5G spectrum sales net record Rs 1.45 lakh crore on Day 1


NEW DELHI: The government netted a record Rs 1.45 lakh crore on the first day of 5G spectrum sale on Tuesday, much higher than the Rs 1.1 lakh crore it made in 2015. The coveted high-speed services are expected to be offered across top cities from September-October.


The unexpectedly high windfall from the 5G sale, which is likely to be concluded on Wednesday with not much significant change in the overall collections, follows a massive relief package given to the telecom industry which not long ago was battling financial stress and high debt.


“The swashbuckling response has shown that all previous records achieved in the spectrum sale will be broken. We expect 5G services to begin later this year, and this will result in fresh investments, new jobs and much better quality of services in the telecom sector,” communications and IT minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said.

通信和IT部长Ashwini Vaishnaw说:“这种反应表明,此前在频谱销售方面取得的所有记录都将被打破。我们预计5G服务将于今年晚些时候启动,这将带来新的投资、新的就业机会和电信行业服务质量的大幅提高。”

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio is expected to have contributed to the surge in collections, with Airtel and Vodafone Idea following behind. New entrant Gautam Adani had gone for a modest opening in his telecom debut — that he insisted is only in the enterprise space and not consumer mobility — with just a Rs 100 crore earnest money deposit (EMD) towards the sale process.


The key process of 5G spectrum sales had begun a few months back, after regulator Trai submitted its recommendations on the matter. But it got mired in controversy very quickly when exsting telecom companies Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea (represented by industry lobby COAI) protested the opening of private captive networks to non-telecom companies.




Seems to be a good price, but I felt it could go upto 2 lakh crore. Anyway as long as there is transparency in the process of auction and allocation of spectrum bands, we should be happy and welcome the process. However, the more govt earns, the price to public can also go up as the private players like Ambanis, will try to recover their cost plus profit. It will be advisable if Govt allows unrestricted,4G access to BSNL as 4G will continue for many more years.









this means common man has to pay heavily for 5G.


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Then you dont avail such premium service. You can take BSNL network which is cheap and speed will be as bad as your mindset. This Freebees (kejriwalism) will make us Srilanka one day.






so all the technological benefits coming around 5G u mean should cater only to those who can afford. remeber demonetization and digitization was possible because everyone had smart phones..



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In the process, the greatest losers are the Gandhi family and hawala racketeers who lost billions of rupees as commission.



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It is useless until you make hybrid mobile for all spectrums. It is only increasing the non degradable E Waste.



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BSNL is a public limited company, which means it's a company of Indian citizens, atleast give them/ us 4G.



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2G scam, 2G = 2 Gandhi's (Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi) ,,, what scam, they think they own this country

2G是骗局,2G = 2甘地(索尼娅·甘地和拉胡尔·甘地),他们以为这个国家是他们的


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Good job Ashwinji, but keep up the transparency and scam free sale of 5G and public is not imposed with higher telecom tariffs and India tops the Telecom sector.



Ajit Leo

Congressmen will have heart attacks hearing this news; if UPA is in power, millions of dollars will end up in their bank accounts.




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First govt waives of 2 lakhs crores of dues from these Telecom, then these Telecom buys new assets from that money. govt as usual making a fool of people by showing a rosy picture at the cost of taxpayers money.





What was the basis of selling the spectrum, who was ready to pay more or who was ready to charge the customers less?



Pradeep Kumar

People are not realizing tomorrow they will loot all these crores from you and they will make sure you work for them



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India's data price is one of the lowest in the world.



Jagdish Madan

Had the 5G spectrum auction taken place during UPA tenure, there would have been a windfall for all Congress hoodlums!



Faiyaz Ansari

India sold to Ambani



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What is its impact on the price and rates of daily charges and call charges whether it is going to become a costly or reduce the prices it is still a unknown territory.


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4G will become cheaper in a year while initially 5G be premium offering 25-30% more prices for 5G plans.


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First of all dump your 4G phones and invest in buying new 5G phone.,Then you can ask for 5G rates.


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Adani recently applied for Rs 14000 Crores loan from SBI, with Modi's blessings.,So guess where the money is coming from ?,He already owes Indian Banks more than 2.2 Trillion. These are all Facts





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good news



Trouble Shooter

Be prepared for banks being forced to pay for this sales proceed via shady loans


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Already happened. Adani recently applied for another 14000 Crores loan from SBI.


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