Should I feel proud or ashamed to be an Indian?




Vivek Adhikari, Indian by birth and soul

Ashamed..!! Yes you should my dear friend.

As you have asked this question, shows that u got such values by/from ur country.

My questions for u:

1.Are you proud or ashamed of ur family?

2.Are u proud or ashamed of urself?

Btw, wht dn u search the meaning of proud and ashamed? Hope it will clarify ur shady/grey mindset.

Ne: Motive is not to hurt you. Take it positively. This question made me insane. Why our generation is thinking in this way?

应该感到羞耻.! !











India is a beautiful country that is filled with love. Where else will you find all the re gions of the world living in harmony. We have had a Mus m presi nt and a Sikh Prime minister and plenty of Cabinet and Chief Ministers from all re gions. Yes riots do happen but at the end of the day we all know that we are one big family. Plus India has a strong cultural base that gives strength to its people to fly all over the world. Did you know that 33% of NASA's scientists are Indians?

Even though we were plundered and murdered for 200 hundred years, 69 years later we have garnered the pential to be a superpower.

No country is completely flawless and if you look closely India's flaws are nothing compared to the problems in other countries.

It is shameful that anyone can be ashamed of such a beautiful country








Shivam Trivedi, INDIAN

“You should feel proud of rich Indian culture and should feel ashamed for those people who don't know about it.”





Mehboob Rabbani, studied at Aliah University

Actually human beings are not perfect that is why any country/state/place/re gion/workspace is not perfect. Let us make ourselves perfect first, remember the grass is always greener. Ask any citizen of any country if their country is perfect or not, you will get the answer.



Sang Sangie, lives in India

Proud . Even though India is still not as developed and good as compared to other developed countries , it has a very b future as people have and can exercise their s , unlike North Korea . Also it is a secular state … and supports equality . Always be proud that you are an Indian because the future awaits you




Sharath Subrnian,

Depends on your reasons mate! If you're not trying to prove that one should be ashamed but you just say that you're ashamed, then it's fine, you're not compatible with the country's way of going about things maybe. But I'm ashamed to be an Indian.





Black Beard, Manga Reader

If u are Indian be proud...



You Buddy, lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I believe you should be utterly ashamed of this country, you know what we can go on like this forever, if you really want the answer, just ask a random girl to wear shorts and go out in the streets at night and then you will get the most probable and suitable answer to your question, don't believe others, i think people here want to sound po itically correct, f__k them and decide for yourself, i mean i would never let my daughter go out after midnight if she happened to be in this country i swear, not even kidding, and i believe most parents would do the same


如果你想要答案,随便叫个女孩穿上短裤,让她晚上出去街逛,你就能得到答案,不要相信别人,要靠自己判断。如果我女儿在印度,我不会让她半夜出门的,我发誓, 不是开玩笑的,我相信大多数父母会像我这样做。

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