We are in bad condition, please get us out fast: Desperate cry of workers trapped at


UTTARKASHI: The 41 workers stranded in the depths of the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi are finding the daunting conditions getting more challenging with every passing day. On Monday, while talking to officials through a narrow pipe, the labourers expressed both desperation and hope, pleading for swift rescue. The poignant conversations they had with Arun Kumar, a representative of the Uttar Pradesh government, captured their plight and the sense of urgency and despondency cree in.



Kumar visited the tunnel site in Uttarkashi on Monday and interacted with the trapped workersbelonging to the neighbouring state.


Among the workers stuck inside the Silkyara tunnel, eight are from UP.


Motivating the stranded persons, Mishra said, “Don’t worry and stay strong — the entire country is praying for all of you. The rescue operations will be soon successful and we will go back home together.”


During the conversation, Akhilesh Kumar, one of the workers from UP, said, “We are getting food, but all of us are in bad condition. What is the progress of the rescue work? Please take us out quickly. It is getting harder and harder with each passing day.”


Kumar also inquired about the progress of the rescue operations and pleaded with the official to evacuate them at the earliest. Another worker, Ram Sundar, said, “Tell our families not to worry and take care of themselves.”


Audio recordings of the interaction were also shared with the family members of the workers “with an intention to reduce their pain and to provide them assurance regarding the well-being of their loved ones,” Mishra told TOI.


Amid ongoing rescue operations, governments of different states have sent their representatives to maintain coordination with rescue agencies, trapped workers and their families. Mishra is one of the officials who was sent to take stock of the situation.






One genuine request.. do not ask pm to visit the site  cricket match is fine..



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It is sad but true... In India, human value is a big ZERO... If we can land on a moon than why not rescue these workers trapped in the tunnel? Sorry state of affairs... Feel helpless and disgusting...



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why can't media show a direct telecast of the rescue operations, it will put the needed pressure on the agencies to expedite the work. unfortunately, it's lives of poor workmen, and media isn't too interested as there is no advertising money in this



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calamities happen in Europe, Japan China. the full country stands together for support and prayers. we are the only country who blame, shame, efforts of government, companies and people on the project. even space shuttle from USA burst in flames. inspite of best efforts, Nature and calamities happen. let's all pray and support our country's growth and not insult professionals



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During this calamity,our PM and Home Minister were found watching cricket World Cup.Are they not responsible???




Can't we offer prayers at all temples and do yagnas? If that is not coming to mind then why divide country for religion.. rather focus on real modernization


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USE a thing called Brain given to u,what has religion got to do with this.



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All men working in tunnels where there is always uncertainty of such dangers, must be covered under huge insurance to take care of their family. Their family must get pension. These workers should be treated with the same respect a Jawan gets. Praying for them.,JAI HIND



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Pray for the trapped fellow Indians.



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I hope the rescue workers will be rescued within next few days. Very difficult to live in such conditions.



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non-sensical comments are being made here , without knowing the terrain and difficulty is evacuation. every option is being tried. every step is being evaluated and execution is happening. certain things are very very difficult. you can blame the govt if it is not trying. but agencies are getting the best equipments airlifted to get all humans out. pls support the effort. showing on tv will only create Panic among the relatives and create undue pressure on the agencies working on the rescue.



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Till Dec 3 all are busy after election results every one will run to rescue workers…




Nohhh !!! Our first priority is cricket and elections. You can wait till then. Our news channels are also busy to cover cricket. Will see you after that, ok !!!



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Cricket was a good flop show, and about elections, yes that's first priority for our fat politicians.


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Why don't you go there to rescue?



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Why Government officials are never held responsible for the suffering of people? If a traffic light is not working and a person dies in the accident, why government official is not tried for murder?


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File a case if you are convinced someone should be hanged for murder. Blabbering here won't work.



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It is sad but as Indians we ought to know by now that if Ambani, Adani or someone similar including Vijay Mallaya and Nirav Modi were trapped in a similar situation, the government of Modi would have moved heaven and hell to get them out. Why? The Hindu caste system and the tradition of serving the rich regardless of how crooked they are.


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This only shows that you are casteist. Your thoughts have become a burden on yourself. Get rid of your Sick thoughts otherwise you shall never be happy. All seems yellow to a jaundiced eye.




Please wait. Elections are around the corner and everyone is busy campaigning, politicizing cricket matches and more important things for our country's future. We have no time for some workers stuck in a tunnel.



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Perhaps, just remove the mountain



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the BJP Central team was ofcourse in attendance in Ahmedabad for the match.....wish they were here supravising the rescue operations



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Project execution without theat to safety is the main reason . Hope agencies will learn from this tragedy and implement world’s beat practices . In today’s world there is no derth of knowledge. There is need to have Will to execute those practices .




Highly corrupt country with humans treated like no value


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