'Free Palestine': US Air Force member in critical condition after setting himself on fire outside Israeli embassy in Washington


A US Air Force member is in a critical state after he allegedly set himself ablaze outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC, on Sunday afternoon.


What happened

The serviceman approached the embassy around 1pm, began a livestream on Twitch, and then set himself on fire after dousing himself with an accelerant.

In the video, he said, “I will no longer be complicit in genocide [in Gaza].

I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest,” before igniting himself and vociferously chanting “Free Palestine!”

This disturbing video was later removed from the streaming platform as it breached the app's policies.

The individual's name, which he provided in the video and remains undisclosed publicly, aligns with that of an active-duty Air Force officer from Texas, detailed in a LinkedIn profile, as per the Times. A spokesperson from the Air Force acknowledged the individual as an active-duty airman, although his identity remains unconfirmed.






Official response

Both the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and DC Fire and EMS refrained from commenting on the matter.

The Metropolitan Police Department responded to the emergency alongside the US Secret Service, and their bomb squad inspected a suspicious vehicle near the scene. They confirmed that no hazardous materials were found.


大都会警察局(MPD)和华盛顿消防局(DC Fire and EMS)都未就此事发表评论。



The Israeli embassy has been a focal point for ongoing demonstrations against the conflict in Gaza. In the United States, the conflict has sparked both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli rallies. These protests initiated following the events of October 7, when Hamas, the governing Palestinian Islamist faction in Gaza, executed a cross-border raid, resulting in 1,200 Israeli fatalities and the abduction of 253 individuals.

Subsequently, Israeli military forces have engaged in extensive operations against Gaza, causing significant destruction and resulting in nearly 30,000 fatalities, as reported by officials from the Palestinian health sector.

In a related incident, a protester self-immolated in front of the Israeli Consulate in Atlanta during December.








Palestinians are Hamas supporters and they never condemn the loss of innocent lives whether in Israel or in the USA.

These are the same people who used their funds to build tunnels, these are the same people who rejoiced when 9/11 happened on October 7. Innocent civilians are being held hostage by Hamas seems to be ok.

None of the Arab states welcome them to their homeland and pay only lip service.

When Palestinians are ho and praying for the death of all Israelis, how can the world expect Israel to stop what they are doing now -It is a matter of survival.






True Indian

No muslim around the globe has condemned the killings by Hamas!




when this fellow does, there will be one less idiot in this world.




Idiot americans. These jihadis kill them and rhey are supporting them.




Hamas still have 130 hoatages who have nothing to do with whats going on between Israel and Hamas. But none of the muslims have raised condemn or appealed Hamas to release them. Playing victims and asking for symphathy is not one way road.



Kvs Sarma

looks like a new Muslim convert in his newfound jihadi zeal.



1 da

If the US army and airforce members are so ignorant about ground reality what about the general public? Israel is fighting war against Hamas terrorists not the Palestinian people whom they have settled in Gaza.



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Gaza section of Palestine was freed when Israel completely withdrew from it in 2005 despite protest by native Jews. What did they do?. Elected Hamas and converted Gaza into a most complex highly militarised zone with thousands and thousands of rockets. Thank God Western Bank has not yet been 'freed'.



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See thats why no immigrant should be allowed in Country Armed forces . They are not loyal to the country but to their religion



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there are no similar protests against ISIS, Houthi, etc Islamic terrorist organisations or attrocities. Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan Yemen like countries eliminated minorities.



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Hamas killed, maimed, raped and whatever they could do to Israelis without any provocation. If they are freed they will do the same again at next possible opportunity. So eliminate them or control them as slaves.



Co unist Hunter

good riddance!! one woker joker less in the world.



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This was unnecessary. He had other platforms of political protests.



Sumit Yadav

Israel was created to control Oil and water transport, western countries should now accept defeat



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All the pro Palestinians should follow him.



Muhad Asghar

USA are the integral part of the Israëli <br/> murderous onslaught of the Palestinian Gaza.



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Is palestine a muslim issue or regional territorial issue? I get confused on that point.



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All the Palestinian supporters around the world including India should follow him and make a strong point to the world, true peace will come to the world



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He must be mentally sick.



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Those posting anti-Palestine comments are ignorant of how much Palestinians have suffered and got killed for decades by Israel, their land occupied and denied to live in their own country freely. No wonder Hamas raid happened. Only solution is FREE PALESTINE and give them their statehood!!



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A biased person. Didn't utter a word against the genocide of Israelis at the hands of hamas terrorists. US should remove such people from their armed forces. Israel has every right to defend their lands and their people by every means. It must get Gaza vacated from Palestinian.



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totally mad behaviour


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