Trump''s India visit preparations show ''sl ve mentality'': Sena


MUMBAI: The Shiv Sena on Monday said the ongoing preparation for the much awaited visit of US Presi nt Donald Trump is a reflection of the "sl ve mentality" of Indians.


Trump's India trip is like the visit of a "Badshah" (emperor), an editorial in Sena mouthpiece 'Sana' said.



Taking a dig at the construction of a wall on a plot having several slum structures in Ahmedabad ahead of Trump's visit there, the Sena said the US presi nt's trip would neither stop the fall of rupee's value in forex market nor offer betterment to those (slum dwellers) behind the wall.


"Before Independence, British King or Queen used to visit one of their sl ve nations like India. The kind of preparations going on from taxpayers' money for the arrival of Trump is similar to it. This reflects the sl ve mentality of Indians," it said.


The Sena also took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation's (AMC) move to build wall on a plot to "hide the slums" on the route through which Trump's convoy would pass.


"Former prime minister Indira Gandhi had once given the slogan 'Garibi Hatao', which was ridiculed for a long time. It seems now Modi's plan is 'Garibi chupao' (hide poverty)," the Marathi publication said

马拉地语出版物Sana称:“印度前总理英迪拉·甘地曾经提出过一句口号‘消除贫困’,这句话被嘲笑了很长一段时间。现在看来莫迪的计划是‘Garibi chupao’(隐藏贫困)”。”


Is there any financial allocation for such a wall being built in Ahmedabad? Is the US going to offer loan to India to build such walls across the country? it wondered.


"We have heard Trump is going to be in Ahmedabad for only three hours but the wall construction is costing almost Rs 100 crore to the state exchequer," it said.


It is basically a po itical arrangement between Prime Minister Modi and US Presi nt Trump, the Sena cmed.



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Eswaran Eswar • Tamilnadu • 5 days ago

Slave Mentality?? Oh.. Ok.. In the same manner, US has accorded Modi a Grand welcome with several cultural events during Modi's Visit at their counrty.. Will you also describe that as "Americans turns as sl ves for Modi??"

奴心态? ?同样地,莫迪访问美国期间,美国也举办了几场文化活动来隆重欢迎莫迪。你们会说“美国人变成了莫迪的奴”吗?


Archana• 5 days ago

you think Modi being a grand welcome is because of his greatness-no there is a lot of your people in the place and the Presi nt just wanted to show a big crowd for his own personal reasons. Modi is a little man in world affairs. Remember it, understand it, digest it and repeat it.



Indian • Mumbai • 5 days ago

Dont expect anything more than Sonia sena... And the motor mouth raut...



Mort Walker • inde • 5 days ago

Nepotism by Shiv Sena.The King Uddhav Thakre has made his son a Prince.


Arijit Thakur• 5 days ago

At least Uddhav Thakrey managed to produce a son. We know of a leader who ran away from his wife.


shruti deodhar • 4 days ago

Well in his own words he is patriot who helped reduce population explosion.



Mokkapati Prabhakara Rao • India • 5 days ago

Sena is running a "sl ve Govt" only, which Sena must accept first.



Chandrakanth Shetty • 4 days ago

What is sl ve mentality what is happening in Maharastra we are at the mercy of Italian mafia



Sankaran Krishnan • Chennai • 4 days ago

It is a pity that Sena Slave who had surrendered at the feet of Sonia for the sake of power hungry is questioning and you and your don't have any to question



Niren K • 4 days ago

Modi is only reciprocating to the respect given by Trump. But Uddhav has shown his sl ve mentality in front of dynasty and Sharad Pawar for the sake of chief ministership



Sarabtek Singh • 5 days ago

He is treating India as a ve bank............


shruti deodhar• 4 days ago

Which po itician doesn't?


Bavani Johar• Delhi • 5 days ago

We are playing in his hands.



Sarabtek Singh• 5 days ago

Basically it is like ad.........



Konfucius Ken • 5 days ago

Sena, When US feted Indian PM first in US soil with respect was THAT SLAVE MENTALITY? People who are min ity in ion can become sl ve of intended opposition due to greed for CM post?



Suresh Kurup • 3 days ago

Shiv Sena is spot on this. RSS has a sl ve mentality towards White people. After all they have common ancestors.



Prince Gw • India • 4 days ago

Ok then what about shaking hands with people who always wished the downfall of SS ? What is it called ?



Chinngu Tholkapiyan • 4 days ago

I think that the most of the beneficiaries for this US Presi nt vist to India may be the closest circle of the people who are in power and I think these people will bear cost of the costruction of wall to hide slums of the honourable Prime Minister's favorite town in India.



Anil Patil • 4 days ago

Nonsense of Slave Sena of Pawar & Sonia



Arijit Thakur • 5 days ago

Building a wall to hide the slums? What is next? Torching the slums as Nero did, in order to beautify his capital city?



Arijit Thakur • 5 days ago

Modi and Trump match at different levels. Modi abandoned the only wife he has ever had. Trump was abandoned by two of the three wives he has ever had.


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