India to procure 72,400 assault rifles from US for frontline soldiers


NEW DELHI: India is now all set to ink the contract for 72,400 new assault rifles for its frontline infantry soldiers from the US for around Rs 700 crore under the fast-track procurement (FTP) route.


Defence ministry sources on Saturday said the contract for the 7.62mm rifles with the US firm SiG Sauer should be inked in “a week or so”, while another FTP case for 93,895 close-quarter battle (CQB) carbines from UAE company Caracal is in the pipeline. “Once the contracts are inked, the deliveries will take place within a year,” said an official.

周六国防部消息人士表示,与美国SiG Sauer公司的7.62毫米步枪采购合同在“一周左右”内签署,另外将从阿联酋卡拉卡尔公司采购93895支近距离战斗(CQB)卡宾枪,该FTP合同正在筹备中。一位官表示:“一旦合同签署,将在一年内完成交付。”

The FTP route is only for limited numbers of weapons due to critical operational necessity. The overall requirement of the armed forces, primarily the 13-lakh strong Army, is for 8.16 lakh new 7.62mm caliber assault rifles to replace the existing glitch-prone 5.56mm INSAS (Indian small arms system) rifles. The number for the CQB carbines, in turn, is 4.58 lakh.


The defence ministry had issued the RFPs (request for proposals) for the limited number of assault rifles and carbines, which will equip soldiers deployed along the borders with Pakistan and China, under the FTP route in March last year, as was first reported by TOI.


The defence ministry has said the huge shortfalls in the basic infantry weapons will be met at a later stage with Indian companies (private ones as well as Ordnance Factory Board) tying up with foreign ones to manufacture them under the “Make in India” framework, which could take at least four to five years to actually take off.

国防部曾表示, 随着印度企业(包括私营企业和兵工厂委员会)正与外国企业合作,根据“印度制造”框架生产步兵基础武器,其巨大缺口将得以弥补。实际投产可能需要至少4到5年的时间

The Army, incidentally, had first asked for new assault rifles and CQB carbines for its 382 infantry battalions (each with 850 soldiers) way back in 2005. But the long-drawn procurement projects were repeatedly scrapped due to graft allegations or unrealistic technical parameters as well as the lack of indigenous options for well over a decade.




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prashant kumar - 14 hours ago -Follow

Yesterday I saw HAL job advertisement. 2 for general ,2 for OBC, 1 for SC and 1 for ST. Organization providing jobs( promotions) on the basis of caste will obviously give below average results. Same is the case with OFB and DRDO. Privatize all PSUs



Andy - 14 hours ago -Follow

People are fretting over why HAL is not manufacturing Rafale aircrafts when the reality is that we are unable to design and manufacture a good assault rifle.



Jignesh Pandya - 14 hours ago -Follow

Well India is a country which is capable of making missile but not a assault riffle



Joe - 14 hours ago -Follow


While Congress was increasing their banks balances for the last few decades, the army was defending the border with 40 year old weaponry.




A Joshi - 14 hours ago -Follow

If Indians with education from IIT and NIT could design rifles we could have made them here in India and jobs would be in plenty.



Tanmay Chakrabarti - 14 hours ago -Follow

Good news indeed. NaMo means security and Congress means looting.



Freedom & Progress - 14 hours ago -Follow

Great country that can’t make its own rifles 70 years after independence. Great people and even greater politicians. Indians’ future is bleak with unsustainable population.



Azaad - 14 hours ago -Follow

Demand for rifles arises by Indian Army in 2005 and now they are getting. What UPA and Sonia did in 10 years ? Pappu and Pinki will ruin the nation



Ashuoct K - 13 hours ago -Follow




narasarao - Hyd - 15 hours ago -Follow

Credit goes to Modi!



Vinod - 13 hours ago -Follow

we can't even produce rifles!!!!! DRDA it's a shame. specially last two decades employers of DRDA YOU PEOPLE KEPT COUNTRY DOWN .



Charsi Pappu - 14 hours ago -Follow

DRDO and HAL are the most useless organisations, produced nothing and thousands and thousands of crores have been wasted by them. HAL till date hasn''t been able to make indigenous engine till date while DRDO has failed to manufacture a assault rifle. Thank Congress for the achievement.



Bibhuti Bhusan Nanda - 13 hours ago -Follow

Shame.... Still in 21st century we are not able to design a gun!!!



Pappu - 14 hours ago -Follow

We r going to send humans to space. But unable to manufacture our own rifles. Privatize DRDO, HAL, and ordinance factory. no use of them.



ashish kumar - LOCATION - 15 hours ago -Follow

india is rapidly rising on militry grounds and full credit to modi govt who has given special focus on militry and congress never cared for indias militry. this will surely raise confidence for indian militry, proud of modi govt



Siv Sarkar - 10 hours ago -Follow

What the Scamgress has done in 70 years then ? Everything was left forr Modi only ?



Vijay - 12 hours ago -Follow

Army asked for the rifles way back in 2005 UPA.. finally gets from Modi, yet some foolish voters vote for UPA....



Suben - 12 hours ago -Follow

I do not understand why Indian arms manufacturing companies cannot even produce a single decent assault rifle. Shame on India.



Sushil Seth - Lucknow - 12 hours ago -Follow

Another example of inefficiency Congress rules for 5 decades that our solders on front were not equipped with proper guns resulting in the heavy casualties/loss of lives.



Yahoo - New Delhi - 4 hours ago -Follow

5 more years to Modi and China will never attempt another Do-m. 5 more years to Modi and Pak will never attempt another Kargil. Jai Hind



John - Pune - 13 hours ago -Follow

Modi is enabling enhancing Indian armed forces..This is why I love this govt







super India

Superpower India buys rifles from the US. Very proud to be an Indian. Hail Modi



Hridoy - 14 hours ago -Follow

It is a shame for India that it would buy carbine from UAE firm. All our Govt. ordnance factories are of no use. Similar is the case with HAL. Arms manufacturing business should be left to the Private firm with a restriction that their weapons should not be sold to any private person.


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