Industrial output tumbles at fastest rate in 7 yrs in Aug



NEW DELHI: The country's industrial output slumped the most in nearly seven years and contracted for the first time in over two years. The slump, led by a sharp decline in the crucial manufacturing, capital goods and consumer durables sectors, poses a fresh challenge for policymakers already battling an economic slowdown.


The RBI has cut its growth estimate to 6.1% for 2019-20 from the earlier 6.8%. The go nment has unveiled a series of measures including a sharp cut in corporate tax rates to revive growth and has promised to do more.

印度央行已将2019- 2020年的经济增长预期从此前的6.8%下调至6.1%。政府公布了一系列措施,包括大幅削减企业税率以恢复经济增长,并承诺采取更多措施。


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BELFORT METRO - 12 hours ago -Follow

please can anyone translate these article to dump and dumper (modi and shah ) economy is at its worst JOBLESS RATE AS INCREASED BEFORE FARMERS WERE DOING SUICIDE NOW TRADERS ARE ALSO DOING SUICIDE



Deepak - Karnataka - 10 hours ago -Follow

Deaf and dumb go nment at the centre and this was waiting to happen!!!!.



Mayank - Hyderabad - 10 hours ago -Follow

Two men are screwing 1.3 billion people. WTF!!



Duck - Toronto - 10 hours ago -Follow

FM failed as DM now she is definitely destroying India...This lady has no new ideas to boost India's economy. She is going to consult Ambani soon..



K Gopkrishna - 10 hours ago -Follow

Now the BJP should approach the master MMS without reservations or hesitation to save the economy .



Smart Indian - 9 hours ago -Follow

Guys, there are more important issues to deal with such as NRC, Kashmir etc.. how can you expect the gt to waste time on economy.



Sl - Secunderabad - 10 hours ago -Follow

Sadly for all the lovely talking, modi go nment is not managing the economy properly. Nirm n her predecessor arun were and are incompetent finance minister n the management is ad-hoc n rather talk n lift sentiment case.



Jimreeves - 10 hours ago -Follow

Our PM and bhakts

The illiterate of the 21st Century are not those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.



Quhesobi - 9 hours ago -Follow

Where is Feku? He has been bringing India to a new low every day.

莫迪去干嘛了? 他每天把印度带入一个新的低谷。


Ulhas - Navi Mumbai - 9 hours ago -Follow

If output in ALL sectors is TUMBLING, how can India "GROW"? Net GDP growth would be NEGATIVE not 6.1%!




Dipak Bhatt - 11 hours ago -Follow

This decrease in Industrial production has reflected directly on the GST collection and reduced GST collection is one of the concerns of Go nment.



JJ Canada - Canada - 10 hours ago -Follow

everything will cone good, just like Rafael!



Mesundillaram - Location - 9 hours ago -Follow

Any wonder why Moody’s reduced further growth figures from 6.2 to 5.8.



Alfa Dog - SKYFALL... - 10 hours ago -Follow

India is going back to stone age under shameless Modi sarkar, Jai Hind



Duck - Toronto - 10 hours ago -Follow

FEKU Ji building tall statues and temples is not progress.. FEKU Hai to possible Hai



Vasaikars M - Vasai - 10 hours ago -Follow

The data is by gt office so hopefully feku ji and bhakta jan will not blame it on nehru



Harpaul - 10 hours ago -Follow

There is an immediate need for some good Finance Minister. It will be too late if she remains in office till next Budget.



Vande Matram - Earth - 12 hours ago -Follow

Indian economy is contracting now while RBI still says that it is growing, but at a slower pace.



Db Huf - 10 hours ago -Follow

Ecomomic sliwdown is real and biting now.


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