France, the UK and Germany's investments increased 600%, 600% and 60% in China in first quarter of year 2023 respectively. Why are the major European countries having confidences in China, but de-risking or decoupling their business with the US?




America Uncensored

Yes US what happened to your so call friends?

Are you too busy to prop up failing banks?

What happened? Too busy murdering Sudanese civilians recently? Too busy cooking shit and spending your toilet paper money on doing shit against the world? While the U.S. is growing 1.1% in Q1 China grew 16.8% export in April alone!



发生什么事了?是在忙着谋害苏丹平民吗?忙着吃屎,忙着跟全世界为敌,把买卷纸的钱都搭进去了吗?美国第一季度出口增长了1.1%,对比一下中国仅4月份一个月的出口就增长了16.8% !

Isn’t it ironic, while the U.S. spends its time talking shit on China. All rich and big nations are queuing up to meet key officials in Beiing to sign the biggest deals with China. Brazil, France, Germany….

Meanwhile. China literally says to US that Anthony Blinken should grow up from a kindergarten kid before he will be invited to China!

Hey Mr. Trump, remember you said wng trade war with China U.S. easy? Where is your victory? Another Mexco will pay for the border wall?







Emmanuel-Francis Nwaolisa Ogomegbunam

Your numbers are too smooth to be plausible. But I take your point. European firms like BASF, Astrazeneca, Volkswagen and the Energy giants have expanded their investment in the PRC despite shrill rhetoric across Eurasia and the Pacific.

The thing is that American finance firms have also expanded in China. CATL is building a factory alongside Ford in Michigan. BYD is jostling for market share in Europe. Tik Tok has not yet been expropriated, and Temu and Shein are the number one shop apps in the USA.

More seriously, the root cause of this crises are TSMC's ascendancy, Intel’s decline and Huawei's rise.




Cui bono, as sceptics say. This recent round of Sinosceptism is funded by Americans in the software and electric circuitry industry. The likes of Messrs Altman, Schmidt, Thiel and Zuckerberg.

They’re building regulatory moats to protect their fortune by fanning American paranoia over decline. Some firms in fields like semiconductor manufacturing and LLM deployment are trying to create a cartel.



Those protectionists have allies in the American Security State. The spooks fear that Chinese dominance in those spheres will threaten American advantages in electronic warfare and snoo.

European industrialists and American financiers do not feel the same threat or mind the competition. That is especially the case for Europe. Whose primary industries of chemicals and luxury are highly profitable in China where they face limited competition compared to the USA.






Shou'en Li


Does the EU-China investment deal threaten US-Europe relations?

US-Europe relations have long been hurt by Trump and his administration, instead of being just“threatened”, and actually, this is one of the main reasons why EU is so determined to push forward the EU-China investment deal.

US-China relations have also been damaged, to the ever lowest point since 1970s after the formal bilateral ties was established then, and of course, also the “great contribution” by Trump and his administration.




So, it’s natural for the two being hurt to join hands together and help each other.

Does the EU-China investment deal threaten US-Europe relations?

It depends. And the key is still in the hand of the US.

If it continues to treat China as its “enemy”, none of any party — the US itself, EU, China, and most of the other nations in the world — would not find life easy in the coming years, or even decades.





If all the countries, including the US, work collaboratively and harmoniously, like what we Chinese advocate — to build a community with shared future for mankind — then, there would not be so-called threats to international relations, bilateral, or trilateral, or multilateral.

I know I seem to be in a daydream by calling to build a community with shared future for mankind, as we are still living in a world following the law of jungle, so wake up, the US, as the sole superpower of today’s world, would definitely not give any thought of it.



As long as the US won’t stop its “fight” to retain its sole supremacy, the world won’t be quiet and cool down, no matter big deals between or among other parties are signed or not.

And let’s get prepared for the bumpy 2020s, and even into 2030s, not only the US-EU relations, not only the US-China relations……actually, though I hope not, yet we can foresee there would be more conflicts, even wars, in various regions across the globe — in the Middle East, in Africa, maybe even in South and South East Asia, or even in the Central Asia, or even somewhere we would never expect today.






Thomas Pauken II


Is the latest investment agreement between China and the European Union that allows European companies increased access to the Chinese market a game changer at the expense of the United States?


As much of the world continues to struggle under the COVID-19 pandemic, China remains poised to accelerate its economy for the year ahead.

The chinese stands eager to attract more foreign direct investments (FDI), the value of the Chinese yuan has risen compared to other frequently trade foreign currencies, the domestic manufacturing sector has gone into high speed converting to automation, while Chinese consumers and services sectors are playing a larger role in the nation’s economy.



The EU regional economy has long suffered from low annual GDP (gross domestic product) growth rates. Hence, European firms would like to expand operations, cross-border trade and investments with other nations across the globe, especially in China and USA.

We should anticipate import trade figure to rise exponentially next year as China’s rebound will become a major driver on economic growth worldwide. European manufacturers, exporters and multinational services and retailers can tap into the Chinese market to boost revenues and profit streams.



The potential China-EU trade agreement could be a real game changer. Europe needs a strong outside boost of FDI and Chinese enterprises will likely tap into that. Meanwhile, European firms have a huge role in AI (artificial intelligence) technologies and robotics.





China - World Leader.

These major European countries are having confidence in China because of China’s achievement of resolving the Iran-Saudi question, a feat that US fail to do. France, UK and Germany come to realize that US is not worthy of being trusted or confidence because US is more interested in maintaining its hegemony and financial & business interests over resolving serious issues





on Diplomacy & Warfare

It is not the governments but businesses and individuals who are moving their investments.

Western governments behaving funny, ruining the business environment through the inflation of costs, regulations, and there are significant risks of nationalization on top of it.

As strange as it sound, the above stuff is normally associated with the “” countries, as contrary to “de ocracies”, but on practice the costs are lower in places like Russia and China, deregulation is the state's priority there, and the right to property is respected to a higher degree.




For example, despite the political environment, Western businesses who want to stay in Russia are allowed to operate, and whose who don't to sell their assets to move out. It is a stark contrast to Western countries that took Russian assets from plants and refineries to individual houses and vehicles without compensation.

People realize that the rubicon is crossed, today they take from foreigners, tomorrow they are going to rob own citizens.






Jan Krusat

German and other Euopean countries are actully pullingout of China, and move production back to Europe, but cannot do in a short time.

So sorry, nothing with your dream of Chinese having the rest of the world as vassals, like East asia in the old times. The US have proven to be more reliable for uws, though maybe not as profitable in the short term.






Political Perspective

Nice troll question. The truth is China uses the dollar to trade with 95% of the world. The EU are not children, they can trade with China and the US. They can also walk and chew gum at the same time.





Victims of American Hegemony

THE FUTUR LIES EAST ,NOT WEST , THEN JUST LOOK AT A MAP . THE U S is a far away island but we are hooked to the east forever .


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