US returns two rare artifacts to India



CHENNAI: A limestone carved relief estimated to be dated from 1st century BC to 1st century AD from Andhra Pradesh and a 17th century Nayaka-period Navaneetha Krishna Bronze from Tamil Nadu were handed over to the Indian high commissioner in London on Thursday.


The two artifacts are “linked to one of the most prolific art smugglers in the world” who were recently charged in Manhattan, New York, said a Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) release.


“An individual in the UK, who possessed the items came forward to HSI (US Department of Homeland Security), expressing a desire to surrender the pieces,” said the release. Both items would be physically examined by domain experts at a later date to establish their exact period and original location.


“The repatriated artifacts are just two of more than 2,600 antiquities that have been recovered around the world. The investigation remains ongoing,” said the release.


“The cultural significance of artifacts loed from regions around the world extends beyond a monetary value. The pieces, like those recovered through this operation, are stolen fragments of history; and it is an honour to return them to their ful home country,” said Peter C Fitzhugh, special agent in charge for HSI New York.


“HSI recognises the importance of both international and local partnerships in locating pilfered antiquities and cultural property, and it is through these repatriations that new generations are able to experience a part of their nation’s story,” Fitzhugh said.



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Jai Hind•Unknown•2 hours ago

In the same way if all the artwork, jewels, gold and many many more are repatriated back to India , which British stole, then UK will go bankrupt



pakisareganduhomos•Kaloo Gandu Papistan•7 hours ago

This just like a small dot this return. You see huge stone sculptures of Indian Temples in front of Office building in USA. They all need to be returned.



Melodic Nostalgic•8 hours ago

Hindus are Cowards by nature, Shamelessly sit and accept the fact that their Priceless Artifact Gods are stolen.



Rajesh Jain•10 hours ago

Britishers are thieves and they loed our country and did not even spare clothes from poor children of our country ...The most interesting part is that even after looting the entire world they still remain paupers, have no economic or financial stability .. We always the people of India shall always curse them and their generations for the wrong doings



Sreerav Basu•11 hours ago

Finally they are giving back what we deserved.



Golumolu•11 hours ago

When Britain retuning kohinoor



Pbch Chowdhuri•India•11 hours ago

Excellent that India will be able to bring back some of its ancient treasures.



Venkat•12 hours ago

Obviously some thieves in collaboration with Indian po iticians have stolen a lot of historic artifacts and sold in the black market for money. But the current owner has shown remarkable virtue by deciding to return these to the place where they belong, and we should respect that and thank the kind soul.sdout



Shruti•12 hours ago




R T•12 hours ago

Sonia Gandhi is thrilled almost to the point of salivating. Now she can take them back to Europe on her next trip and sell them back to European art collectors. After all, that is one of the ways, among other equally nefarious ones, Congress is financed. is financed.



Amresh•13 hours ago

when will Italy returns those smuggled by Gandhi families. India is waiting for the day when Italy will return stolen artifacts to India via gandhi italiam chors....!!



Adi Roi•13 hours ago

british and mughals def loed india openly... but italian maid and her family loed hindus in secret lol



Tanmay Chakrabarti•Unknown•13 hours ago

Good gesture by USA.



true•13 hours ago

Britishers loed India which was once called Golden Bird. Infact britishers ruled evey nation like US etc. Such a Arrogant white people.....



Rk• True Indian•13 hours ago

Hahhahhahaha and the same US and UK and india and even fermany and israel are all allies now. ..


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