Army brass to review operational situation with China, among other matters, in five-day meet


NEW DELHI: With India and China forward deploying their troops for the third consecutive winter along the frontier, especially across eastern Ladakh, top Army generals on Monday kicked off a five-day conference to review the operational situation, combat readiness and border infrastructure development, among other issues.


The Army commanders’ conference, chaired by General Manoj Pande, will brainstorm on the current and emerging security and administrative matters to chart the future course for the 12-lakh force. “Discussions pertaining to transformational imperatives for a future ready force, progress on capability development and modernization, framework for enhanced operational effectiveness of Army will take place during the apex-level biannual event,” an officer said.

陆军指挥官会议由Manoj Pande将军主持,就当前和新出现的安全和行政问题进行头脑风暴,为这支120万人的军队规划未来的方向。一名军官说:“有关未来准备部队转型的必要性、能力发展和现代化进展、增强陆军作战效能的框架的讨论将在两年一次的最高级级别会议期间进行。”

“Changes being incorporated to promote ‘Atmanirbharta’, implementation of the new human resource management policy and future challenges to progressive military training will also form part of the deliberations,” he added.


Defence minister Rajnath Singh, chief of defence staff Gen Anil Chauhan, IAF and Navy chiefs will interact with the Army commanders. Interestingly, a former top diplomat, as well as a retired R&AW officer, are also slated to talk on “Contemporary India-China relations” and “Technological Challenges for National Security” during the conference.

印度国防部长拉杰纳特,国防参谋长Anil Chauhan将军,印度空军和海军参谋长将与陆军指挥官互动。有趣的是,一名前高级外交官和一名退休的R&AW官员也将在会议期间讨论“当代印中关系”和“国家安全的技术挑战”。




China is on a forward push from North through artillery and air power using Pakistan and Nepal (there is small change now) as vassals while encircling from the sea by new naval bases through Pakistan, Sri Lanka abd Bangladesh while Myanmar is slowly brought into the net. Gwadar port port along with Djibouti base are to dictate terms in the Arabian sea with Maldives being manipulated.




Ashish Dalal

You are bravest army in the world proud of you but political will is not there so talk with enemies



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India is on the right path of Atamnirbyar, and in the meantime India is building infrastructure to face China. The four year Army recruitment is ideal to seperate men from the boys. We need a mean military. PLA is larger but they have to fight with every neighbour. The situation is close to a conclusion. Well done Army brass. Our Army hang in there though the winter is tough but equally for the enemy. The nation is proud of our Jawans.










This means POK will remain with Pakistan and India will not take it back because of operational situation with China.



Ramesh Sachdev

Military matters must remain "secret". Why blow trumpet every second day? Learn from china and Israel and do job rapidly, accurately and quietly. India can still learn something from Taliban who defeated USER and mighty USA without any heavy weapons or airforce or navy






Illiterate chaiwall has brought war closer to India's doorstep and now says koi ghusa nahi..



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If they try a misadventure just annihillate them



J Rey

Stop using Chinese products !



Pritam Hegde

Thanks to big brothers like Russia, Australia, France and Japan country is safe from Chinese threat.



Suryakumar Vinchurka

What is there to review? No one crossed Lac. Only we are releasing weekly articles with headlines as "dig at China", "veil at China". No vote against them in UN.



User De

The best method to stop the aggressions of enemies is to stop giving them $89 Billion annually to them in the name of trade surplus in favor of them. This annual payment to them is more than what they need to finance the ag on.


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it's starts with you... boycott Chinese products




Modi has given indian territorry to china already what else is left.



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India should form a global consortium with countries like Philippines, Australia, Japan, US etc etc and attack that ugly dr on on all possible fronts.


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US is most untrustworthy, only can deal with eagle eyes.



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India needs to be far far more aggressive in dealing with such r ge nations like chinkn. We need to learn to move ahead and reclaim not just our territory but also capture enemy's land. We need to shed our 'good boy'image and surprise them at will....




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Ukraine war has changed from using traditional weapons to use of drones in attack and use of bombs. India has to introduce drones use in a big way, in attacks and also cater itself from enemy attack by drones.



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why to worry when we hv Raffie fighter jets.



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All the rhetoric and chest thum has disappeared. All quiet on the Northern Front, it seems. No more mention of action against Chinese incursions in election campaign speeches.




We should focus on capability building, both in strategic and technological fields, taking advantage of the close relationship with the USA.



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Anyway China would be purchasing time till it redies 100% to implement it's planned agenda against it's targeted countries. The most unreliable country is China.


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