What do Afghans think of Indians?



Yahya Takamul, I am an Afghan by birth and will die as one

India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the three countries having a common history and traditionally strong and friendly relations in some period of time.

Recently Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Pakistan relationship have changed a lot and got worse in comparison to past some years specially the Taliban era when most of Afghan people migrated to Pakistan and had a good relationship with Pakistan Government.

The same way Afghanistan relationship with India also has changed during the recent years, I will try to be very short to explain the both sides of relationship and the reasons behind them.




Relationship between Afghanistan and India

Whilst the Republic of India was the only South Asian country to recognize the Soviet-backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in the 1980s, its relations were diminished during the 1990s Afghan civil war and the Taliban government. India aided the overthrow of the Taliban and became the largest regional provider of humanitarian and reconstruction aid to Afghanistan

Though Indian embassy was several times attacked in Afghanistan and many Indian civilians were killed in these attacks still the Afghan Foreign Ministry in 2008 quoted India as a "brother country" and the relationship between the two as one which "no enemy can hamper" which have remained the same from that time till now.

India seeks to expand its economic presence in Afghanistan as the international coalition fighting the Taliban withdraws combat forces through 2014. Especially, it wants to improve transport connectivity and economic collaboration with countries in Central and South Asia. India has already invested US$10.8 billion in Afghanistan as of 2012. More such projects are likely to come up after NATO's withdrawal. This includes setting up Iron ore mines, a 6 MTPA steel plant (by SAIL—Steel Authority of India Limited), an 800 MW power plant, Hydro-electric power projects, transmission lines, roads etc., India and Iran are set to ink a transit agreement on transporting goods to landlocked Afghanistan. The Indian government is investing more than US$100 million in the expansion of the Chabahar port in south-eastern Iran which will serve as a hub for the transportation of transit goods. Besides as a goodwill gesture, India is also constructing a new Parliament complex for the Afghan government at a cost of INR 710 crores (USD 115 million). This building may be inaugurated in January 2016. Below are some of the Projects funded by Indian Government in Afghanistan:





Although the table above only shows the aids in the period of 2011 – 2015 while from 2008 till 2011 Afghan people have received aid from Indian people and government such as TATA local buses for major cities and many other humanitarians aids and Afghanistan Flag gift which the first in its type in history where a country gifts the flag of other country to them.

虽然上面的表中只显示了2011 - 2015年期间的资金援助,但自2008年到2011年,阿富汗人民就已经收到印度人民和政府的援助了,比如主要城市的塔塔巴士以及许多其他人道主义帮助,阿富汗收到的国旗礼物是有史以来首个一个国家向另一个国家赠送国旗的例子。


What Afghan people think about India?

Afghan people have a very strong and friendly attachment to India which is the response to aids received from the Indian government during last years. They even carried a 100 meter long tricolor (Indian Flag) to thank India for the reconstruction work of Salma Dam which was also renamed to Afghan Indian Friendship Dam.

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So generally speaking the Afghan people have a very good relationship with Indian Government as per compared to other countries in the area.



Omar Delawar, Afghan-American

Originally answered: “What do Afghan people think about India and Pakistan? ”

I am afghan so hope I can answer this question. Afghans generally tend to be more friendly with Indians than they are with Pakistani's because from a political perspective Pakistan and its army has done lots of damage to Afghanistan - including being responsible for the creation of the taliban which still plague the country to this day. As some of the comments already mentioned - we love watching bollywood movies and can understand hindi (almost all afghans do) and enjoy the songs. Most afghans will have a collection of songs from bollywood movies (usually the classics from back in the day).

Edit: Wow over 200k views! I am truly honored. I wanted to edit this answer to share some additional info that I just thought about and that is the influence that India has had on Afghanistan - aside from Bollywood movies a huge influence has also been Indian music. For example the tabla is a standard musical instrument in over 90% of our afghan songs and we prefer learning from Indian Ustads as that is the "authentic experience" for those afghans interested in the art.





Jibran Khalil

I think there is a lot of miscommunication between Pakistanis and Afghans and as a result, many things have become misconstrued.

The following are facts of which I know so far (and still learning).



1.Pakistan indeed funded and supported the Taliban during the Afghan civil war in order to stabilize the region, so they can serve their own interests for resources.

2.The Taliban were formed in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan, they are a group of Sunni Muslim Pashtuns (ethnic Afghans). Their Pashtun brothers in KPK province (of Pakistan) joined them in efforts to help them take over Afghanistan. Talibs (students) and their teachers from local madrassas went to join the jihad in Afghanistan.

3.The Pakistani government had funded the militants/freedom fighters during the soviet invasion (along with America), and had subsequently funded the Taliban, mostly comprised of fighters from the same war.

4.The ISI’s main objective is to secure the borders of Pakistan. They are the best intelligence agency in the world. Their objective is not to raise hell in Afghanistan SMH. They can be a little corrupt (as with all militaries), but most of the accusations about them are completely false.





5.Pakistan has done more for the Afghan people than India ever has. If I’m not mistaken, the biggest migration in history was that of the Afghans migrating to Pakistan. The migration took a heavy toll on the economy of Pakistan, however, Pakistanis welcomed Afghans with open arms, both India and Iran haven’t come close to the amount of refugees that Pakistan had taken in. Many Pakistanis feel Afghans are ungrateful for this and refer to them as Namak-haram (ungrateful). Ungrateful because Afghans are now in the habit of insulting and slandering Pakistani people (not just the government). They praise India but express hatred toward Pakistan.

6.India has its own interests in Afghanistan. India can give aid to many countries in the world, but it specifically chose Afghanistan in order to serve its own interests. If India did not have any interests in Afghanistan, they simply wouldn’t give a shit, simply put.

7.Pakistan does not harbour terrorists. How silly is it to think that Pakistan is playing a so-called “double-game” at the cost of lives of its own citizens and soldiers? Truth be told, Pakistan is at war with terrorism. The Taliban was once a dog they fed, and that dog bit the hand that fed them. That dog is currently being put to sleep, and from the last I heard, it’s getting close to his bed time, never to wake up. Good night!




To answer the question: I think Indians have a positive image of Afghans and Afghanistan. Many Afghans live in India and also have positive things to say about Indians. Based on the answers I’ve read on Quora at least.



Nithin Kunneparambil, works at Bosch

Well, I am not an Afghani, but I have very closely interacted with an Afghan family, when I was in Germany for a year. My land lady was Afghan and I met her relatives as well, they treated me so well that I cannot thank them enough. Literally like a brother.

She cooked food for me, Biriyani..And when I went there she made sure that they have 2 3 hindi movies, (Swades, Om Shanti Om etc). Her kids, her husband every one so nice..

Leaving apart my personal experience, Afghans and Indians have one of the most beautiful relations. The history itself speaks for it.


她为我做炒饭。我去她家的时候,她一定会准备2 - 3部印度电影。她的孩子,丈夫等每个人都那么好。


  1. Gandhara aka Afghanistan : The greatest Indian epic, It is clearly said that, the great princes Kauravs were born to Gandhari (Of Gandhara). Mahabharata refers Gandhara as Hilly area, which matches with our understanding. Now, this text is written 3000 years ago..So imagine the depth of connect.
  2. Bamiyan Buddha : The Gandhara School of Arts are so prevelant with Indian subjects, like Buddha.
  1. 犍陀罗,阿富汗:印度最伟大的史诗中说,伟大的王子可拉夫是在犍陀罗出生的。摩诃婆罗多将犍陀罗称为丘陵地带,这与我们的理解相符。现在,这段文字是3000年前写的。想象一下两国关系的深度吧。
  2. 巴米扬立佛:犍陀罗艺术学院对印度题材非常热衷,比如佛。


  1. PANINI's ASHTADHYAYI, the greatest work on Sanskrit Grammer was written by an Afghani name PANINI.

      3. 阿什塔哈伊,最伟大的梵文语法著作是由阿富汗人帕尼尼所著的。


4.ADMINISTRATIVE LINKS , KUSHANs ruled common area of Afghan and NW India, KANISHKA was the greatest of them.

4.1 There are lot of Pathans who were recruited during Delhi Sultanate times and Mughal times, that is still seen in places like Rampur. Not to forget our very own Irfan Pathan :)



  1. India supported Afghanis during the Soviet - Mujahedeen wars. Pakistanis instead helped Mujahadeens which made a lot of problems for the afghanis.
  2. India gave refuge to lot of Afghanis, many of them were even born here. Later they shifted.
  3. Indian Govt gives Scholarships to Afghan students even and they are glad here as well.
  4. India built a massive Dam, and post war reconstruction business in Afghanistan including roads and their PARLIAMENT (Insha Allah, Long live de ocracy)
  5. Acceptance of Indian movies and Cultures components.
  6. Afghan trade Gala in Delhi is usually a great success.
  1. 在苏联和圣战者的战争中,印度支持阿富汗人。巴基斯坦人反而帮助了圣战者,这给阿富汗带来了很多问题。
  2. 印度庇护了许多阿富汗人,其中许多人甚至出生在这里。后来他们搬走了。
  3. 印度政府甚至给阿富汗学生提供奖学金,他们也很高兴来这里。
  4. 印度修建了一座巨大的大坝,战后重建工作也在阿富汗进行,包括道路和议会的建设
  5. 接受印度电影和文化元素。
  6. 在德里举行的阿富汗贸易盛会通常都非常成功。

I can go on and on..But I am really proud to say this, INDIA & AFGHANISTAN are brothers in true sense.. I wish for a day when I could say this about our blood brothers, PAKISTANIS and BANGLADESHIS.



Apurva Tripathi, Data Science Student, Traveler, Amateur Cook

Originally Answered: How do Afghans view India and its role in Afghanistan? Do they like India as a strategic ally? What are their views on India compared to countries like the US, Pakistan, and Iran?

I have a story to tell you about my friend's experience in Afghanistan. I don't know if this relates to your answer but worth sharing :)

My friend did his MBBS from Tajikistan which is situated right above Afghanistan. He (in a group of 5-6 students) use to fly to or from India usually by private plane but sometime He was not able to find any cheap private planes. The best and cheapest way in that case was to cross border and travel to Kabul and from there catch a flight to India. For first few times he use to hire a tax with help of Afghan friends in his college and tax use to drop them in Kabul from Tajikistan border without stop anywhere. They were always scared to travel in Afghanistan because of Taliban, scary stories and stuff.

One time they were unable to find any tax on the border which directly goes to Kabul. They had to change on the way in a town and driver agreed and promised to help them arranging next tax, which he did. Their next tax broke down in a town on the way to Kabul leaving them scared to death.






Road was something like above.

(Image Source: Google Images)

They had to stop at a mechanic shop for repair. It was about to take 3-4 hour to repair. The owner of the shop came and saw them scared. He came to them asking where are they from, After knowing they are from India, He invited them to his house nearby. They refused to go anywhere but he still insisted to come.

They had no choice and out of fear they accepted :D

There at his place, His family welcomed them with warm heart and cooked very delicious chicken and other dishes. They were surprised to see that it was just for them for free :) They all were very amused to see the big warm welcome by the owner’s family.







Chicken was something like the above.

(Image Source: Google Images)

They talked/discussed for long and it was lifetime experience with the family. While leaving the shop owner gifted all of them with traditional Afghan Shawl/Cloth which is quite costly in international market. He mentioned that they have very strong bond with India. My friends are always welcome in his house and in Afghanistan.

From then on he always use to travel in Tax to Kabul and not directly from Tajikistan. He told me that beauty of Afghanistan cant be described into words.







Originally Answered: What do Afghan people think about India and Pakistan?

I have to answer this because I am Indian and I am dating an Afghani girl :)

First thing first, she doesn't like Pakistanis (sorry, my friends in Pakistan, no hard feelings - you guys have quite a history). I have a popular Indian name but she still double checked to make sure that I am not Pakistani before dating me :)

She LOVES India and everything about it. here are few things:





  1. She loves our diverse Indian culture. She is amazed that we have so many different languages and we still live in peace.
  2. She loves speaking in Hindi. She is far from perfect but she will beat Katrina Kaif hands down :) [ Shame of Katrina Kaif as my girl hasn't even visited India - that's what you call love for a country.
  3. She loves Indian sweets. That make Afghanis 50 % Indian. You are not Indian if you dont like our sweeets :) Her favorite is Ras malai.
  4. She loves our movies. This is a known thing but she recently watched "Prem Ratan Dhan Payo" and found it nice :) 
  5. She love Indian traditional dresses. Did i mention she looks gorgeous in them?
  6. She is not a racist. She doesnt care about the color of our skin and doesnt think India food is spicy and smelly (like many westerners).
  7. She respected that I am a vegetarian and that i dont smoke/drink and still dated me.

If she represents Afghanistan then man...they really do love us. I just feel bad for her country and all the pain they have gone through because of this war.

  1. 她喜欢我们多元的印度文化。她很惊讶,我们有这么多不同的语言,还能和平相处。
  2. 她喜欢说印度语。她远非完美,但她将轻而易举地赢过卡特里娜·凯夫。
  3. 她喜欢印度糖果。这让阿富汗人成了半个印度人。如果你不喜欢我们的甜点,你就不是印度人。她最喜欢的是Ras malai。
  4. 她喜欢我们的电影。这是一个众所周知的事情,但她最近看了《Prem Ratan Dhan Payo》,觉得很不错。
  5. 她喜欢印度传统服装。我提到过她穿印度服装很漂亮吗?
  6. 她不是种族主义者。她不在意我们的肤色,也不像许多西方人那样认为印度菜又辣又臭。
  7. 她尊重我是素食主义者,不抽烟/喝酒,仍然和我约会。



Ahmad Shinwari, studied at Naderia High School (2007)

To be honest i was waiting for this Question, and finally here it is i am requested to answer it so if you find Long asnwers and true stories boring you might want to escape the parts you dont want to read, in order to make it easy and time saving, i will Use the magic of Titles, anter manter choo.

1.The Long Friendship .

India has been a very good Friend of us, like for ever ask any afghan and this is what your going to hear, They tried there best to help us no matter what and how dificult the situation was, Politics, Economy,sports, buisnes you name it, they did there best by supporting and hel us in all these fields,





Now this is only a chart i found on internet it can take me a while if i keep writing on the aids we have been reciving from this good friend.


  1. The Emotions we have for Indians.

The long lasting Friendship, Help and support from india hade made Afghans to built strong feelings and Emotions for Indians, Culter,Economy,sports, politics…. of india, to us it matters as much as our own, a win by indian cricket or any other sports team is enjoyed by afghans as much as a win by one of there own team,,but that cricket match you guy s won from us I did not like it, Just Kiding, i was still laughing loud and cracking jokes on my friends which lost there bid on The Afghan Team,

we often hear some pakistanis calling us hindus because of the Emotion and feelings we show for indians on my answer to what Afghans thinks of pakistan? i recived aloat of coments from pakistanis calling me a hindu or hindu supporter, to which i proudly say i am .

  1. India an educational platform for our young generation.

Due to the Huge influence of Bollywood most of our young generation speaks Hindi, we love the way you guys view things and we are inspired by what indians do, each year thousends of afghans take admissions in indian collegs and universities the world wide raise of indian Educational System and technology has inspired us aloat, at the moment i have 3 family members stuying in India and when they came on vacation to kabul they were completely changed, this was ,

  1. 我们对印度人的感情。






changed into this,



And much more,although we love the indian food but the spice and chili is a is challenging for us, apart from the hot spicy recipes, in there educational path they learned skills which can put the europian educational system in to shame, working and studying in europe for almost 3 years i was blown away by what they have achived in the same time as me.


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