137 companies eye Isro's e-vehicle battery technology


NEW DELHI: To speed up the process of technology transfer for its ric vehicle batteries, Indian Space Research Organisation’s Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) in Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday organised a pre-application conference for 137 companies, which showed interest in its indigenously developed high-powered lithium-ion batteries.



Speaking to TOI on Tuesday, Isro chairman K Sivan said, “Today, we held a pre-conference briefing at VSSC for representatives of 137 companies (however, representatives of only 114 firms turned up), which showed interest in battery technology. These companies were invited as they responded to Isro’s request for qualification. To familiarise them with the technology, the representatives were shown the facility, where e-vehicle batteries were developed.” Later, a documentary on development of batteries was screened.


Sivan said, “After the facility visit and conference, if these companies show confidence in taking up the task of mass production of e-vehicle batteries, then they will be asked to submit required documents along with an application and Rs 4 lakh as security deposit. There will be a three-stage evaluation process. A high-level committee, including go nment representatives, will be set up to scrutinise genuine contenders. If any company backs out during the evaluation process or is not shortlisted, then Isro will return the security deposit. The shortlisted companies will then be asked to pay a one-time fee of Rs 1 crore for technology transfer.”


Sivan clarified that “foreign companies will not be given the technology and the patent will remain with Isro”.


The mass production of Isro-developed lithium-ion 50Ah and 100 Ah capacity cells is essential for accelerating the manufacturing of e-vehicles. Isro's initiative is in kee with the go nment's effort to fast-track the green vehicle project to give impetus to the zero emission policy along with reduction in the carbon footprint.

ISRO开发的50安培小时和100 安培小时容量的锂离子电池的大规模生产对于加快制造电子汽车至关重要。ISRO的倡议与政府的努力相一致,即加快绿色交通工具项目的进展,推动零排放政策,同时减少碳足迹。

VSSC will transfer the technology to the shortlisted firms and help them produce cells of varying size, capacity, energy and power density catering to the entire spectrum of power storage requirements.


Besides its key role in aerospace and automobile sector, li-ion battery is also used in most consumer ronic gadgets like mobiles, laptops and cameras. It is also significant for telecommunication and industrial applications.



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This is called Ache Din not one rupee rice or reservation for Mus ms...



Neutral - 4 hours ago -Follow

If this is patented and good, I am sure this will cost way less than what it would be say in Tesla. All the best ISRO.




krishnarajg1 gowda

Isro is doing good things under Modi Gt, complete transparency in handling technology transfer for Mass production to 137 entites. it's means no Monopoly and cut throat competition which makes product cher and easy available.Think if had Congress it would have manupulated & give technology to one who bribe Sonia gandhi creating Monopoly & expensive product.



Rachna Singh - New Delhi - 13 hours ago -Follow

Wow great going ISRO.



Mumbai - Mumbai - 4 hours ago -Follow

Just 1cr for tech transfer... Whichever company gets the tech transfer will earn hundreds of cr every year..



Laxman - 3 hours ago -Follow

Salute to our own ISRO, India rocking now in patents and product business..India can have exponential GDP progress only by growing Product business , only IT/ ITES or others services business cannot give us that leading edge.

向我们自己的ISRO致敬,印度正在专利和生产业务上大放异彩。印度只有通过发展生产业务才能取得指数级的GDP增长,只有IT/ IT服务业或其他服务业是没办法给我们带来领先优势的。


Tiny - 2 hours ago -Follow

Now Pappu will ask for min ity and other quota for companies to get the technology and further reservations for reserved section people to get subsidy for buying e-vehicles .

现在,拉胡尔会要求获得技术的公司为 和其他人提供配额,然后为预留制人群提供购买电子汽车的补贴。


Indiafirst - 3 hours ago -Follow

This will rm for gulf n OPEC county for their dominant on oil production as this innovation of ISRO's battery will soon replace oil. well done ISRO



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