Do you think that China is strong enough?





Zhanhu Ju

When China can be treat as equals in all sorts of power, when every single Chinese can live as well as middle class United states citizens, when our environment become the cleanest on earth, when every single Chinese can confidently speak out, that our culture, society, technology and power are the strongest, that we are the apex of humanity.

Only then I shall say China finished its first step, that we restored our historical height in human history. I hope our sons and grandsons will learn from our historical mistake and keep reforming and develo.







Sylvain Saurel

Your question is interesting but it is a very open question.



After reading this, I have a question for you:

What do you mean by “Strong enough”?

Are you wondering if China is strong enough to resist American sanctions and continue its emergence as the world's leading superpower?

Wondering if China is strong enough to stand up to American military power?

Wondering if China is strong enough to invade Taiwan in the months or years to come?

Wondering if China is strong enough to continue to lay down the law in the China Sea a







As you can see, your question is ultimately quite vague.

I think China is strong enough to resist America technologically and commercially, but will it be strong enough if the conflict becomes military in the worst-case scenario?

I have a hard time imagining it right now, but I just hope that the war between the two giants remains cold and does not become a real-world war...

What is certain, however, is that other groups such as the EU, Russia, or India will be forced to be simple observers in this war between the two giants!








Enrique Garcia

Yes. I think it is if not the US wouldn’t have started a containment strategy. A lot of people believe China is a paper tiger but I think it’s too risky to make that assumption. China has been building its economy while we waged two pointless wars in the Middle East. China may not have the latest technology or recent battlefield experiences but they have strength of numbers and have nukes. They may not outright win a war against the US but they can cause enough damage to have the US rethink strategy. This is what we want to for Taiwan. To make the juice not worth the squeeze. Finally the American population is addicted to cheap Chinese goods. If we cut off China from our economy, there could be an economic unrest domestically given the shortages and price rises public would face. You can’t up and move your manufacturing overnight. If you add up all these factors, it would make China strong enough.






Kanthaswamy Balasubramaniam

Janet Yellen wrote that if China could commit to investing in US Treasury Bonds until 2026 and take a $ 1.1 Trillion Position by 2026, Inflation in US could be reduced to 3% within 6 months

In 2009, the Chinese agreed to such a request from USA

This time they told Yellen to go f*** herself

Yet that alone shows the power of a Nation like China

That a mere $ 270 Billion purchase of bonds could bring down US Inflation by 3% indicates a level of strength very few nations could possess

Yellen counted very heavily on the Chinese agreeing to her request and was very angry when she came back home







Every Industry in Russia or most industries continued to operate despite a 72% fall in Supplies from Western Vendors

The Reason : CHINA

Investments by Western Countries replaced by China

Western Brands replaced by Chinese Brands

A Yuan Buttress hel Russia steer through foreign trade from April 2022 to December 2022

One Nation capable of standing against US and EU combined and preventing Russia from going under for those crucial 10–12 months before Russia found it's feet








Apart from Paper Propaganda and a few articles on how China is collapsing, China is easily among the strongest economies in the world and among the more resilient economies


Only time will tell

Let's wait and watch









Dawesome One

During the First Opium War of 1839, 19,000 British troops fought against 200,000 Chinese. The Chinese had 20,000 casualties, the British just 69. The war marked the start of the “Century of Humiliation” in China.

China is no more capable of defeating the West today as it was then.



China’s economic, financial, technological, and military strength is hugely exaggerated by crude and inaccurate statistics.

Fake unreliable numbers generated in the same manner as the Soviet Union and just as accurate.

China is a nation of technological copycats, lacking the ability and drive to innovate the Chinese face huge disadvantages against technological innovators such as the US.




The China supporters continually point to China's growing navy, and especially its two aircraft carriers as an indication of their ability to defeat the US and its allies.

It should be noted that Chinese pilots fly 100 to 150 fewer hours than U.S. pilots and only began training on aircraft carriers in 2012.



PLA exercises remain heavily scripted (the red team almost always wins) … Most exercises involve a single service or branch, so troops lack the ability to conduct joint operations, and assessments are often nothing more than “subjective judgments based on visual observation rather than on detailed quantitative data” and are scored “based simply on whether a training program has been implemented rather than on whether the goals of the program have been achieved.”


Many Chinese college students describe their universities as “diploma factories,” where student-teacher ratios are double the average in U.S. universities, cheating is rampant, students spend a quarter of their time studying “thought,” and students and professors are denied access to basic sources of information, such as Google Scholar and certain academic journal repositories.


Chinese firms’ total spending on R&D as a percentage of sales revenue stalled at levels four times below the average for American firms. … Chinese firms remain dependent on foreign technologies and manual labor and have a rudimentary level of automation and digitization: on average Chinese enterprises have just nineteen robots per ten thousand employees; U.S. firms, by contrast, use an average of 176 robots per ten thousand employees.


China now leads the world in retractions of scientific studies due to fraud; one-third of Chinese scientists have admitted to plagiarizing or falsifying results (versus 2 percent of U.S. scientists); and two-thirds of China’s R&D spending has been lost to corruption.

Chinese realities, that reckoning needs also to appreciate the tremendous capabilities of this country, and the very real limits besetting China: a fast-aging population, massive internal indebtedness,



The Chinese suspiciously delayed their census which revealed a population decline from 2010 to 2020, the first since the state-caused famines of the 1960s. The fact is that China is about to be home to a lot of old people, and thanks to the one child policy fewer young people to support them.

China misallocates capital on a massive scale. More than a fifth of China’s housing stock is empty—the detritus of a frenzied construction boom that built too many apartments in the wrong places.



China overcapitalizes at home because Chinese investors are prohibited from doing what they most want to do: get their money out of China.

Strict and complex foreign-exchange controls block the flow of capital. More than one-third of the richest Chinese would emigrate if they could, according to research by one of the country’s leading wealth-management firms.

The next best alternative: sending their children out. Pre-pandemic, almost 1 million young Chinese attended Western universities. Pre-pandemic, only about 10,000 Americans were studying in China; single thousands were from other Western countries—and almost all of them were in the country to study language, not any academic specialty.







Nor Reza

“Strong enough” in what way?

Prevent itself from being exploited like it was during the “century of humiliation?”.

Yes it is.

Reclaiming its old and newly claimed territories?

As of 7th September 2023 of this answer’s writing. Not yet. Otherwise it would had done so already.







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