‘Tortured by Modi govt, now want to teach them lesson’



Jailed under NSA, the young face of Dalit politics, Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad ‘Ravan’, tells Sagarika Ghose why he’s contesting against Modi

作为达利特的年轻代表,Bhim陆军参谋长Chandrashekhar Azad曾被印度国家安全局监禁,他解释为何自己要和莫迪竞争。

Is your candidature against Modi in Varanasi a genuine move or a publicity stunt?


The decision has been taken by the core committee of Bhim Army. I believe in the Dalit-Bahujan Ambedkarite struggle and want to talk about real issues, like education and health for all. In Varanasi, I saw promises of Swachh Bharat hadn’t been met. There are no jobs. Who will challenge the failures of the Modi government?


Mayawati’s supporters say you are acting at BJP’s behest to divide Dalit votes...


When I announced my decision, I expected reactions from BJP. Instead, statements were issued by BSP and others accusing me of having links to BJP. If Behenji or her supporters believe I am acting on behalf of Modi and BJP, they should prove it. When Bhim Army fights on the ground, gets attacked, no one comes to our help. When we want to play a role in politics, everybody starts trading charges.


You are travelling across North India, making contact with Dalit youth...


I have gone to Jodhpur, Ganganagar and Bhind. Lakhs of people have met me. I don’t see myself as a politician but as a fighter for the ‘bahujan andolan’.


In 2014 and 2017, some Dalit subcastes, especially non-Jatavs, backed BJP.


Why? Because they want self-respect.


Priyanka Gandhi met you in hospital recently. Are you looking for an alliance with Congress?


No, she had come to enquire about my health. As far as the ‘bahujan andolan’ is concerned, we need to maintain ties with others.


In Varanasi, you’ve sought support from all parties.


If they (opposition) want to fight Modi, they should field someone. Why doesn’t Behenji, or Akhilesh or Mulayam Singh contest against Modi? I was tortured for 16 months by the Modi government. I want to teach them a lesson now.

如果他们(反对派)想要和莫迪对抗,他们应该派人去。为什么Behenji、Akhilesh或Mulayam Singh不和莫迪竞争?我被莫迪政府折磨了16个月,现在想给他们一个教训。


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Chowkidar Mukesh - 11 hours ago -Follow

I think anti-nationals like him should be in jail for 16-years not 16-month torture.



Chowkidaar Ani - Hyderabad - 11 hours ago -Follow

A criminal is going to fight against Modi. And shameless Priyanka goes to meet him as he is fighting against Modi. This election is has only two parties. Pro Modi and anti Modi.



Ashley King - 11 hours ago -Follow

Do you think any of opposition leader has courage to contest against Modi in Varanasi? RAGA already accepted defeat in Amethi.



Jacob - 10 hours ago -Follow

Indians and its caste system are more than enough to destroy the nation India. No need nuclear bomb or pakistan or any enemies... indians will be history by themselves.. its just a matter of time...



Manny - 10 hours ago -Follow

Fake Dalit leaders like this crook are agents of working 24X7 to disintegrate India.

We need surgical strikes every day to get rid of these ppl.




K Bhagwan - 10 hours ago -Follow

Why should I believe him that he was tortured? A blatant lie.



Navin - Mumbai - 10 hours ago -Follow

whole of India suffering because of caste system created by idiot nehru just to get votes. from last 60 years no uplifting done because making them happy by offering them few pieces of bread. shame to Congress and its followers



Naresh Shah - 11 hours ago -Follow

This man is a "Pappu" man. Everybody wants to malign BJP during election.



Kayveeala - 11 hours ago -Follow

he is a goon. why this goon given coverage? kayvee



Priya Saxena - 10 hours ago -Follow

Another failed good-for-nothing idiot going on a publicity stunt !!

A blot on the name he has !!



Unique Certification - 11 hours ago -Follow

Come out from your own thoughts first u learn something then teach others a lesson



Indian - 10 hours ago -Follow

Just another beggar..



Manoj - 9 hours ago -Follow

Beggars are eating free food thrown by Govt , free education, medical , reservation etc. but still barking against the Govt. They are big burden on Tax Payers.



Sanjeev - 11 hours ago -Follow

The very fact that the interviewer is SAGARIKA GHOSH, we can understand where is it coming from, don't need to pay any attention to such stupid interviews.

事实上,采访者是SAGARIKA GHOSH,不需要关注这种不着边际的采访。


Miran Bose - 10 hours ago -Follow

Sagarika Ghosh is anti Modi .She will always print articles to show her opposition.It is blue journalism,this article is not worth consideration.

Sagarika Ghosh是反莫迪的,她总是发表反莫迪的报道。低级新闻,这篇文章不值得一看。


Kunal - Kolkata - 11 hours ago -Follow

To retaliate one person, this jawan does not care to jeopardize his country.



Kayveeala - 9 hours ago -Follow

if you are a dalit then you are not above law of the land and constitution. Media works to create social unrest. kayvee



Vishwanath Lingayat - 10 hours ago -Follow

This Joker wants to divide the country on cast lines.



Sajob - 9 hours ago -Follow

Press is hel him become famous.. Nuts yeah..



Vijay - 10 hours ago -Follow

Caste division is an eclipse on India,

eradicate it at the earliest. Because of this there's brain drain.




Rajendrakumar - 10 hours ago -Follow

Sagarika Ghose always picks such issue which is against Modi.

Sagarika Ghose总是挑一些对莫迪不利的问题。


Pramod Sabnis - 8 hours ago -Follow

A gold watch in his hand.. and he says he is fighting for Dalits? India is full of such hypocrites.. including in BJP.. but BJP is better than others

他的手上带着一块金表,他还说他在为达利特而战? 印度到处都是伪君子


Rod - Raipur - 8 hours ago -Follow

He is not a representative of dalits. He us funded by co unists to divide Hindus in the name of caste. Check his source of income......



Being - 7 hours ago -Follow

Khangress will help him by getting a government job & 72000 per month



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