India’s first indigenous bomber UAV unveiled in Bengaluru


BENGALURU: Flying Wedge Defence and Aerospace Technologies, an Indian defence and aerospace company, Friday marked a milestone in Bengaluru by unveiling the FWD-200B, pegged to be the country’s first indigenous bomber unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The FWD-200B is a medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) unmanned combat aerial vehicle designed and manufactured entirely in India.



With a payload capacity of 100 kgs, it can carry optical surveillance payloads as well as precision air-strike weapons, the firm said.

Addressing the unveiling ceremony in Bengaluru, Suhas Tejaskanda, founder, Flying Wedge Defence, said the FWD-200B fulfils India’s long-awaited dream of producing a combat UAV indigenously after years of failed attempts by agencies like the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).


飞楔防务公司创始人Suhas Tejaskanda在班加罗尔举行的揭幕仪式上表示,FWD-200B实现了印度盼望已久的自主生产作战无人机的梦想,此前印度国防研究与发展组织等机构多年来一直在尝试自主生产作战无人机。



Bala • 6 hours ago

Good news hope it further tested and refined. imthe success shows that private sector should be encouraged in defense with active support from drdo and govt.Sire they should explore export prders




Vida • 13 hours ago

Great, Make In India, and Eliminate Terrorism in Pakistan.




Master Yoda • 13 hours ago

Doesn't look sleek or aerodynamic. My honest rating is 4 out of 10. Should be opening up for foreign labs to bid on this. Probably carrying a lot more weight than necessary.




• Master Yoda • 9 hours ago

This is a bomber UAV not a regular UAV. Need to carry heavy pay load 100 kg bombs and deliver in precision.,sleek design is secondary for bomber.




• Master Yoda • 10 hours ago

You should try to make as per your suggested specifications




• Master Yoda • 9 hours ago

good to see someone has deep understanding in india to comment under make in india you can take large cap loan based on your proposal you will get low interest approval and bingo go play..




Shankar • Unknown • 13 hours ago

Good timing do declare such news, but bit too late for BJP as it's still going to lose the election. Congratulations to the engineers and all the people involved in develo this bomber. Very proud moment for our country. However it is insane to politicise such achievements and especially giving credit to Modi.




• Shankar • 6 hours ago

"good timing".?????..."BJP".????.."Modi"""????.... are you stupid or a completely retarded.

“好时机"? "人民党”?“莫迪”?




• 13 hours ago

Great job by Indian company! The US and EU arms industry dictate monopolistic prices and can deny India critical spares or weapons in the event of a war! Remember that during the Kargil war the US denied GPS access to India to fire GPS based locked-in and homing in missiles on Pakis on the mountain tops which resulted in manual assault by Indian soldiers climbing up from a position of disadvantage!!




Ivan Wolf • 13 hours ago

As usual, India announces, Indians cheer and praise their scientists,BJP and Modi. Then, crash and nothing




• 13 hours ago

The revolution in indian defence has started, regardless its just a start getting away from corrupt regime of kangress agents




• 13 hours ago

Propeller driven. We need to build jet turbofan engines.




Ivan Wolf • 13 hours ago

Super power India first UAV bomber. What achievement! Both Ukraine and Russia should buy Indian drones now, rather than from China, Turkey and Iran.




• 14 hours ago

Engines. Unitil India designs and builds its own super powerful defence and commercial aircraft, drone and helicopter engines, India can't be called self reliant.




• Mayank • 14 hours ago

why should we be skeptical, as citizens wouldn't it better to support...this attitude is what kills us from within.




Pipe • Bharat • 15 hours ago

Congratz, Keep it up. Enjoy the moment, but don't rest of your laurels.




Major Sbm • Hindustan • 15 hours ago

Hearty Congratulations to FWD&A, Yejaskanda and the entire team responsible for the design, development, manufacture and testing of this UAV. Hopefully they will be awarded a contract at the earliest to enable manufacturing and induction into our forces. Way to go folks. Best Wishes for a highly successful venture.




• 15 hours ago

welcome news, but comparison with Reaper is unfair.. Reaper is far advanced in all aspects.. this drone can best be compared with Predator which was a predecessor of Reaper!!




• 15 hours ago

Is this a joke? Please tell me this is a joke!




Monte Cristo • Unknown • 15 hours ago

100kg payload and they are comparing it to predetor. Predator can carry 1500kg payload ... what a joke this company is comparing themselves to general dynamics




• Monte Cristo • 15 hours ago

What makes you so intellectual this is begng wait and trust our boys they will exceed any foreigners made




• 16 hours ago

The real bombers carry air to,ground missiles which are heavier than this UAV's dry weight. MQ-9 carries smaller air to ground missiles meant for littoral waters security as well as eliminating smaller targets like the drone strikes in Pakistan.




Lee Se • ahmedabad • 16 hours ago

"DRDO failed for many years" I know why. Those sarkari babus do extra jobs like teach in coaching institute.




• 16 hours ago

We didn't see such fast paced development when the previous governments were ruling. Credit goes to our PM for his mission and vision.




• 16 hours ago

now feku will take the credit.but he and his supporters forgot who started all this in india..




• Indian Samaritan • 16 hours ago

Your congress is only have interested in money eating




• 16 hours ago

good news, now continue working for further upgrading the machine.




Suvle Seeker

Very good. More power and encouragement to entrepreneurs.India needs many, many more ofsuch entrepreneurs.





As Indians we need India in safe hands and only Modi can do that!!So Please vote for safe and greater India/Bharat!!This is an appeal to all Indians irrespective of caste,creed,religion or color!





Lalit Sadhwani

PM Modiji's full support have given all to go ahead after he huged to K Shivon on failure of first chandrayan, saying do not stop here keep tryingkeep growing you will be successful

在第一艘月船失败后,莫迪总理拥抱了K Shivon,说不要因此放弃,要继续努力,继续发展,你一定会成功的

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