Govt rubbishes Pakistan ‘intel’ of Indian attack between April 16 & 20



ISLAMABAD/NEW DELHI: Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Sunday that his country has "reliable intelligence" that India is planning another military action against its western neighbour in the third week of April even as New Delhi rejected the claim calling it "irresponsible and preposterous" and aimed at "whipping up war hysteria".


Addressing a press conference in his hometown of Multan, Qureshi said, "We have reliable intelligence that India has devised a new scheme to militarily act against Pakistan and according to our information, this aggression can take place between April 16 and 20." He alleged that a "new incident could be staged" by India in Kashmir, just like the Pulwama attack, "and its purpose will be to justify their (India's) offensive against Pakistan and to increase diplomatic pressure against Islamabad".


India rubbished Qureshi's statement saying it was made with a "clear objective of whipping up war hysteria" in the region. "This public gimmick appears to be a call to Pakistan-based terrorists to undertake a terror attack in India," an official spokesperson said.



"If India's aggression happens, you can imagine the impact of such an incident on the peace and stability in South Asia," the minister warned.


He called on the international community to take notice of this "irresponsible behaviour" and reprimand New Delhi for taking this route.



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Bluesteye - 12 hours ago

PAKISTAN sees India an existential threat... and MODI a real threat



Amanda - 12 hours ago

just attack tomorrow and prove that Pakistan intelligence were wrong



Bijay - Noida - 12 hours ago

MODI has made Pakistani life hell.



Hot - Kolkata - 12 hours ago

They are so afraid of Modi.



Chowkidar - Kolkata - 12 hours ago

If this PM instill fear in Pakistan, every patriotic Indian should vote for him.



Ranjit Kr - 12 hours ago

We will attack you daily , dum hai toh rok lo ....



Adamroy - 12 hours ago

Dont be fooled by p0rkistan..they know its election time..all over India will be busy..so they might be planning something big or attack India with surprise...SO BE CAREFUL INDIAN AGENTS.



Wisemarko - 11 hours ago

Fear of Modi is the only credible evidence I see here. Great job by India, now any terrorist atrack will have consequences.



Shiv - Mumbai - 12 hours ago

yes India will attack if pakis continue to make terrorists attacks in India.



Vishal - 12 hours ago

keep them on war mode forever



Pargat Singh - 12 hours ago

Looks like PAK is getting nightmares of another attack by india.



Redskull - 11 hours ago

This might be pak plan itself. Attack on India during April 16-20



jai rawat - 10 hours ago

Stupid Pakistan will never learn.. if we really wanted to attack them, then we wud hv attacked them a long time ago. We don''t want war, it seems Pakistani army really want war



Sridhar - 11 hours ago

It's a cover for some mischief being planned by Pakistan terrorists.



Arun - 11 hours ago

be rest assured, that Our Brave Army Never Bombards our Neighbors.

Once in a while, we just uproot some Trees in the Enemy territory. As has been confirmed by PAK & CONgress.

So, just chill & Relax, Paks.



Vijay kumar - 12 hours ago

Terrorist Pakistan is spreading malicious propaganda and disinformation campaign against India.



Rahul - Location - 11 hours ago

time to raise indian flag in islamabad



Ashish Malakar - 11 hours ago

Crazy Pakistanis, always talking nonsense



Ankit Raj - 11 hours ago

Pakistan Is Going To Disintegrate In Near Future.



Prem - 11 hours ago

These paki cowards will wet their beds if our Navy moves a little...



Devanshu Shakya - 11 hours ago

Pakistan and congress speak the same language. Both believe pulwama was staged by BJP, both deny loss of F 16, both deny any casualty in balakot air strikes, both talk about hindu terror, both worry only about muslums in India, both are scared of Modi, both want modi out of power, both want Rahul in PM chair. It''s up to people to decide, vote carefully.

巴基斯坦和国大党穿一条裤子,都认为普尔瓦马事件是印度人民党策划的,都否认F - 16战机被击落,都否认巴拉科特空袭中有伤亡,都害怕莫迪并且想让莫迪下台,都想让拉胡尔担任总理。但这些是由印度人民来决定的,请大家慎重投票。


Ravi Sarawat - 11 hours ago

It may be possible that they are planning for a bigger terrorist attack on India and to cover up their plan



Saubhik - 11 hours ago

another attack on India likely. security agencies should be on alert.



Ekdesi - USA - 6 hours ago

Nightmares started.



MB GANESAMOORTHY - Coimbatore - 6 hours ago

May be Pakistan is planning for a terrorist attack during that period. We need to be careful



Sunil Sane - USA - 6 hours ago

And such irresponsible person is Pakistani foreign minister?


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