HAL to provide IAF with 83 Tejas fighters in Rs 39k cr deal



NEW DELHI: The biggest deal in the indigenous military aviation sector has been finalised, with the overall cost of IAF acquiring 83 single-engine Tejas fighters and their support package from defence PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) being slashed from the earlier around Rs 56,500 crore to Rs 39,000 crore.


The over Rs 17,000 crore reduction in overall cost has come after hard-nosed negotiations spread over a year. The defence ministry and IAF were initially shocked at the “exorbitant price” being demanded by HAL to produce the 83 Tejas Mark-1A jets along with the maintenance and infrastructure package.

经过一年多的谈判,总成本削减了1700亿卢比。最初印度国防部和印度空军对HAL生产83架“光辉” Mark-1A并提供维护和基础设施包的总价格感到震惊,认为要价过高。

“With the contract price now settled at Rs 39,000 crore, the procurement file is being sent to the Cabinet Committee on Security for final nod. It should be cleared before this fiscal ends on March 31. Once the contract is inked, HAL promises to begin deliveries of the Mark-1A jets in three years,” said a source.


It was in November 2016 that the Defence Acquisitions Council had first approved the procurement of 83 Tejas jets at a cost of Rs 49,797 crore. But HAL had responded with a quote of around Rs 56,500 crore, which led to protracted cost negotiations. “HAL, for instance, was even charging profit on imported components. Item by item, the cost was brought down. IAF also cut down some of its support requirements,” said the source.



Down to just 30 fighter squadrons (each has 18 jets) when at least 42 are required for the requisite deterrence against Pakistan and , the IAF is banking upon the long-delayed light combat aircraft Tejas to make up the free fall in numbers.


The first four Rafale fighters will touch down at Ambala airbase in May, with the remaining 32 following in batches by April 2022 under the Rs 59,000 crore deal inked with France in September 2016. But the slow production rate of the home-grown Tejas fighters by HAL, much like its protracted development saga, remains a major concern for IAF.



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Richard • 13 hours ago

Congress is past...I see the changes...thankyou modiji



Vishal Vishwakarma • India • 13 hours ago

Good news indeed!

While replenishing the jets inventory , India should focus on innovation and produce the most advance fighter jets to give competiton to their biggest competitors.




Posttokrish • 10 hours ago

Congress and left parties now planning on how to damage this deal.



Anthony Dinozzo Jr • 10 hours ago

Our tax money put to great use. Not just highways or Train 18, even our indigenious defence planes are being developed. Pappu should be aware that we do not support scams and scamsters.



Ramesh T M • Bangalore • 10 hours ago

IAF should be stern with HAL as many of the costs are due to lethargy & can be reduced.



Harj Ghuman • 12 hours ago

Three years to produce the first aircraft? That is ridicules!



Ashish • 12 hours ago

why so slow production rate when user and suppliers are both government controlled. increase production will get more orders may be exported also.



Shuddha Satwa Ghosh • 6 hours ago

Everyday some good news and news on counteys progress. Under Congress, every day was a new day on corruption. The head of Govt and the team makes all the difference.



Tim Mugaseth • 7 hours ago

India MUST privatise HAL .



Sanjoy Pandey • Kolkata • 9 hours ago

This is a very good move. We should gradually reduce our dependence on other countries for our defense requirements.



NK • Mumbai • 5 hours ago

By the time it gets inducted, it will be outdated. Production rate of F-35 is 100 a year and expected go up to 160. Production rate of Tejas has been 8 per year. Doubling it to 16 is being advertised as a major achievement!



Sun Rise • 12 hours ago

Fighter jet in the age of advanced weapons technology is just a carrier of weapons. The Jet should be fitted with state of the art radar and missiles to be effective. With advanced weapons on board the carrier doesn’t make much difference whether it is Tejas or Rafale.



Shail Kulkarni • 6 hours ago

Will Tejas anytime able to enter enemy territory? First Indian army need to check it's capabilities. If it is so capable then why are we batting for Rafale?



Shekar • 4 hours ago

One can see the changes in HAL now. Quotation of 56,500 crore reduced to 39,000 crore indicates level of babugiri inside HAL. Had it been other govts, the 56,500 offer could have been passed with a good deal of amount getting pilfered somewhere



Gautam • 5 hours ago

Negotiating Price with HAL is me asking discount for myself and then telling that I got a big discount. This is a state owned co. where does the negotiation comes.



Db Huf • 8 hours ago

Hope HAL steps up and supplies quality fighters within time schedule. The country stands to gain a lot if our defence requirement is fulfilled internally.



aaaa bbbb • 7 hours ago

For 100 million dollars you get a F-35! Why Modiji is always getting things at exorbitant prices!?

Look at any procurement since 2014! The prices paid are way too high !




sauvaneer flamme • 13 hours ago

is modi slee since 6 years why no more fighter jets



Ananta Charan Rout • 4 hours ago

Now we have a BASIC FIGHTER JET. Let us work on it and develop it into a world class fighter.



Ramesh • Bangalore • 6 hours ago

I would have been more happy if HAL sold to other nations.



Girish • 7 hours ago

Every year I read HAL will do this and that..and I hv been reading this since 2 decades... nothing they do nothing they supply.. always missing the deadline..



king • chennai • 7 hours ago

hmmmm...GE supplys the engines..i will only salute the HAL only after they start exporting their aircraft to other countries ...if it is not export worthy obviously it is not world class that other countries want it..so we have a long way to go so guys so dont get excited..



Patriot • 10 hours ago

Much needed step towards indigenisation.



Pankaj Patel • 4 hours ago

Modi walks the talk! Great. will make iNdia great again



lonleytom • 5 hours ago

Each plane cost 470cr. Is this reasonable?



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