Sushma Swaraj, who took diplomacy to the people, passes away



NEW DELHI: Senior BJP leader and former foreign minister Sushma Swaraj passed away after a massive cardiac arrest here late on Tuesday evening. She was 67.


The popular politician, who made the foreign ministry accessible through social media, had health complications arising from diabetes, but was not suffering from any immediate health emergency. She underwent a kidney transplant in 2016 and despite a few spells of hospitalisation, was understood to be getting better.


Sources said Swaraj was doing well till afternoon but around 9.30pm, she suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. She was rushed to AIIMS at 9.45pm. However, Swaraj couldn’t be revived. “She is no more,” AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria confirmed to TOI at 11pm.

消息人称,直到当天下午斯瓦拉杰的状态都很好,但在晚上9点半左右,心脏突然停止跳动。晚上9点45分,她被紧急送往全印医学研究院,然而未抢救回来。全印医学研究院主任Randeep Guleria博士在晚上11点向印度时报证实:“她已经不在了。”


An acute diabetic, the BJP leader had tweeted about her kidney failure in 2016. She was admitted to AIIMS on November 7. After she made public her health condition on social media, several people offered their kidneys to her.



There was an outpouring of condolences, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeting, “India grieves the demise of a remarkable leader who devoted her life to public service ... Sushma Swaraj ji was one of her kind, who was a source of inspiration for crores of people.”


BJP president Amit Shah condoled her death and called it an "irreparable" loss. He recalled her role as leader of opposition in Lok Sabha, saying she was a "forceful voice of BJP" in the House. “A powerful orator, she left an indelible mark as a popular leader,” he added.

印度人民党主席阿米特·沙阿(Amit Shah)对她的去世表示哀悼,称这是“无法弥补的”损失。他回忆起斯瓦拉杰担任下议院反对党领袖的角色,称她是众议院“人民党强有力的声音”。“她是一位极具震撼力的演说家,作为一位受欢迎的领导人,她留下了不可磨灭的印记。”他补充到。

Swaraj’s long-term colleague and former finance minister Arun Jaitley said he was “saddened, pained and broken on demise of Sushmaji”. “She was one of the most outstanding politicians in the present era. She distinguished in all positions. She leaves behind a void which is difficult to fill,” he added.


Other BJP leaders and those from the opposition expressed shock and grief. President Ram Nath Kovind also offered his condolences.



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Shri•3 hours ago




Sankaranarayanan Parasuraman•3 hours ago

Very sad day in Indian politics, She is the best Foreign minister ever had, Total dedication to work. One of the great leaders India has ever produced.




Jiwa•Bengaluru•3 hours ago

Thank You Sushmajee for being with us and working for the common people in its true sense



Anshi•3 hours ago




aaaa bbbb•3 hours ago

RIP sushma



Well•3 hours ago

True leader connected to people.. Will be remembered for her honesty and humble nature who worked for nation in most committed manner.



HappyTimes User•3 hours ago

she was a very presentative leader. She was present her views in directly ways. But i was not know about the death of sushma swaraj . India is in flow of sadness of her death .



Gururaj Narayan•Bengaluru•3 hours ago

sushma Swaraj was the greatest External Affairs Minister of India since independence.  But, she took her responsibility to the people, respondended to the distressed Indians stranded abroad. She was a successful lawyer, a great politician, humane, smart, thinking on her feet. In an age of co ption, she maintained her sterling character. She was well known for her smart and apt responses in the United Nations. Her illness deprived India of her sterling personality and service. Her death is truly a loss, not a euphemism as in the case of other politicians.



Ashok•3 hours ago

Unfortunate and unbelievable incidend. India lost one of the best leader. May her soul be in peace.



Gdp•3 hours ago

You were a tireless politician and a good soul. We admire ur deeds. You will be cherished and remembered for many many years to come.



Avtaar•3 hours ago

She was truly a PM candidate...now gone...



Anoop•3 hours ago

Sushma ji is with us in our hearts...



Ritesh Sahu•3 hours ago

RIP Sushma ji. You have done wonders for the country tirelessly. People will always remember you. Thanks a lot



Raja•3 hours ago

May his soul rest in peace. Deep condolences. Bharat lost his brave women.



Sukumaran P•3 hours ago

What a leader Sushmaji was! True inspiration to the nation and especially women.




Yuvei•3 hours ago

My Deepest condolences. May Her Soul Rest In Peace.



Sheela•3 hours ago

A great human being.A strong and compassionate woman who will always remain a role model to many Indian women.Always clad in traditional attire she had proved that real empowerment is an inner strength and not defying culture. as the External Affairs minister she had made India proud.



Dhandapani V•Thane•4 hours ago

May her soul rests at the feet of Lord Shiva.,She set a new bench mark in the ministry of external affairs ministry.



Ramesh B•4 hours ago

One of the most admired, sisterly, non controversial, commoners political leader the country has ever seen since independence.. loved equally even by the party opposition ranks.. never faltered in her commitment, point of views on various issues, language, aptitude to learn different languages (especially Kannada) for easy communication,.adept in handling various portfolios.. greed for power was unheard of.. very sad about her demise and unbelievable.. the greatest tribute all the fellow politicians can pay could if they (irrespective of party lines) try to imbibe atleast one-tenth of her qualities of dignity, social behaviour, language, oratory.. R.I.P..



Salman•4 hours ago

Deep condolences to the only human face in BJP Smt. Sushamaji.



Sulai9211 Khan•DUBAI•4 hours ago

Very sad news! Sushma Swaraji’s death has left a void in Indian politics and go nment. One of the lost affable and efficient Ministers ever. She redifined the role of an EAM.She was a like a mother to laks of NRI’s in distress. May you rest in eternal peace madam! You will be missed dearly!




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