Only electric 2-wheelers may be sold in country after 2025



NEW DELHI: Signalling a faster transition towards electric vehicles, the government is expected to mandate the sale of only electric three-wheelers from April 2023, while all new two-wheelers with engine capacity up to 150cc driving out of showrooms may have to be powered by electricity from April 2025.


The radical recommendations of a high-level government panel are aimed at reducing vehicular pollution as these two segments, with annual sales of over 2 crore units, account for more than three-quarters of the traffic on Indian roads. The move will not impact vehicles registered up to the cut-off date as they will continue to ply. The four-six year transition window has been provided to ensure that the auto industry, which is pum in large amounts of money to manufacture BS-VI compliant vehicles from April next year, gets enough time to recover its investment, sources told TOI.


The inter-ministerial steering committee led by Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant is likely to propose similar deadlines for delivery vehicles and school and city buses, though the suggestion may not be palatable to the auto industry, which has been pitching for doles.

由Niti Aayog首席执行官Amitabh Kant领导的跨部门指导委员会,很可能会对送货车辆、校车和城市公交车提出类似的最后期限,尽管这一提议可能不太符合汽车业的意愿。



Teri gmd • 11 hours ago

Good going Gadkari ji and modi government, world need to think about global climate change else India will see a mass death of population specially poor succumbing to deadly disease.


Teri gmd • New Delhi • 3 hours ago

When there is so much over-population, mass deaths may not be such a bad thing. Heard of Darwin''s Theory of Natural Selection ?



nitin sharma • Canada • 11 hours ago

Bring back congress in power and that day wont be far when India will go back to Bullock Cart rides.


nitin sharma • 8 hours ago

Privatization of industries was done during congress time,

The team who lead the country were more educated than chokidars of today




Bhensaram Pujari • 11 hours ago

The electric two wheelers are fine, but there has to be enough battery charging facilities. Can the public or private sectors provide that? Even in US the electric cars are facing the same problem. For a long distance drive you need to have access to the battery charging facilities.



Bhensaram Pujari • 10 hours ago

It will create many jobs. Electricity is easier than petrol, to deal with. Modi government works methodically, hence the first term spent on electrification.



Human • 11 hours ago

That''s great step going forward. India spends $85 billions only for importing Oil. Going electric will save environment, our economy, our future generations and reduced speed of vehicles leading to less accidents.



Human • 11 hours ago

agreed! But unfortunately for this idea to work efficiently, the electricity in the country has to be available. Most villages in the country hardly have 12 hours of electricity....



Rafael Federer • 11 hours ago

That''s too optimistic, hope it wiill not be implemented like Demonetization. Environment should be built for electric vehicles first, before imposing any laws.



Virendra • Merrylands, New South Wa • 10 hours ago

For electric vehicles, abt 5 crores of batteries are needed. So high quantity of acids, carbon etc ate to be produced. This all also create pollution, and for disposal also.



Ankit Agrawal • 11 hours ago

Blockchain technology and 5G network may improve electrical wheeler''s in future



James Alvares • 11 hours ago

It will save big public money that is now wasted in importing oil



Munna Bhai • Mecca • 11 hours ago

2 wheelers in west cost 10k $ at least and in india well under 1k $


Yaqub bin Laith • Delhi • 11 hours ago

so what difference it makes ? 1 USD = 68 so ? it in the same ratio. Two wheeler in US are luxury while the two wheeler in India is majburi..

这有什么区别呢?1美元= 68卢比?按当地货币算其实价也差不多。在美国,摩托车是奢侈品,而在印度就太普通了。


Gopal • 7 hours ago

To avoid dependence on Gulf, this will be turning point for country. Future is science and technology.



Krishna • 11 hours ago

Hope this mega project will take its inception with no hurdles and glitches..... let's see from which state first electric vehicle will ...



Vijay Banga • new delhi • 5 hours ago

EVs have serious limitations, not sturdy like fuels and failure rate is high so far.



RCH • 5 hours ago

Forward thinking by TEAM-NAMO



Remo Remo • 5 hours ago

Wonderful. Cars must also be switched over soon. This will definitey have a huge positive impact on global climate and nature.



Roushan S • 9 hours ago

Very welcome move! Once in I was astonished on the road to see swarm of two wheelers passing by without any noise unless they blow horn...



Balasundaram • Chennai • 5 hours ago

But is it going to be stringent? Most of the times no one cares about this kind of 4 6 year plans. If they implemented successfully, surely it's a great move



Manoharan Thangavelu • Tiruchchirappalli - India • 5 hours ago

Great. Is this credit goes to MOdi ji?



Abhishiek Ghosh • 6 hours ago

Awesome modi govt. 1 teer se 2 shikaar.

We will reduce air pollution drastically and our trade deficit due to oil imports will also get reduced drastically. What an idea sirji. But you need to work on infra.




azbz969 • Location • 7 hours ago

Hats off to Modiji. Pappu cannot even think about this.



azbz969 • Location • 7 hours ago

Two wheelers are big polluters, both atmospheric and noise. The problem with electric bikes is that they only have shorter range compared to bikes with petrol engines. Electric bikes are quiet. They are ideal for making short trips.


A Dutt • India • 7 hours ago

What about air conditioners, another serial killer? I think, if all the air conditioners, home, office and car, are stopped altogether, there would be a drop of temperature by at least 2 degree. There was a suggestion to set the default temperature of air conditioners to 24 degree Celsius.



Ashish Kumar Pathak • 8 hours ago

Nice decesion by the policy makers of the country



SKuG • Durgapur (WB) • 8 hours ago

This is a very good move. This shows our commitment towards eradicating the use of fossil fuel for good.



Ashish Vishvakarma • 9 hours ago

This is the good idea to reduce the pollution and it will also save petrol and deisel also it will reduced the number of vechile from the road.



Delphic Tableau • 10 hours ago

Modi Government is the best ever.



Anil Dharan • New Delhi • 3 hours ago

Idea is good, but with poor infrastructure it will be a Disaster.



chanakya • Mumbai • 6 hours ago

Good work Gadkari Ji & modi ji. India will save billions of dollar that is spent on importing oil. It will also reduce air pollution



Renuka • Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh • 6 hours ago

A really good move. Making it mandatory for building to be built with enough charging points and areas from now itself will smoothen the process .



Prakash Kulkarni • Philadelphia • 6 hours ago

Very nice step. Will do a lot to reduce pollution.



Srinivas Dhangar • Pune, Maharashtra • 7 hours ago

This is a revolution step,,,,I am not a bjp guy,,but proud of you ,,love you modiji



Sushant Sinha • 7 hours ago

Excellent .. Current govt needs more years to make India shng.

太好了. .为了发展国家,需要给本届政府更多的时间。


Davinder Singh • 8 hours ago

Infrastructure and good enough technology should be in place before implementing such regulations to avoid chaos.



The Last • United Kingdom • 8 hours ago

commendable. Charging infrastructure should be set up before implementation though



Siddharth Patel • 9 hours ago

is already there. Majority of their 2-wheelers are electric. India should follow this step in the right direction.



classifieds K • 10 hours ago

this will drastically decouple India on oil dependency and have great power infrastructure.



Vladimir • NYC • 11 hours ago

Time and again India is a country of failed targets. Nonsense.



Deep Dive • 59 mins ago

So we will have 24 hours electricity ???


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