Donald Trump in India: US Presi nt to inaugurate world's biggest cricket stadium



AHMEDABAD: US Presi nt Donald Trump will inaugurate the world's largest cricket stadium when he arrives in Ahmedabad, the home base of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Monday at the start of a two-day visit aimed at smoothing ties strained by trade disputes.


Making his first offi al trip to the world's largest de acy , Trump is also expected to visit the humble abode of India's independence hero Mahatma Gandhi in Ahmedabad.


The leaders of , Japan and Israel have all visited Ahmedabad since Modi became India's prime minister. It is the biggest city in Gujarat, the western state where Modi made his mark as chief minister before his (BJP) swept to power in 2014.


If his Indian hosts can help it, Trump probably won't see a slum as they've ordered for a 400-metre wall to be built along his route to block the view of where poor people live.


Authorities in Ahmedabad expect to spend around 800 million to 850 million Indian rupees ($11-12 million) on preparations for the visit by the American presi nt that is likely to last around three hours, two go nment offi als with direct knowledge of the plans said.


The sum is equivalent to about 1.5% of the annual budget for the Home Ministry in Gujarat.


Security-related costs, with more than 12,000 police officers expected to be deployed, will account for almost half the expense, said the offi als, who declined to be named as they are not authorised to speak publicly about the visit.


Ahmedabad municipal commissioner Vijay Nehra, the city's top civic offi al, said that authorities had already spent around 300 million rupees ($4.2 million) on widening roads and improving infrastructure around the new cricket stadium.


With capacity for 110,000 spectators, the Mera Stadium will dislodge the Melbourne Cricket Ground as the world's largest cricket stadium.



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Jason Ray • 3 days ago

So Modi making Gujarat richer through tourism. And he doesn't care about other states.



Times • 3 days ago

we are what we are. why hide the slums. Instead spend that huge money to build permanent dwellings for the poor.



Rock Moddy• 3 days ago

Being poor is a choice. Our PM was a chaiw



GENTLEMAN TRUMP • 3 days ago

gujaRAT is full of rats and smells of rotten egg, garbage 



Sarabtek Singh • 3 days ago

So we pay for Trumps campaign......



Anantha Prasanna • Mumbai • 3 days ago

What can we expect from Modi, Amit combined? development of Ahmedabad only. Largest stadium, bullet train, and many more to come. They have built great wall of Slums to cover the slums. What a waste of tax payers money for a three hour tsha. Wonder what is in store at Delhi.



Asok Datta • 3 days ago

The BJP means Gujjus who are mostly businessmen with capital from public money and the go nment will go on looting all states to enrich this Gujju state



Sameer • 3 days ago

tallest statue in Gujarat. Biggest stadium now.



Chandrashekhar • nepal • 3 days ago

how much pakistan would hav spend if Trump agreed to visit pakistan. and is big ZERO




Kiran Prakash • 3 days ago

A person who has absolutely nothing to do with Cricket became BCCI Secretary because he is Amit Shah's son. Now a Person who has never seen a cricket match will inaugurate World's biggest stadium.



Om N S • 3 days ago

Already economy is in serious crises yet he is spending crores of tax payers money to prome American Presi nt among Indian American Gujarati's.



Madhusudan • 3 days ago

What is the point of show casing only good for Trump. If the smount spent on building a wall is actually used for upliftment of the slums, it will be much better.



Leon Fernandes • Mumbai • 3 days ago

Good for the state. It iwll bring in tourism. Modi has to treat the states impartially



K.M.Iradat Ullah Siddiqui • 3 days ago

Stadium should be inaugurated by Kapil Dev !!!! He took Indian cricket to new heights by wng 1983 world cup




aaaa bbbb • 3 days ago

Why do we need the most powerful man in the world to inaugurate the world's largest cricket stadium.



Nationcomesfirst • Mother INDIA • 3 days ago

Welcome to India Trump. Nste



HoMely Meals • 3 days ago

Modi is saying poorer became rich under his re gie and he wants to hide those poor people and spend 100 crores on US presi nt. Atleast he would have spent those money on building houses he would have received some prayers from people.



Shnth • 3 days ago

keep going INDIA..... JAI HIND



AR • 3 days ago

Gujrat model is a failed model it's only a hype



Harjot Singh • 3 days ago

It's a crime to spend 800-850 million Rupees for a 2-days visit of Trump. The same amount could have made a difference in the lives of the poor that Modi is trying to hide from Trump.



Abhijit Dey • Agart • 3 days ago

Sometime I feel Modi is focusing on Gujrat rather then on whole India. All the projects in Gujrat are on fast track.



Rohit Eligeti • Hyderabad • 3 days ago

During that event, Everybody will fly to Gujarat and that state will gain lots of fundings.



Foo Fekuu • 3 days ago

Feku building a wall to hide the true face of 'development in Gujarat. This money could have been spent on facilities for the slum dwellers .



Majumdar • 3 days ago

Did Modi forgot about the sanctions on Amit Shah by US. Trump doesn't care our PM. But still he is always after him. Really..... and don't compare the stadium with MCG please...... it's way ahead in everything.



India First • Marlboro • 3 days ago

Modi Ji, be certain to show Trump India’s Trump wall that is being built to not prevent illegal immigrants enter India but to hide india’s poor.



Indian Peninsular • 3 days ago

Funds from Maharastra and other states are pouring in for Gujuss develpoment.



Bhishma • 3 days ago

The only progress for India is cricket and bollywood.



Bob Biswas • 3 days ago

Modi wants to feel ‘at home’ while he sucks up to Trump big time. Good move.



Nishada Ahm • 3 days ago

Govt is busy hiding Guj model by building wall


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