China's first female AI anchor has made her professional debut on Sunday as the country's state-run press agency builds its growing team of virtual presenters.


The lifelike robotic news anchor, named 'Xin Xiaomeng', was tasked to present a story about delegates arriving in Beijing to attend the country's annual legislative session


Modelled after the agency's flesh-and-blood journalist Qu Meng, the newsreader powered by artificial intelligence was jointly developed by Xinhua and search engine company Sogou.com and can 'read texts as naturally as a professional anchor'.


'All delegates attending the meeting have arrived in Beijing. All preparations for the conference are in place,' the anchor, sporting a short haircut and pink blouse, read in a somewhat robotic voice.



'The second session of the 13th National People's Congress will kick off in Beijing on March 5,' she ended the one-minute report by saying.


Xin Xiaomeng joins the digital doppelgangers of English-language anchor Zhang Zhao and his Chinese-language counterpart Qiu Hao, who were unveiled in November during the 2018 World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province.


An AI system has been used to synthesise the presenters' voices, lip movements and expressions based on those of real presenters.


The digital anchors offer certain advantages over humans, Xinhua previously said. They are available to work 24 hours a day on its official website and various social media platforms.


This can reduce news production costs and improve efficiency during breaking news reports, it added.


Xinhua said that its 'new employees' have taken to their roles with enthusiasm and have published more than 3,400 reports totaling over 10,000 minutes in length since November.


China has become one of the leading global hubs for AI development in recent years.



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Sommyvals, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago

Male and female AI.. They can now start reproducing so they can take over the world



BarbieWorld1992, Turks and Caicos Islands, Canada, 20 hours ago

Creepy. I think they already have had this technology for a long time



FinBiz, GoodPlace, United States, 20 hours ago

She looks and sounds real and she'll never age or get sick either. Scary.



tkjh, HKSAR, China, 20 hours ago

The next Oscar host.



jimbo6478, Manchester, United Kingdom, 22 hours ago

That's scarily life like



Rikki_Dee, Macon, United States, 23 hours ago

I liked that computer produced news reader Ananova (I got the mouse pad with her image) better. Too bad she's not around anymore.



Truth In Rock, Rock City, United States, 1 day ago

Another step closer To the street scenes of the movie Bladerunner.



DontYouEven, Ireland, Ireland, 1 day ago

can they replace piers morgan?



Harry Lui, Mesa, United States, 1 day ago

Fake AI footage coming soon.



ianfineartist, Own World, Hong Kong, 1 day ago

she looks like a real person



Jose Pronto, Miami, United States, 1 day ago

We have them here too. They are equally mindless parrots. We call them liberal anchors.



flycaster, Boston, United States, 1 day ago

probably less biased than the real thing. this kind of anchor should replace every anchor in the US.



toadlick, Columbia, United States, 1 day ago




ImeanwhatIsay, Shangri-la, United States, 1 day ago

Now all the beautiful anchors lose their jobs



helmethead, SW Florida, United States, 1 day ago

Too late. The U.S. has already pioneered the use of robots who can talk. But, we call them politicians.



Celeb Judge, Magistrates Court, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Someone at ITV please give this robot Piers Morgan's job



Independent Miss, West Coast, United States, 1 day ago

Wait. Although it may be an AI presenter.....there is a voice over actor talking in the editing booth for it. Clearly not perfected.



lindsaywhit, Big Rapids, United States, 1 day ago

Because... they're aren't enough actual people in China to do the job for a reasonable wage?



vivi101, Somewhereinthewold, United States, 1 day ago

The beginning of the end of humanity



psu319, Ville, United States, 1 day ago

Well since a news anchor only reads the news off a teleprompter I can see TV affiliates laying off their expensive on air staff and going AI. With instant access to news on my smart phone from anywhere I really don't watch the news anymore. I can't even remember the last time I purchases a news paper.




andrewdiceclay, everywhere, United States, 1 day ago

Eventually, all TV news channels will replace humans with AI like this and give them either a right or left leaning attitude to play to their viewership.



Nylon12, maplewood, United States, 1 day ago

Chinese Communists finally found something they can COMPLETELY control without paying salary, worrying about miscues,or defecting.



Donald, Toronto, Canada, 1 day ago

there is actually more likelyhood they will lose control of the AI ...the humans are the ones under COMPLETE control.



General Chaos, Warville, 1 day ago

The BBC should follow suit... Think of all the money they could save


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