Quantum supremacy chase: India in s country club


New Delhi: India has joined a s few countries that chase “Quantum Supremacy” with a Rs 8,000-crore national mission to crack into the next generation technology, which promises exponential ‘compute’ power and to rewrite the rules of present-day computing.


The Department of Science and Technology (DST), which is drafting the contours of the mission to be detailed in a month, is looking to build a homegrown 50 Qubit ‘Quantum Computer’ in 4-5 years as part of the mission, which will also include building solutions for quantum communications, storage and encryption, a go nment offi al told ET.


Once proven, the disruptive technology — still under works at labs in the United States, Russia, and India — could be used to hack into any cyber security sy em in a matter of seconds, making it a strategic need for countries. It could also be applied to previously unsolved problems and significantly reduce the time taken to provide solutions.



“Any country which has quantum technology can secure their sy ems and decode the most secured networks elsewhere,” KR Murali Mohan, head of Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Sy ems at DST, which is implementing the mission told ET.


A typical computer stores information in bits—either as a 0 or 1— but quantum computers can store information in two quantum bits (or qubits) as both a 0 and a 1 at the same time, that is as 11 or 01, which means that the computational power of a sy em can multiply exponentially.


For companies and countries that can crack it, it is a wealth of monetary benefits. “Whoever does it first is expected to have a clear monopoly, that’s why so many investments are being made worldwide on this technology,” Mohan said.


DST has asked for Rs 8,000 crore funding over five years, since the hardware and software required for Quantum Research is expensive and researchers have to operate in sub-zero temperatures.


India is not only betting on quantum technology for strategic purposes, but also to focus on applications in areas such as medical, agriculture, space and aerospace engineering. For instance, it can reduce the time-tomarket of drug discovery to just two days from the current 10 years, run tests on various demographic and gene profiles, run complex aircraft simulations within a matter of minutes. The mission is planned in such a way that research and development that is a part of it will be fed into startups, which can s off products in the area of quantum computing and take them to market quickly.


“India is the third largest when it comes to publishing papers, but it doesn’t translate into creating actual products, reducing the gap between research and product development can help,” said Mohan.


Once quantum technology goes mainstream, the most secure of encryptions generated using today’s crypto algorithms could be broken into within a matter of seconds – something go nments worldwide are scared about. “Quantum changes computing in the most fundamental way since it provides exponentially more compute power. But it is also probabilistic in nature, so the chances of error are high compared to the determinate nature of today’s computing,” said Rahul Matthan, cofounder of law firm Trilegal.


“Everyone in the world is still at the very basic stage of understanding how to build quantum computers, so if India can invest in R&D, we have as much of a chance as anyone to make a fundamental breakthrough,” he added.



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Pandey US

R&D is the base of country's devolopment. All the best . go ahead. At least Modi go nment has sanctioned the project and allotted the fund which was not possible in Congress or collision era.




This is as important as reaching mars, infect more, all the best to all great scientist who works on it, if India can crack it, no one can stop India to be A 30 TRILLION ECONOMY..




India GOVT institutions certainly has achieved zing result irrespective of corrupt bureaucracy (inside & outside these firms). Praying & believing in that extraordinary spirit for similar "magic" to happen in Quantum area. GOD bless the humanity :-) we built spacecraft to reach another planet but cant find bug in banking which leaks billions every day




highly confusing! As we all know, there are two BASIC-components viz hardware and software. You have mentioned about storage of two digits in-place of one ( i.e. either 00, 01, 10,11 ag inst current 0 or 1, = correct?) This deals with hardware mainly. All other descriptions upon compressing an R & D from 10 years to two etc. are to be achieved thru well-written soft-wares! We have already parallel operations and parallel computing. Storage devices have graduated from earlier magnetic-based materials to digital-mode, now. It is unclear whether speed is achieved only due to storage of a double- digit or any accompanying newer processors. (AND as extension, newer software that convert all into very high-speed computational outputs) From whatever I read, current semi-conductor devices face constraints - due to the technological-needs to accommodate very large ACTIVE and PASSIVE elements. ( and resultant problems of over-heating etc) Please make it all clear first. HOW a matching very high speed processor ( s ) that will make use of the said, very high capacity storages will be built?- WHEN? -




There's so much incorrect scientific information in this article. Consult a quantum scientist next time please.




Quantum computing requires different quotient hope DST have it.



H K Doshi

Our scientistCommunity deserve clap. Congrats.




First Child is born, then crawl, then try to walk, then walk, then kid run, then kid learn and grow, then kid do experiment, then kid invent things, WHAT this article saying about gt is Gt want to jump without learning and inventing any thing.




MODIVIRUS: is a daydream vir s which affect human thinking and time calculation



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