Donald Trump approves strikes on Iran, but then abruptly pulls back



WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump approved military strikes against Iran in retaliation for downing a US surveillance drone, but pulled back from launching them Thursday night after a day of escalating tensions.

盛顿: 特朗普总统本来批准对伊朗进行军事打击的,以报复其击落一架美国无人侦察机,但在紧张局势升级后,于周四晚撤回了命令。

As late as 7pm Thursday, military and diplomatic officials were expecting a strike, after intense discussions and debate at the White House among the president's top national security officials and congressional leaders, according to multiple senior administration officials involved in or briefed on the deliberations.


Officials said the president had initially approved attacks on a handful of Iranian targets, like radar and missile batteries.


But the action was then abruptly called off for the evening, putting a halt to what would have been the president's third military action against targets in the Middle East. Trump had struck twice at targets in Syria, in 2017 and 2018.


It was not clear whether Trump simply changed his mind on the strikes or whether the administration altered course because of logistics or strategy. It was also not clear whether the attacks might still go forward.



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Venkat • Chennai • 1 day ago

Donald is a man of useless thinking always without any sensible action. No use


Vijay Desikan• USA • 21 hours ago

No use? No use to whom? To you? You think Trump is your personal servant?



Jadu R• 18 hours ago

Loooool. Can''t stop laughing. Loooool



Doc A • Anil • 1 day ago

u cant compare Iran with Iraq. Iran is a nuclear powered country with far advanced military capabilities. it will destabilize the whole region if u meddle with Iran. donald should not poke his nose in this.



Deepak Samantaray• Pune, india • 1 day ago

US has no business poking his nose in Asia.



Adi Roi• 1 day ago

and India had right poking its nose in nepal, bhutan, myanmar, sri lanka, pakistan, afghanistan etc.


Bala Murugan• 23 hours ago

Your logic missing.. US is 10000 kms away from iran.. where as these countries are our neighbours..

你这逻辑不对. .美国距伊朗1万公里之遥,而你说的这些国家都是我们的邻国。


News Club• 1 day ago

But Hindus worship him.


Prasanna K• Location • 23 hours ago

some morons bring religion into everything.



Hector Sopariwala • Mumbai • 1 day ago

Firstly, what is the need for USA to intimidate any nation with a drone which is fully capable of spying, attacking, hitting a target, surveillance and all kind of possible military actions under cover? India regularly spanks Pakistanee drones.



RosCorp• 1 day ago

That''s US foreign policy for you. Drones and American eyes are all over the world and the reason for certain countries to be in their limits in terms of military actions.



Priti Shilpa• 1 day ago

soon Iran will have the same fate as Iraq. D trump is another mad war mongering person. Feel bad for the people orf Iran. They have to pay the price in either case


John Verghese• Mumbai • 1 day ago

dear sir - you are wrong. Iran is not like Iraq and the American should mind their business. they must not poke their nose into Asia. if war breaks then USA will be split into pieces.



faizy luvz• 23 hours ago

Iran is super strong and very highly educated and it has all the latest technology for war. US won''t harm them at all.. Donkey trump knows tht all the middle east nations will be wiped off including Israel.. So donkey trump won''t make a foolish mistake



Kinnu • 1 day ago

It is time he is thrown out of the president chair he is a threat to mankind for his foolish actions



M.S. Gupta • 1 day ago

Most American Presidents are foolish. Take the case of George W Bush. After 9/11, had he gone into Pakistan instead of Afghanistan, there would have been no Isl-mic terrorism in the world today.

大多数美国总统都很愚。以乔治•W•布什(George W Bush)为例。911恐袭之后,如果他不去打阿富汗而是去打巴基斯坦,当今世上就不会有恐怖主义了。

Maaz Kalim• Hindustan • 11 hours ago

You clearly don''t have a sound idea of workings of the Bush Jr Administration.



Mohit Saini • 1 day ago

this man is dangerous to world.



RosCorp• Mohit Saini • 1 day ago

He is the right person to run US. More action than words.


faizy luvz• 23 hours ago

And his loyal dog modi is completely opposite. Only talks n no action..



Noor • 1 day ago

US is a backstabber....it pulled out of a deal that earlier nd other European countries have agreed....Ethically Iran is on right path....



shakib qureshi • 22 hours ago

Why is the need to fly US drone fly near Iran or its borders? Will US tolerate any drone or surveillance near its border?




Manas Sarkar • 1 day ago

Attack on Iran will not be in favor of India. India should advise US, not to do so. Trump is a mad guy.



Kick The • brampur • 1 day ago

Iran won't be like Iraq. America will get hammered royally.



Shashankk k • 1 day ago

Trump has no guts to strike a mighty country like Iran. He just barks. Everyone knows that. He is a buffon for International entertainment only.



Pais Hilary • 20 hours ago

What gave him cold feet? He must have read the history of Iran.




Yusuf • 21 hours ago

any country has right to down any flying object which enters its airspace without permission.


VictorK• 21 hours ago

Except US



Pkm• Lagos • 1 day ago

Middle East was a beautiful place in the seventies and today it's in shambles. Thanks to America.



Vishal • 1 day ago

US should use the opportunity to mistakenly nuking pakistan while attacking Iran and make India happy



Dhananjay Bhide • 21 hours ago

will have last laugh as any conflict will further cripple US economy.



Jest Hancock• 21 hours ago

How can a business Man be a good politician !


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