamum 43 lakh -- out of total 83 lakh -- are from the Purvanchal Discom alone. Data shows that in Purvanchal alone, a staggering 3.78 lakh consumers are those who have pending arrears above Rs 1 lakh. “These figures show that the distribution company is in such a bad state of affairs,” said a senior UPPCL official. Sources said that this was one of the key reasons why the state go nment has been pitching for privatisation of Purvanchal districbution company, comprising Azamgarh, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Basti, Prayagraj and Varanasi zones.

值得注意的是,在这1000多万从未支付过电费的用户中,仅Purvanchal Discom就占430万(总用户830万)。数据显示,仅在Purvanchal一地,拖欠10万卢比以上的用户就达到了惊人的37.8万。UPPCL的一位高级官*员表示:“这些数据表明,这家分销公司的状况非常糟糕。”


Purvanchal is followed by Madhyanchal comprising Lucknow, Devi Patan and Ayodhya zones. Here, as many as 33.45 lakh consumers have not paid their bills since getting a connection. This discom has total 79 lakh consumers. In fact, Lucknow zone alone accounts for around 11 lakh such consumers. Data show that more than 1.7 lakh consumers account for those consumers who have pending arrears above Rs 1 lakh.

Purvanchal之后是Madhyanchal,由勒克瑙、Devi Patan和Ayodhya区组成。在这里,有多达334.5万用户没有付过电费。该地区共有790万用户。事实上,仅勒克瑙区就有大约110万从未缴过费的用户。数据显示,超过17万用户欠费超过10万卢比。


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I am living in African countries for last 17years, Sudan, Kenya and Mozambique. All these countries have pre paid system for eletricity. If you pay you have electricity if not you dont have. Thee have pre paid meters in all the home. Why cant India have them? They have introduced VAT two decades back. How can we say we are developed more than African countries?






People in India love to steal electricity



Anil Nair

India should have given away UP and Bihar to Pakistan at the time of partition. Best way to punish our enemy.



Madan Mohan Siddhanthi

our power thefts must a world record and non payment even a rupee cut off power




same in odisha. in my neighborhood people use ACs and old electric cooking heaters of 1500w, still pay less than Rs 300 a month whereas I don't have ACor coolers nor I use electric cooker but I pay over Rs 800 a month because I can't dare temper my elecric meter.




Surprised to hear this and no action taken by the go nment/authorities. Doubly surprising



Ankur Jain

Without corrupt officers this will not happen.

没有附败的印度官 员,这一切都不会发生。


Jebamoni Prabaharan

This Government has no governance, just disconnect the electricity then they will pay the bill



Ajit Jain

This tendency of masses for freebies is harmful ... they just want everything free ... as if its their right.



Prasanta Dangoria

Install prepaid meters and forget about the pending. Simple.



Sambappa Kalvala

They breaking the back of those who pay taxes and bills regularly



Swamy K

What are you waiting on? Just disconnect the service. These are so well connected and a solid vote bank which go nment refuse to act





Savage Nationalist

at last the Gov of UP got these numbers published. All these decades just for votes everything was given out for FREE.



Gopal B

They must disconnect power in case of persistent defaulters .Only this will force people to settle their bills.



RJ Khurana

The only way to ensure compliance is the strict application of cutting the connection.




What was the go nment doing when these people have not paid for electricity in years?




one modi alone can't make the country great!



Anantha Prasanna

When did politicians pay power bill?



RJ Khurana

Why have the connections not been cut if the payment has not been made.



Modi Akash

It’s Just inconceivable....



Anil Nair

No one can change the Rogue culture of UP. Not even Jogi. Sad


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