Are Indians patriotic?




Sr Rehman Patel, lived in India

There are plenty of good answers here. Patriotism is defined as love and vigorous support for one's country and ideals. 

I think most Indians confuse patriotism with Nationalism, which is an extreme form of patriotism which is coupled with feelings of self aggrandisement and feeling of superiority over other countries. 

A patriot looks at say, something wrong with the sy em or culture, and says, " Fine it's bad, we'll work towards making it better, and I still love my country. Looking at bad stuff hasn't deterred me of my devotion. "




A nationalist looks at the same thing and goes, "This is NOT bad. This is how it always was, and there probably is a scientific reason for why it's this way. Why don't you look at X Y Z country, their's is much WORSE that ours. I love my country. And everything unquestioningly. We can improve but I am not gonna admit that there is something wrong. EVER. We are the best. We were always the best. We will always be the best.  "

So while the difference is subtle when looking at it from being happy about the good things in the country, the difference becomes stark when you look at it from reaction and degrees of denial from the darker side of things. 

Most Indians, I am afraid, confuse Nationalism for Patriotism. 

Be a patriot. Don't be an idiot.






Aaqib Raza Khan, Learning, Unlearning, Moving on.

Patriotism is a very subjective feeling. It depends on how you'd like to define it. Do you enroll in the army to show to your patriotism or do you fulfill all your duties as a citizen to express your love for your nation? Both of them are patriotic acts - but in varying magnitude. 

I don't agree that patriotism can be described on the basis of re gious, cultural or social beliefs. Patriotism is not a tag anyone hangs from their necks. You may not find a person patriotic in your daily life, but he or she may actually be doing a lot more than what meets the eye.

For example, patriotism is 'popularly' referred while cheering for your national sports team, celebrating national days. But that doesn't mean those not observing these days are not patriotic. We are all tax-paying, law-observing citizens of this nation. 




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I would also like to point that India is a broad, expansive collection of different languages, cultures and beliefs. It is one of the most complex nations in estence with the textured population so diverse throughout. If it has stuck together all this while, there's just one reason - Love for this nation. 



Prateek Kumar, works at ITC Infech (2018-present)

Before answering this question, I would like to talk about a country called Germany.

The people of Germany devised and ved in favor of a law that would increase taxes on them and the extra money generated would be used for the healthcare and education of the not so privileged population of Germany who could not afford heavy medical fee or higher education.

Now my question is, will Indians ve for such a law??

Patriotism does not mean waving flags on national holidays and standing everytime when national anthem is played in a movie theatre. It means how much you are willing to contribute in the prosperity of your country even if you have to sacrifice some of your comforts.

People in India still ve on the basis of caste and re gion, do not pay taxes honestly and do not respect go nment property ( the recent annihilation of Tejas express on it's maiden journey do not project us as patriots). We need to understand that a nation can not develop until it's citizens are willing to work for it unconditionally and that would be true patriotism.





印度人至今仍以种姓和宗教为基础投票,不诚实纳税,不尊重政府财产(最近Tejas express在其处女航中遭到毁灭)。我们必须明白,一个国家的发展离不开它的公民愿意无条件地为之付出,这才是真正的爱国主义。


Raghuraj Hegde, The introspective Indian

I first have to admit that I was for sometime in my childhood, the stereotypical flag waving, unrelenting Indian Patriot. Since then Life happened and while I still consider myself a patriot, I'm not the one that people really think of when they think of a patriot.

I agree with B Senthil Kumar that Patriotism is like Re gion that was created as a social necessity and not truly as representive of something that ests without humanity. Despite this I do not consider patriotism "unnecessary" as he puts it. Here's why:


我同意B Senthil Kumar的观点,即爱国主义就像宗教一样,是作为一种社会需要而创造出来的精神,而不是作为一种游离于人性之外的东西。尽管如此,正如他所说,我并不认为爱国主义是“多余的”东西。原因如下:

Why India needs Patriotism

  1. The concept of a nation and patriotism towards it gives people a reason to think something beyond themselves and do something towards a collective that we are. We cannot create leaders without them feeling that they represent something. Every higher endeavor seeks acceptance from his origins. Many may deny it but it is there. If some Indians did not believe in the Indian consciousness we wouldn't have had our independence movement.
  2. The world is large (despite the "small world" theory) and India itself is large so if we stop having these nations/states/districts/cities local governance suffers because there is no accountability and there is no law of the land. We need nation states and patriotic citizens to provide the country with a contentious voice. It is all nice to say that good people don't need laws and laws are for bad ones. Just laws have no value unless implemented and accounted for by the good citizens. This is why crime rates in states like UP, Bihar, Haryana are so high and places like Ker have low rates. Ker wins because good patriotic citizens make sure the bad ones get punished.


  1. 一个国家和爱国主义的定义给了人们超越自我进行思考的一个理由,为我们这样的集体做些事情。我们不能培养不清楚自己代表着谁的领导者。每一次更多的努力都是为了他的出身能被接受。许多人可能会否认这一点,但事实就是如此。如果一些印度人不相信印度人的觉悟,就不会有独立运动。
  2. 世界很大(尽管有“小世界”理论),印度本身也很大,所以如果我们不再有国家/邦/地区/城市的概念,地方治理就会受到影响,因为没有制,没有土地法律。我们需要民族国家和爱国公民为这个国家提供一个有争议的声音。好人不需要法律,法律是用来对付坏人的。若只有法律存在并没有价值,除非得到好公民的执行和解释。这就是为什么北方邦、比哈尔邦、哈里亚纳邦的犯罪率如此之高,而喀拉拉邦的犯罪率却很低。喀拉拉邦赢了,因为爱国的好公民确保坏人受到惩罚。
  3. I represented my school and college in several team sports. If I did not bother about the team I played my performance would be sub-par as an athlete. This is the same sentiment that goes with our defense forces. If we did not think we represent something- an ideal, a country, a philosophy- we cannot adequately perform for them. We need people to defend our country and patriotism serves a brilliant function in this. This if of course not to belittle the sacrifices of our armed forces since independence but if not for patriotism there wouldn't be anything of India left. We would have been invaded by everyone around us.
  4. If we didn't have this belief in Indianness, why else would we search for other Indians in every country when we go abroad. We need that familiarity to be comfortable.


  1. 如果我们不相信印度人,那我们出国时为什么还要在每个国家寻找其他印度人呢?我们需要那种熟悉感来让我们感到舒服。

What patriotism does not represent (at least to me)

  1. Remembering and reiterating our country's pride only during cricket matches and forgetting about the country when they litter the road. Criticizing everyone else while pissing on the wall of a go nment office.
  2. False sense of pride in the culture of our country while we treat our women and children in disdain (rapes,child labour, poor schools),  moral police everything, ban stuff (meat, porn, movies, books)- all in the name of our culture and our country. 
  3. Believing that Indians and India can do no wrong. I find this very disturbing and I found it on Quora too. I had written an answer in praise of Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore while lamenting the socialist policies of the Congress which is preventing our progress to this day. Suddenly you have these pseudo-patriots take up cudgels for India branding me a 'star-gazing traitor' for criticizing Indian po iticians while admiring a foreign counterpart. Yes that was the word used. This same thing was in full display in the Devyani Khobragade episode in US. The govt wrongly stood behind the diplomat due to public outrage back home. We can be and wrong as anybody can in any country. Patriotism cannot be used as a shield for the wrongs done Patriotism also does not mean we do not question our leaders and make them accountable.
  4. Believing that every Indian achieving some great thing abroad is a shining feature on our own cap.. 

I know this is not what one would expect from a patriot but I believe I'm more of a patriot than the blind flag waving type!


  1. 只有在板球比赛时才会想起并重申我们国家的骄傲,而当他们在路上乱扔垃圾时就忘记了我们的国家。一边在政府办公室的墙上小便一边指责别人。
  2. 当我们以我们的文化和国家的名义鄙视我们的妇女和儿童(强奸、童工、贫穷的学校),对一切进行道德批判,禁止东西(肉、色情、电影、书籍)时,都是对我们国家文化的虚假自豪感。


  1. 相信每个印度人在国外都取得了一些伟大的成就,让我们与有荣焉。



Sibby Mathews

Indian commoners, especially north Indian ones, mistake goism for patriotism.

goism arises from various factors - insecurity, inferiority complexes, etc

Perhaps the most dging effect that such goism has on Indian commoners is that they fail to see who the real anti nationals are.

And those anti nationals, in the truest sense of the word, are the big time thieves who go by the name of crony capitalists and their benefactors the po itical parties that take huge kickbacks from them and spend gargantuan amounts of money in ion campaigns in a bid to fool these very commoners !






Avnish Tiwary, Analyst at Blueocean Market Intelligence (2017-present)

A real patriot would follow all the fundamental duties of a citizen. But most of us fail in the following duties:

1.To prome harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India transcending re gious, linguistic and regional or sectional diversities; to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women

2.To prect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers, wildlife and to have compassion for living creatures

3.To safeguard public property and to abjure violence

Still there are several duties which needs to be properly followed. Its not a rocket science. Follow these duties, you are already a great citizen, and surely the country will prosper.







Jai Paliwal

Indians are extremely patriotic….

But what if i say that this patriotism is ag inst humanity?

Most of the indians perceive patriotism as considering own country as the superior most and doing all good for it and and and prominently doing all bad possible for other countries, being anti pak or anti-……

Don’t you think this kind of patriotism is same as communalism,racism and casteism.

Agree? If not why not?

How can discriminating be fair in any way.

If you still think this is fair, tell me the reason why casteism is unfair….

We should be doing all good to our nation and its natives moreover with other nation and their natives.

We all are made humans so don’t ever dare to classify and discriminate on any basis whether it be caste,gender,re gion,race,nation.











Aditya Dubey, lived in India

This is a very subjective question that cannot have objective answer. According to YouGov Survey Results of 2016, a huge 36% of Indians believe their country is the best in the world, and a further 35% believe their country is "better than most other countries." This is a staggering number when compared to France and Sweden which had just 5% and 7% approval ratings respectively. Of course, the survey is based on self-reported data and so it can’t be considered accurate. It does, however, give an insight into what Indians would ‘report themselves as’.

PS - I believe a similar poll in North Korea would give an approval rating of 100%. There is no way to tell whether they actually believe it or are just too afraid to speak the truth.

这是一个非常主观的问题,没有客观的答案。根据YouGov 2016年的调查结果,36%的印度人认为他们的国家是世界上最好的,还有35%的人认为他们的国家“比大多数国家都好”。这是一个惊人的数字,而法国和瑞典的支持率分别只有5%和7%。当然,这项调查是基于自我意识的数据,因此不算准确。然而,它确实让我们了解到印度人会怎样“看待自己”。



Johnson C. Philip, works at Jiwaji University School of Studies in Physics

Patriotism was clearly defined in Indian minds, at the time our fre m in 1947,  as devotion and loyalty to one's motherland. Be Indian Buy Indian was in their hearts and nobody had to teach it to them.

The definition of patriotism continues to be the same, but commitment to patriotism has been decreasing due to decreasing stress on it at home and in schools. Affluence also seems to have made us less patriotic.

A strong emphasis upon patriotism needs to be brought back in Indian homes and schools.





Bejoy Prnick, lived in India

Take for example me. I am so patriotic that I can not take any negative comment on my country , how ever true it might sound. Deep inside I like my country even though I am lazy with a capital L on the outside.

I sometimes feel that I am the true bhakt they talk about. But then I don't badmouth people under hidden identity on twitter. So maybe I am not there yet.

But I have dreams for India. To make it the most beautiful and livable country on the map of this world and many other worlds as and when they are found.





Amogh Oak,

Yes Indians are patriotic, not when the nation needs them but when they need the nation.  

P.S.- This does not include soldiers or a small group of individuals who are actually trying to make a difference, but for the majority which unfortunately, currently, includes myself.




Tribhuvan Mishra, works at Worked as Shop Floor Superviser in Auto-Dealerships

Indian Hindus are patriotic but Mus ms are not. if India loses Cricket match to Pakistan, then in my Hyderabad Celebrations are Carried out by the Mus ms by bursting Crackers and Distributing Sweets to passerby.



K G Mohan Kumar, studied at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Indians have the same definition as the rest of the world - the dictionary says,

deved love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty.



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