What are you ashamed of as an Indian?



Ilham Zaidi, former Consultant Epidemiologist at TATA Trusts (2018-2019)

What the Fuck are we manufacturing and producing at medical colleges across the country!

Discmer : A little long post, but is worth it!

I'm a Delhi based Doctor and have moved to Trivandrum for my PG in Public Health, so in the month of December, 2018 I was offered to work with a renowned Non-Profit organization and this is an experience I want to share.

The office I was given charge of, was in a rural region of Uttar Pradesh east (near Nepal border) and it had a MMU (mobile medical unit) which was nonfunctional because they didn't have a Doctor.

The pharmacist, ANMs, technician, and driver were employed, but were doing absolutely nothing and I was requested by the head office to see if I can get a doctor on board!

I looked around, used my contacts to get nothing but disappointment; although the organization was not looking for a free Doctor (was offering a considerable sry of 60+ K) but no MBBS doctor was ready to relocate to this region for this sry (FYI, only less than 0.5% of Indians earn 60K+/month) . But the Doctors were apparently making good money, that too in better locations (Metro cities).







When I couldn't get anything, after discussing it with the head office, I started approaching the private practitioners in the same city; a doctor who was running a polyclinic with his gynecologist wife agreed for 6 hours a day / 5 days a week for 70K/month, and our MMU started running from next day. I made a schedule of MMU visit for the entire month and told my team to convey (inform and announce it out loud) it in the respective villages. I was happy.

Day 1 : I was notified by my pharmacist that this doctor is referring ANCs and some other cases to his clinic, Although I had specified this thing very clearly to him that since we are targeting the population living in extreme poverty, if he has to refer, he will refer only to the public facilities (DHs, PHCs, CHCs, BRD, etc). I didn't react much, since it was very difficult to find a doctor and I was possibly hesitating to make the approaches all over again.

Day 2 : he probably realised the scope and went one step ahead this time, he came prepared. I got a call from my pharmacist that this guy has bought his visiting cards today and is distributing among the patients. I got super irked, asked a team member to drive me to the MMU location, and took things seriously this time, called him aside and politely told him that the since these patients are extremely poor, they will be selling their lands (only source of their bread and butter) to avail the treatment at his clinic.




He started making vague remarks like it was an exception (to the patient I saw him handing over his card), and all. Anyway, I made this strictly clear that he shouldn't do that at all, came back to the office and got busy in other stuffs.

Next day, he didn't show up, I tried to call him, but his phone was unreachable. Things got pretty late, we started getting calls from the ASHAs of villages it was suppose to reach. I have never regretted this much for not being an MBBS graduate ever before (enforcing dad for to pay for the fees of private institute or the difficult decision to drop a year after 12th), I myself would've taken out the MMU drive atleast for that day but that would've been unethical so dropped the hopes and asked my team to convey the cancellation of all the MMU schedules in the villages where we had announced the MMU arrival for next 7-10 days

I knew we couldn't do anything and told my team to inform the villagers that our Doctor met with a fatal accident and he's no more


第二天,他没出现,我试着给他打电话,但是打不通。时间已经很晚了,我们开始接到当日计划出诊的村子里打来的电话。我从来没有那么后悔过自己为啥不是个全科医生(逼迫爸爸支付私立学校的学费或者在艰难地决定在12年级后浪费一年时间),我自己应该起码在那一天出去巡诊的,但那么做是不道德的,所以我们只能让那么多人失望、让团队取消所有巡诊行程,我们早就通知各个村子我们将于7 - 10天内到达当地。


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That bastard didn't even had a courtesy to inform and give an advanced notice. He just decided to not appear at all! Anyway, I arranged a meeting with the CMO and conveyed everything to him, requested him to provide us with a Doctor, the CMO was kind enough to consider my request and allotted a doctor from DH for the cause.

However that Doctor was also reluctant to work because he is preparing for the PG exam and working with us would hamper his studies and can only join after a couple of months once he establish that his preparation is good (all this while withdrawing a sry from go nment of India/UP). I realised I don't have any other option and therefore requested him to join as soon as he can!

tried using all my contacts, reached close to 20 medical colleges and contacted their alumnis. No one is willing to work in a rural location until it is a sry that they can't get in metros.

The Go nment college graduates should understand that their medical education was not free. The go nment of India paid for their education thinking they would help their fellow countrymen, and here they are.

We're still looking for a physician. If you can work or you know who can, for even 15 days it would be a huge favour. If anybody has a link, please drop me a direct message.







Anil Nair, lives in India

I was with my wife, shop at a mall in Chennai. When we passed by a shop that sold cosmetics and personal care products, I went in, dragging the wife along.

The razor I had been using was outpaced by technology that made it essential for me to buy the newest one with twelve blades or so.

Inside the shop, I could see the one I was looking for. A mean-looking power shaver with multiple blades and a trimmer attachment. The best a man can get, it said.

Someone had thought it necessary to put those razors in a glass cage under lock and key, behind the cashiers. I was in the middle of the shop and couldn’t get any closer as both the checkout counters were crowded. I had to be mindful of all the women milling around me, too.






Then it struck me that I was the only male specimen inside that shop. Luckily for me, I wasn’t wearing any deodorant for all those women to drop everything and climb all over me.

That’s when one of the salesgirls approached me. I told her I only wanted the razor. She said I would have to wait for either of the cashiers to be free, as only they could reach the shelf. She left us and I stood there waiting, while my wife went into one of the aisles.

Suddenly, another salesgirl appeared, clutching a small tub and a binder.

“Are you looking for fairness cream?” She asked. I said, “No”.

She was the kind who wouldn’t take no for an answer. She began rattling off names of whitening creams meant for men that guaranteed a transformation so drtic it would pit me directly ag inst the likes of Shah Rukh Khan. I was still not impressed.

“We have many male customers who use these products regularly,” She said.


“You buy one and see how it works.”

“I told you I don’t need it.”

“How can you say that without trying it?” She turned coquettish.











I began slowly counting backwards from ten, silently. She took that for my being indecisive. She opened the binder to show how the magic happens.

It showed the transformation of a male face from dark to brown to white and glowing. All in a matter of weeks.

My scientifically-inclined mind was impressed. How could it not, when something similar to the evo tion that took millions of years could happen in a matter of weeks?

“Now you’re like this”. She put her finger on the equivalent of our barely-human, mostly-monkey ancestor.


Her finger slid to the other end of the spectrum. “You could be this lighter in a few weeks, she said.

“So what?”

“You will feel more confident with it.”

“So what?”

“Isn’t it a good thing to be fairer?” she asked.

“What do you think?”

“Of course, it is!”

“What have you done about it?” I asked.

She looked at me, clueless.

“Aren’t you a shade darker than me?” I asked.


“Don’t they have creams that make women turn fairer, too?”


“Then why haven’t you turned into a Cinderella by now?”




















She stood there ga at me. Then said, “I joined only yesterday. This is my first job. I’ll call my supervisor.”

Sensing trouble, the supervisor had approached us by then.

An older, heavier, and darker version of the raw recruit. A virtual melanin factory.

“Are you ashamed of your dark skin?” I asked her.

That certainly took her by surprise. But unlike the other girl, she wasn’t born the day before. She took in the situation in a moment. She knew what was coming.

She said what was the only thing to say, “I’m proud of my dark skin. I’m Tamil”.

This is Tamil Nadu where you take pride in your culture and language. You kept Hindi away for you thought it was being imposed on you. You ban some cola for their being foreign. “Then why the fuck do you make people feel ashamed of their own skin and make them think a whiter skin is better?”








It came out of my mouth at the top of my voice. Impossible as it may seem, she turned pale. Someone gripped firmly on my arm and led me out of the shop. It was my handler. My wife. She started muttering under her breath about the need for my signing up for an anger management class.

Life certainly is not fair.

A deep shade of brown happens to be the colour of skin I was born with. I can live with it.

I’m vaguely aware that dark-skinned people are supposed to either cm that they’re proud of their skin or feel ashamed of their own skin, and secretly envy those with lighter skin.

I’m neither proud nor ashamed of my skin. It’s just a state of being.

The pent blend of discrimination and hypocrisy when it comes to skin colour[1] is something that every Indian must be ashamed of.









Pramod Shukla, Just another Indian

He is Wing Commander Abhinandan,the IAF pilot who was captured by Pakistan when he was chasing down F-16



When he landed past LOC,the first question he asked from the youngsters there ‘whether it was India or Pakistan’, then he shouted some slogans (perhaps Hindustan zindabad) and asked which place exactly it was in India.

The youngsters repeated his slogans to keep him confused. But soon he realised it was Pakistan & started running backwards with those youngsters chasing him. He dived into a pond nearby & swollowed some documents & maps & dest yed some into the water. He obviously did all this to prevent from any confidential information getting in the hands of Pakistan.

Clearly at that moment also he first thought about country

When he was captured & was beaten badly still he solemnly yet politely refused to divulge any information regarding his squadron or his family

Meanwhile Indian media did all the work for Pakistan & provided all the details of his whereabouts,his family & even his colleagues which I would not like to mention here.

They gave all the details which the brave soldier risked his life for

While the whole country & even Pakistani media are applauding Wing Commander Abhinandan’s resolute & patriotism they must surely be laughing at the media

Salute Mr. Abhinandan for his courage & to the media I would say, “I knew you would do anything to get more viewership but risking a life of our soldier,that I had never expected,yes I’m ashamed of you”









Aman Singh, White-Collar Professional

It happened at the chemist shop.

It was the second day that I had continuous headache. I was avoiding medicine allowing myself time to get rid of it naturally.

By evening the pain was unbearable. I just couldn’t take it anymore. And to my surprise I didn’t have any pain relief medicine at home, so I went to a nearby chemist shop to purchase one.

Time : 20:30 hrs.

The shop was not crowded as the day was about to end. I asked for a Crocin Pain-relief.

Seconds later a girl came in. She was in hurry and looked distressed. Sensing the urgency, I asked the pharmacist to assist her first, and I’ll wait.

She looked at me and then whispered to the guy, asking for an Ipill. The pharmacist smiled and gave a weird look to her.

I sensed something wrong here.

The pharmacist ignored her.

She asked again. The guy nodded and went inside a small room. A minute later he came and asked me - “Sir, which medicine do you want”.

I said “I want Crocin pain-relief, but first assist the girl standing here for over minutes”.












He gave me a pathetic look as if he was irritated. I stared back at him understanding what he was trying to do.

He asked the girl again, “Ma’am, what do you need”.

She said slowly, out of embarrassment, “give me one Ipill”.

He said sarcastically, “Ma’am, do le lo, discount bhi chal rha hai aur agli baar apko aane ki zaroorat bhi nahi padegi” (maam, take two, we have discount on it and you wouldn’t have to come again for it).

I was dumbstruck with what he said.

She said, “no, I asked for only one. If you have give it otherwise I’ll go somewhere else”.

He handed over it to the her and smiled. She was embarrassed and left immediately after settling the bill.

I felt disgusted and gave a fierce look to the guy and all his smile vanished in couple of seconds. I didn’t say a word, but he understood well.

He lowered his eyes and gave me the medicine.










I asked, “iss pe discount nahi hai kya ? (don’t you have discount on this?). Or you give discount only after staring and judging people ?”

He said, “Sir, you don’t know these girls and how shameless they are. First they fall in love and then do pathetic things”.

I replied, kee my anger in check - “You are , having sex is pathetic, because sadly this is how people like you are born.

His eyes widened. He wanted to say something to me, I was waiting for it but he didn’t. I left after settling the bill.

Answered - What are you ashamed of as an Indian?

Over 1.3 billion people in a country, diversity at its peak and it would be stupid of me to expect everyone to have a same point of view.

I know there are people who are conservative, and we respect their oion, but it doesn’t give them the to judge others.

I would have avoided saying anything to him, had he focused on his profession and P.S. - life would be easier if we start focusing on ourselves instead of judging others.











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