Fancy a night on 'MARS'? China builds a 'Martian base' in its desert to recreate the harsh conditions on the red planet before a planned mission in 2020 and opens it up to TOURISTS



China has created a purpose-built facility in the country's arid desert to mimic the landscape and living conditions on Mars - and it's opening it up to tourists.


The country's space agency, CNSA, hopes to open it to research organisations and adventure-seekers to complete challenging tasks that astronauts on Mars will face.


Up to 60 people can be housed in the facility, built from containers and designed to resemble Martian accommodation, but no prices have yet been announced.


It cost approximately £17 million ($22.3 million) to build and is found in the city of Mang'ai in the arid Qaidam Basin - believed to be the one of the closest analogues to the Martian surface on Earth.

该火星基地耗资约1700万英镑( 2230万美元)坐落于位于干旱的柴达木盆地的茫崖市,该地区被认为是地球上与火星表面最相似的地方之一。

Chinese officials told state-run media that the development will help in its goal to send a probe to the planet next year.


Wu Weiren, chief designer of China's lunar exploration program, told a congregation of people at the opening of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), that the space agency is now focusing on Mars.


According to the Global Times, Mr Wu said: 'Over the past 60 years, we've made a lot of achievements, but there is still a large distance from the world space powers. We must speed up our pace.

'Next year, we will launch a Mars probe, which will orbit around the Mars, land on it and probe it.'


China successfully achieved a world first when it placed the lander and rover Chang'e-4 and Yutu-2 on the far side of the moon at the start of this year.


It is also hoping to return to the lunar surface next year and bring samples back from the moon to the surface of Earth. This will make it only the third nation - after the US and Russia - to accomplish such a feat.


The 574,039 square feet (53,330 square meter) facility was built to tap into the growing interest in China's space exploration following its enormous success with the Chang'e-4 mission.


Mang'ai and the Qaidam Basin in western China is a brutal environment which replicates, to some degree, the conditions on Mars.


However, it fails to mimic some of the red planet's most extreme conditions.


Jiao Weixin, a space science professor at Peking University, said it is 'extremely difficult to simulate Mars due to its special natural features and hostile environment -- low air pressure, strong radiation and frequent sandstorms, as well as vast differences in geography.'




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Mr.Firth, East York, Canada, 9 hours ago

Imagine how built up the Moon would be had the US stayed from '69 on .. .And they could have told everyone else Hands Off .



Jim from NY, Brooklyn, United States, 12 hours ago

Can you order General Tso's Chicken on Mars?



The Looney Lander, Land of make believe, Antarctica, 13 hours ago

"Create fake Mars base and fleece the public out of billions of Yuan"



Candy Crushed, Silver Spring, United States, 17 hours ago

Hey! No. Work on achieving getting plants to grow on the dark side of the moon first please, wait...never mind. Carry on.



Spiny Norman, The Land of Wind and Ghosts, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago

Well at least the 'Space exploration is fake' loonies would be happy there!

这种“太空探索是假的” 疯子在那里才会很开心!


Marielle, The Nearest to Paris., France, 18 hours ago

No thank you ! I want my 2 feet on the ground.



Confiteor Deo, Tallinn, Estonia, 18 hours ago

Where's the bar?



david patterson, Westminster, United States, 18 hours ago

They have not anticipated mind worms.



George McSwinton, Edgewater, United States, 18 hours ago

22 million to connect a few shipping containers together in the desert! hahaha someone sold the brooklyn bridge



Wezley, Snipes, Christmas Island, 18 hours ago

Doublespeak for "we filmed our landings here", lol. To be fair I hope they do do it and make a go of it.




Zard0z___, London, United Kingdom, 18 hours ago

More Brainwashing propaganda for the sheeple, this time from China. The Globalists need to condition the sheeple wherever they are. Tourism? . How can a Tourist destination help with sending a Probe to Mars? It's just hilarious.

中国的宣传。一个旅游目的地对探测火星能有啥帮助? 是搞笑


Firmament, Uk, United Kingdom, 18 hours ago

Sounds about right,Not gonna ever experience the FaKe Mars! so might as well FaKe it here on earth ;)


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