What are India and Indians missing to become the next economic miracle in Asia?  Do they have any advantages to develop the economy that China and the Chinese do not have?





Sunil Guha

Mass publicly funded education and skills development for all but especially for youth up to the age of 19.

With that will come better outcomes for health, environment, entrepreneurship, politics and representation etc.






Jack Crawford

They might have more freedom. Securing rights and freedom is the key.

I recommend the book, Capitalism the Unknown Ideal, by Ayn Rand, a Russian-American philosopher, not an economist. It contains an essay, "What is Capitalism," because the author rightly holds that most people don't know what it is. She writes about laissez-faire capitalism, not the mixtures of capitalism, fascism, and socialism we have today. Also, she gives a moral defense of it, which nobody else does. It was published about 1964 so you can tell how prescient she was. Also check out YouTube to see her on the Johnny Carson show (3 times) in 1967. She wrote both fiction and non-fiction.


我想推荐一本名为《资 本主义的未知理想》的书,作者是一位俄裔美国哲学家,并非经济学家。书里有一篇文章,“什么是zb主义”,因为作者认为,大多数人不知道什么是“资 本主义”。她写的是自由放任的资 本主义,不是我们今天看到的资 本主义、法西斯主义和社 会主义的混合体。此外,她还为资 本主义做了道德辩护,之前没人这么做过。这本书大约出版于1964年,可以看出她非常有先见之明。YouTube上还有她在1967年参加过约翰尼·卡森的节目(三次)。她的作品中既有小说,也有纪实文学。





What do mean missing?

India is on the pathway to be a global miracle.

Ofcoz they have an advantage.

They have de ocracy.








Subhash Mathur

You need

Funds in plenty to invest on long term basis

You need highly skilled large population

You need plenty of local resources like oil iron etc.

You need high communication network

You need deep research and development pool with huge funding

You need quality industrial products for exports.

You need to self develop high tech for various new products - India is 10 years behind

You need highly productive agricultural productivity

You need to remove malnutrition in mothers and children

You need a far more efficient system of medical coverage.

You need new cities - thr present old cities are dying and urban renewal is not working .

You need many more things . But on top is huge investible funds.

And most of all we need social harmony to call ourselves ONE NATION .


















Hayder Al-Mohammad

India is missing what Iraq is missing. What Lebanon is missing. What Egypt is missing. What Pakistan is missing. What every poor country in the world currently not sanctioned by the West is missing:


1.A population that truly loves its country

2.A cardre of truly competent technocrats whose allegiance is fully to their country

3.Political systems that allow the most competent to reach the top, rather than the ones most connected to Western elites and studied at Cambridge or Oxford.

4.The urge to end the corrupt economy and cronyism

5.Long term strategy

1. 真正热爱自己国家的人

2. 真正称职、完全效忠于自己国家的技术官僚

3. 让有能力的人进入政府高层,而不是那些与西方精英关系最密切、在剑桥或牛津学习过的人。

4. 彻底治理经济腐败和任人唯亲

5. 长期战略

6.A society where lying is unacceptable

7.People who aren't lazy

8.People who aren't arrogant

9.Competence at every single level of the state

10.Culture and religion which isn't an instrument of control by western elites.

6. 打造一个不允许说谎的社会

7. 勤劳的民众

8. 谦卑的民众

9. 国家在每一个层面的管理能力

10. 没有沦为西方精英控制工具的文化和宗教。

India has many positives.


1.Punjabis love business. Support them as they have massive trade connections in the region. Make sure a positive reputation is built, so they can extend past Afghanistan to central Asia. The state and diplomats should be involved.

2.A pipeline from Saudi to India. Get cheap energy guaranteed.

3.Focus on services, but grow manufacturing with it.

4.Education is too corrupt, and too much like fast food restaurants. Produce elite engineers. India historically always had great scientists and engineers.

1. 旁遮普人热爱商业。支持他们,因为他们在该地区有大量的贸易活动。打造良好的声誉,让他们把业务从阿富汗延伸到中亚。国家和外交官都应该参与进来。

2. 修建从沙特到印度的管道,降低能源价格。

3. 重视服务业,但同时积极发展制造业。

4. 教育太腐败了,简直就是快餐店。印度要培养精英工程师。印度历史上从不缺伟大的科学家和工程师。

5.India has China, Central Asia, Iran and the Indian ocean on her borders. Create economic connections which are stable with them. Build your diplomacy on your economic relations, not vice versa.

6.Agriculture should be a huge strength. The West destroyed much of Indian agriculture from the 1980s onwards. Massive state programmes are needed to support farmers and increase productivity with simple technologies like plastic mulch, hoop houses, etc to extend seasons and retain water.

5. 印度与中国、中亚、伊朗和印度洋接壤,建立稳定的经济联系,在经济关系基础上发展外交。

6. 农业应该是一个巨大的优势。从20世纪80年代开始,西方摧毁了印度的大部分农业。印度需要大规模的国家项目来帮助农民,并通过塑料覆盖、温室等简单技术提高生产力,以延长种植期并保存水分。






How can India become the next China?



Many Indians think India will be the next China;

Many Americans want India to be the next China;

But these two chinas are different,

India wants to become a political, economic and military power like China is today.

Americans don't want India to become China today. They want India to be what China was 30 years ago, providing cheap labor and a vast market for the United States and hel it contain the Soviet Union.

A strong China is enough of a headache for the US, if you add a strong India to it, the US will go crazy.










Wasim Ansari


What is the reason for the slowing of the economy of India?


There are many reasons for the Indian economy slowdown.

Today I will highlight on manufacturing sector in India.

India's manufacturing sector have come down from 12% to 0.5%. Indian textile industry has played a vital role in decreasing the economy of India and I would say the government is ignoring the slowdown in our core sector.




Yesterday I bought H&M Jeans from their store and I was shocked to see country of manufacture.Yes it was Bangladesh.Bangladesh is taking all our textile industry and government is sitting quiet on this.

They don't have any future plans to tackle this,and this also shows the failure of MAKE IN INDIA.






Venkateshwar Jayakanth


How can India become a superpower?

India is a country which has continuously underutilized its potential of the Ocean. She is sitting in the right above the busiest sea routes in the world yet doesn’t have a single transhipment hub. What I’m referring to here is the Heartland-Rimland Theory.

Not even for a single time in its history it has utilized it blue resources completely barring the Great Cholas – The Empire which controlled the Indian Ocean.




Now she needs to break from the old shackles and take some aggressive measures.

Phase I – The Great Migration

She need to move its population from Dark Blue part to the Yellow Part. She has only 5 Major Cities and 2 Megacities along its coast now.





Phase I.I – The Great Coastal Cities

How will she achieve it? She has to create 10 new Coastal Cities.

These Costal cities are hub of education and technical training institutes. We need to create highly skilled labourers.





Phase II – The Coastal Economic Corridors

These Cities should be linked with dedicated freight corridor. Together it forms 17 new port cities with at least two harbours per city to handle Cargo and containers separately.



Mumbai – Porbandar Manufacturing Corridor - Textiles, Automobiles & Shipbuilding, Gems and Jewellery

Mumbai – Goa – Mangalore Tourism Corridor – World Class tourism infrastructure

Mangalore – Kochi – Allepey – Trivandrum Economic corridor – Food Processing, Heavy Engineering

Chennai –Pondicherry Tourism Corridor – World Class tourism infrastructure

Chennai – Tuticorin – Kanyakumari Industrial Corridor – Automobiles, Aerospace, Defence, Leather & Paper

Vizag – Nellore – Chennai Economic Corridor – Electronics, Heavy Engineering, Fisheries

Vizag – Paradip – Haldia Coastal processing Zone – Food, Leather, Pharma, Pulp Processing

International Zone at Mumbai, Kochi, and Chennai & Cape Comorin – No Tax levied on Firms or Individuals, Single Window Clearance Systems and World class ease of doing Business Score

Cape Comorin – A Mega transhipment hub in the likes of Singapore and Colombo

孟买-博尔本德尔工业走廊 - 纺织品、汽车和造船、宝石和珠宝

孟买-果阿-芒格洛尔旅游走廊 - 世界一流的旅游基础设施

芒格洛尔-科奇-阿勒佩-特里凡得琅经济走廊 - 食品加工,重型工程

金奈-本地治里旅游走廊 - 世界一流的旅游基础设施

金奈-杜蒂戈林-坎亚库马瑞工业走廊 - 汽车、航空航天、国防、皮革和纸业

威扎吉-尼洛尔-金奈经济走廊 - 电子,重型工程,渔业

威扎吉-巴拉迪布-霍尔迪亚沿海加工区 - 食品、皮革、医药、纸浆加工

孟买科奇,金奈和科摩罗角的国际区 - 对公司或者个人免征税收,一个窗口全审批


Phase III– The Great Infra Upgrade –

Now our Country is exporting huge, We have gathered enough money to pursue this. This will take care of our domestic consumption and ensure internal Security and prosperity.

These cities would have high speed trains plying between them for easy human and knowledge movement. Cities should focus on transit oriented development.




2 Mega Dry Ports – Bangalore, Coimbatore & Hyderabad – Will facilitate Entire south Logistics using hub & Spoke model

3 Ultra Mega dry Ports – Ahmedabad, Bhopal & Raipur – Will Facilitate Entire India Logistics and to rest of North India

Coimbatore – Bangalore – Hyderabad - Bhopal Super Freight corridor – 16 Lane Highways, Freight Train

Mumbai – Ahmedabad – Bhopal – Raipur –Haldia - Super Freight corridor – 16 Lane logistics super highway and dedicated freight train corridor.

2个大型无水港 - 班加罗尔、哥印拜陀市和海得拉巴 - 将利用枢纽和辐条模式促进整个印度南部的物流

3个超大型陆港 - 艾哈迈达巴德、博帕尔和赖布尔 - 将促进整个印度的物流和印度北部的其他地区

哥印拜陀-班加罗尔-海得拉巴-博帕尔超级货运走廊 - 16车道的公路,货运列车

孟买-艾哈迈达巴德-博帕尔-赖布尔-哈迪亚-超级货运走廊 - 16车道物流超级公路和专用货运列车走廊。

Phase IV – The Great Transhipment route

Regular Ship routes from all 17 Mega Port Zones to Cape Comorin.

Tap the International Sea Route to make a global Logistics hub at Cape Comorin.




We are no more aspiring to be a South Asian Tiger.

We have GDP growth rate that would rival that of USA and China put together.

We are now an Asian Mammoth - A Super power in the New World order set by us.





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