Ahead of polls, NDA woos both urban & rural India - middle class, unorganised workers, and farmers


Finance minister Piyush Goyal on Friday served out sops to large sections of the population with a sense of purpose you normally witness at railway station tea stalls. With Lok Sabha elections due to be announced in a few weeks, the urgency was understandable, particularly after the Congress fired an opening salvo with its farm loan waivers in three states and the promise of a minimum income guarantee scheme across the country.



The Modi government responded with a budget that was interim only in name. It had a Rs 6,000 per annum direct income transfer for small and marginal farmers – those with holdings below 2 hectares or about 5 acres – drawing largely from a scheme in Telangana. The tax liability on those with incomes up to Rs 5 lakh was cut to zero.


Prominent among these was the promise of a Rs 3,000 per month pension for those working in the unorganised sector when they reach 60 in return for a monthly contribution of Rs 55 to Rs 100 depending on their age when they join the scheme. Coming after three large medical, life and accident insurance schemes, these represent a conscious approach to leverage Aadhaar and Jan Dhan to widen the social security net.



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Savitha Arun - 6 hours ago -Follow

Modi is the solituon to India developement. All those who critisize Modi need to answer one simple question, name the eligible PM face other than Modi.. Pappu, Mamta, Mayawati, Lallu, Devegowda, Mulayam.. if would be disaster if fellow citizens voge for these oppurtunists, visionless morons.. Modi has grown beyond party. He is no more limited to BJP, he is indias premier and in the list of world leaders. Pls think and vote.



riyersmailbox Iyer - Sydney - 6 hours ago -Follow

Modi first cleaned up the existing rot and then laid a transparent framework of flow of money through gst and demo. Now the system is clean and corrupt will be caught red handed. Hence they had the window to provide more tax relief. I can tell you for sure that most of the western countries including Australia have highest tax rates (30%). Indians are lucky to have such an able and visionary prime minister.



Alex - 6 hours ago -Follow

I know some special interests groups will cry foul as usual, but religion aside, I must say this should be pleasing to the most!!!



Human - 6 hours ago -Follow

My family member''s vote for BJP this time.



Somnath DasGupta - Calcutta, India - 6 hours ago -Follow

A very well thought out budget ! The hiking of tax free bucket to Rs. 5 lacs clearly shows that the govt must be doing good on the indirect taxes front through GST. If more and more businesses are brought under GST net, direct taxes for the lower and middle classes will reduce further and the broad basing of taxation shall happen. Kudos to the outgoing Govt !



Human - 6 hours ago -Follow

All those who hate Modi never says who is going to be the next Prime Minister. Neither they say what leaders like Rahul to Lalu have done so far in terms of development so far in their own constitutions. You can''t ask people not to vote for Modi without having a clear answer of who is going to be next....



MICHEL CRISTO - Kargopar - 2 hours ago -Follow

At least modi gave something after five years but congress nothing for 60 years. Their some of the leaders have grown from rags to multi millionaires and they never bothered middle class. Now we do not need any other leader.



Jd - 3 hours ago -Follow

Modi proved better economist than foreign educated economists like Puppet Singh, Cheatambaram. Let Pappu shout whatever he wishes or got tutored because economics is not his cup of tea.



Bande mataram - 5 hours ago -Follow

Kudos to Modi government. This change in tax bracket was long due.



ONE LINER Challenge - 6 hours ago -Follow




Joe - 5 hours ago -Follow

India needs Modiji more then ever. He will not only develop the country ( with least amount of looting and corruotion), uplift the poorest of the poor, more just and equitable distribution between the average and rich but will change India's image to one of respect and admiration.

For educated and intelligent voters, this should never even have been a contest. Vote for Modiji and BJP for a better, brighter and more prosperous India.




Jai Hind - Chennai - 6 hours ago -Follow

All Indians welcome this well balanced budget.



Dean - traveller - 2 hours ago -Follow

after this budget hope people of India ensures NaMo govt. does not face the same fate of vajpayee's govt, which deserved to win for the second time.



Shekar Natesh - Bangalore - 4 hours ago -Follow

400 Lok Sabha seats assured for the BJP in 2019 general elections. The corrupt congress party should not get more than 20 seats in total. Only then will the Italian bar dancer, her son, daughter, son in law will be thrown out of the party and the country by the stooges of the congress



Laxman - 1 hour ago -Follow

really good budget!!NDA should get 400 seats this election for our country to become a powerful country!!



Hariharan TS - Thiruvananthapuram - 4 hours ago -Follow

Instead of finding fault with Modijii, the opposition should use their think tank to support the cause of national development of NDA, which will be seen a proactive opposition and will have a space in the electorate .



Thinker - India - 2 hours ago -Follow

Great job, Mr Modi! An awesome budget. Very balanced.



Mohan K - Hyderabad - 3 hours ago -Follow

For opposition every budget is a mockery for them but for middle class and common man and rural people, this budged addressed their woes.



Sainath Kalpathy - Vijayawada - 1 hour ago -Follow

THis BUDGET is a brilliant BUDGET thats balanced and yet very POLITICALLY motivated and seeks VOTES rather than answer REASON !



Murthy Krishna - 2 hours ago -Follow

This people''s welfare budget cemented the huge win for Modi .....Now 2019 election is going to be a cake walk for Modi and his team.......


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