India is one of the highest tang nations in the world: Donald Trump



WASHINGTON: India is one of the highest tang nations in the world, US Presi nt Donald Trump has alleged as he again s mmed the country for imposing 100 per cent tariffs on American products, including the iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

华盛顿: 美国总统唐纳德•特朗普再次抨击印度对包括哈雷-戴维森摩托车在内的美国产品征收100%的关税,称印度是世界上征税最高的国家之一。

Such a high tariff is not fair, Trump said on Tuesday during National Republican Congressional Committee Annual Spring Dinner here.


Early this year, at a White House event to announce his support for reciprocal tax, Trump had said he was satisfied with the Indian decision to reduce the import tariff on Harley-Davidson motorcycles from 100 per cent to 50 per cent. "Even this is not enough, this is okay," he said at that time.


Trump has repeatedly cmed that India is a "tariff king" and imposes "tremendously high" tariffs on American products.


"I got a call from Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi of India. They're one of the highest tang nations in the world. They taxed us 100 per cent," Trump said reiterating his often-heard remarks on Indian tariff structure.


"They charge us 100 per cent tariffs on goods. So they send a motorcycle--and they make a lot of them--Indian cycles. They send them to our country, we charge them nothing. We send a Harley Davidson to India and they charge us 100 per cent. Not fair, okay. Not reciprocal. It's not fair," Trump said.


During his address to the National Republican Congressional Committee Annual Spring Dinner, Trump expned how his trade policies are successfully addressing the bnce of trade issue with other countries.



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narasarao - Hyd - 4 days ago -Follow

Modi will blame Congress.



Anonymous - bangalore - 4 days ago -Follow

We are a develo nation we cannot allow product to flood our market ... If you want to sell in India ... Then make in India



Sudhir - Pune - 5 days ago -Follow

High Tariff has its own side effects.



Vijay Banga - new delhi - 4 days ago -Follow

Even today Modi is making impossible #commitments to people to attract ves but he is being shunned by almost all Indians now



Vijay Banga - new delhi - 4 days ago -Follow

Modi has extended unlimited benefits to handful, while poor and country go to dogs.He cannot think in future as vested interest is #prime for him



Bhaskar Bhattacharya - Raipur - 4 days ago -Follow

Agree to Trump on this .. india is heavily taxed even for its own citizens



Rohit - 4 days ago -Follow

then why you think INDIA as a market. leave INDIAN market then and let Indian companies dominate it.



Godfather Senior - Mumbai - 4 days ago -Follow

Really?! How about your European friends? As of now, comparing to the past, India has the lowest tax rates with minimum classified slabs.

真的吗? !那你的欧洲朋友征税的关税呢?无论过去还是现在。印度的税率都是最低的,种类最少。


Murthy PN - 4 days ago -Follow

Some useless products like harely is fine to have 100%. But some useful products for education like telescopes also having high tax rates which are sad

有些产品没啥用,比如哈雷摩托车, 即使征税100%关税用也无妨。但是一些实用的教育产品,比如望远镜,税率也很高,这就不好了。


Jisha Vadakke Veedu - 4 days ago -Follow

Trump should crown Modi with a colourful headgear and label him Tariff King. Modi likes something on his head. Good of Trump to be honest and direct as Modi is sucking even Indians dry when he is tang petroleum more than 100%. Indians are not getting anything of quality compared to what they are paying. From drinking water to plants are dying. You can see many are coming to the US to get treatment for cancer and they want to die in the US. BJP is not honest it is only for the elites. A minister like Jaitley getting treatment in the US is shameful as AIIMS is already there. BJP leaders have not embodied themselves as Indians and they don''t go thru a life cycle of an Indian.



Manish Jain - 4 days ago -Follow

Modi will blame Nehru



Vijay Banga - new delhi - 4 days ago -Follow

The tariffs are not only tremendously high but ridiculously and scandalously high.How can sy em operate comfortably if most funds ae drained out og commerce



Ex - Bengaluru - 4 days ago -Follow

Dear Mr. Trump.... things will change after May 2019, after this Hindu Go nment is ousted and shown the doors.



Kris - 4 days ago -Follow

well said sir, India is a nightmare to the hard working tax payers without any benefits. especially while BJP in power.



Mandeep Singh - 4 days ago -Follow

This is so true. We have almost everything so expensive. USA have made their economy such that average citizen is not burdened with so many taxes and more so that citizens can enjoy their everyday needs easily. Our go nments in the past and present have failed badly in this.



Annepu Giridhar Rao - chennai - 4 days ago -Follow

IS there no one in the US to make him to understand a cycle is common man vehicles and Harley Davidson Motor cycle can be availed by Luxury people.



Dreet - 4 days ago -Follow

Indian roads would make Harley Davidson cry.



Mokkapati Prabhakara Rao - India - 4 days ago -Follow

Thats why many Indians want Green cards , from US.



Rajeev Lamb - 4 days ago -Follow

We need to charge you extra to enable us to buy your very expensive arms and armaments.



Nitin Dange - 4 days ago -Follow

Yes its always been like that...its your take wether your companies want to take advange of huge market here or leave the country. We have our set tax re gie and you have no role in deciding that. Please stay away or ask your companies who earn heavy profits in our country to quit...we dont require Mcdonalds, KFCs, Amazon, Walmart etc etc.



Vijay Banga - new delhi - 4 days ago -Follow

#DonaldTrump is absolutely correct. He has fears, it is difficult to operate with India unless tariffs come down.Modi promised but never reduced one cent ever



Feku Modi - 4 days ago -Follow

This is the reality...!!

Its Sad Part of our Failed Ruling Go nment...!!!




Aditya - Gurugram - 4 days ago -Follow

Modi is tax king no doubt. He looks Indian public with exorbitant taxes on fuel.



Aditya - Gurugram - 4 days ago -Follow

then why feku was hugging him desperately??



Sumit Bhattacharya - 4 days ago -Follow

And all the profits goes to the pockets of Modi/Rahul/Didi



Dominic - 4 days ago -Follow

Who stopped USA from imposing Tariffs on Indian imported goods.?



Pakisarehomosandsuck - Kalooooo Gandu Pakistan - 4 days ago -Follow

Dont buy too many American wons. They are as fickle as Donald Trump.



Amrit Bindra - Cleveland - 4 days ago -Follow

Mr Trump failed to add that percentage of non tax payers is also the highest in the world!



Dreet - 4 days ago -Follow

We love you Trump.Hahaha



ashis - India - 4 days ago -Follow

Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles are not reciprocal. Why do you expect reciprocal tax? These machines are fuel guzzler.



Deepanshu - 4 days ago -Follow

two cats fight and monkey gets the benfit Mr.Trump



Salman - 4 days ago -Follow

Unless we get trade favours we will impose high tariffs. India is a sovereign country and we know how to deal with this menace.



Nindak - India - 4 days ago -Follow

Duh!! Second Highest population!!



Vikram Marathe - Delhi - 4 days ago -Follow

it is good for india. otherwise No one in india would buy indian made items.


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