Relief for Boris as Indian PM Narendra Modi declares he WILL come to COP26 summit in Glasgow despite Russia and China snub and cms ministers fear it will be a 'damp squib'



Boris Johnson is breathing a sign of relief today after Indian PM Narendra Modi confirmed he will attend the COP26 climate summit.


Mr Modi will be coming to Glasgow, in a much-needed boon for the UN


Downing Street hailed the news, which brings the number of confirmed world leaders attending to more than 120. As one of the biggest carbon emitters, India's involvement is regarded as critical.


But signs of anety in Cabinet surfaced today with cms that COP26 presi nt Alok Sharma is 'raging' about the way Mr Johnson has talked up hopes of a major breakthrough in the battle ag inst climate change.


Mr Sharma reportedly fears that the event will end up looking like a 'damp squib'.


Welcoming the announcement from Mr Modi, Mr Johnson's spokesman said: 'India play an important role in this and the Prime Minister has had a number of conversations with Modi on the importance of climate change so we look forward to discussing it with him further.'


Mr Johnson has insisted he is ho for a 'good' turnout in Glasgow, but pointed to the pandemic as a factor.



Centurions100pts, Manchester, United Kingdom

India is coming to cm poverty and get financial aid to help "clean up" their industries...... .... While they launch their next Space mission.



Sharia Marapova, TazTown, United Kingdom

I take it we're about to increase foreign aid spending in India.



Po itilogue, Liverpoll, United Kingdom

India has said it will continue to use fossil fuels irrespective of any climate request.



EmmaHarris, Leeds, United Kingdom

Johnson is not respected internationally and lacks credibility both at home and abroad.



Unbelievably, London, United Kingdom

We can be as green as we like here in the UK, but if India and China don't follow suit, it'll be all for nothing.



Martin, London East End, United Kingdom

Thousands of po iticians, lackeys and hangers-on - all flying to Glasgow in their jets - being transported in their private limos - and living high on their expenses.



TakebackOURfre ms, Northern England, United Kingdom

Lots of scope for 'new variants' to be dreamt up as a basis for locking us down again.



JAG3, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Yes he'll come but will be a waste of time . Just like inviting Biden climate change means nothing to these countries.



malph, cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

A report published yesterday stated that the Mammoth went extinct around 10k years ago because of climate change. Apparently it was because the ice melted and killed off their food source. So it's all happened before, and it will all happen again.....The forces of nature are way beyond human control....



Timlot64, Exeter, United Kingdom

Modi will come because he wants a UK - India trade deal, but is not in the mood to take lectures from the west about carbon fuels



Milia , West Midlands, United Kingdom

Modi needs to focus on the overpopulated and poor people in India.



baldies2, Mansfield, United Kingdom

Boris will need a new job if he keeps spouting all this green crap.



ChickenLittle1, LLand, United Kingdom

Modi is just a sham wholl do anything to look good in the media,while making sure his billionaire Gujarati friends get richer illegally.



RichardG, Bolton, United Kingdom

all talk and then nothing after they all go home



friend up north, Falkirk, United Kingdom

Anyone else get the impression that nothing will come of this and is a waste of time?



Not God, Toronto, Canada

 Please ask Modi the same question. Minorities are being suppressed



The Salnder Tap, Under The Casthouse , United Kingdom

India is increasing coal production by 1 billion tonnes per annum for their thermal power plants. Tata, JSW, JSPL, SAIL and RINL are all building new blast furnaces. India are going through their industrial revo tion and no one can stop them.



Zog, England, United Kingdom

How many of the big polluters will do anything. But we are stuck with zealots blocking the roads because we are making a change. Strange how, the more you do to reduce pollution, the more prests you get.



wiseoldowl, newcastle, United Kingdom

Modi coming "despite" China and Russia no-shows? Methinks he's coming BECAUSE they aren't : a big chance to show India as a world player and friend of the West.



forestina, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Absolutely dreading this event. More grandstanding from Boris. The world will be laughing at us.



Ridzat, Largon, United Kingdom

China and Russia regard Doris as an irrelevance. Not really a surprise is it?



Hill Walker , up North, United Kingdom

Watch out for the Glasgow Covid variant arriving soon. Johnson's ego trip continues. Pretending to be a world leader when all he's capable of is leading the UK down the pan.


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