太空外交: 印度将为5个邻国建立地面卫星接收站

Space diplomacy: India to set up ground stations for 5 neighbours

太空外交: 印度将为5个邻国建立地面卫星接收站

BENGALURU: As part of New Delhi’s space diplomacy, a tool the foreign ministry has been trying to wield as part of its neighbourhood-first policy to counter China’s influence in the region, India will set up five large ground stations and more than 500 small terminals in five neighbouring countries – Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


Apart from boosting regional cooperation, the move to set up tracking and receiving centres will also help put in place strategic Indian assets on their soil. These stations and terminals will help put in place applications ranging from television broadcasting to telephony and internet, disaster management and tele-medicine. Isro meanwhile can use these ground stations to communicate with its own satellites.


Sources said the first of the five ground stations, coming up in Bhutan’s capital Thimphu, will be ready for commissioning on January 9, and may be inaugurated as early as January 15. “We have an Indian firm, Alpha Design Technologies, implementing the project, which will also see 100 VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminals) connected to the ground station, taking for the first time TV broadcasting to many remote areas in Bhutan,” the source said.


A similar project in Afghanistan is set to come up later.


The infrastructure is being created as an extension of the South Asia Satellite launched on May 5, 2017. “The MEA and Isro are very serious about this mission, and Isro is committed to provide all support,” said Isro chairman Sivan K. “We will even send out our people to help the countries utilise our satellite service. We hosted representatives from all these countries on December 12 in New Delhi to chart out future plans.”

该基础设施是2017年5月5日发射的南亚卫星的延伸计划。ISRO主席Sivan K.表示:“印度外交部和印度空间研究组织对这项任务非常认真。印度空间研究组织承诺全力支持,我们将派遣人员协助这些国家使用我们的卫星服务。12月12日,我们在新德里接待了这些国家的代表,制定未来的计划。”



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Rohit - 4 days ago -Follow

This is very good, we can counter China influences with soft power and addressing their day to day problems. Appreciation to isro and modi also.



Nice - 4 days ago -Follow

Great Diplomacy and sharing development with Neighbours. No one can be happy if neighbours are not. Great job Modi.. Hope god gives him a second term and energy to serve the country



Bm - Australia - 3 days ago -Follow

Under Congress rule, ISRO and DRDO will be handing over money to family for their Italian bank accounts. One can see that Italian are seething with anger that why 8.05 billion dollars are gone to France to buy Rafale and nothing went to Italian account, so, they want to scuttle the deal a "re-write", just like Bofors..



Sainath Kalpathy - Vijayawada - 4 days ago -Follow

This is a BRILLIANT work of MODI govt ! Kudos for this DIPLOMATIC brilliance ! THis was TRUELY INNOVATIVE !



J Rey - 3 days ago -Follow

There we have ... this man MODI is working tirelessly to raise India''s standing on the globe ..

.. And here we have a Pappu ... whose achievements for the people is Zero ... and yet who opens his mouth .. only to abuse Indian institutions .. and the shameless person even takes salary for it !!!



Harshad B Chauhan - 3 days ago -Follow

This is why people love Modi for his vision.



Jai Bharat - 4 days ago -Follow

This is very good move. This will help india to prove supremacy in the region.



rajan Sekar - 3 days ago -Follow

A leader like Modi thinks for future of India and pappu thinks for tomorrow



Aniken_007 - 4 days ago -Follow

Setup a South Asian Combined Naval, Air and Space Command with these countries..!



Pradeep - 4 days ago -Follow

A proud moment in space technology development and diplomacy by India. The neighbouring countries will be benefited, as well as the host nation.



Ramanujam Thatta - 3 days ago -Follow

A very bold initiative by the Modi Government like many other steps this Government has taken. Mr Modi is a visionary and a hard working PM. He should get a second term and even a third term. India would be on a firm path of Development by that time.


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