43 killed as massive blaze sweeps through four-storey building in north Delhi



NEW DELHI: In one of the worst fire accidents in the city, 43 people were killed after a massive blaze ripped through a four-storey building housing illegal manufacturing units in north Delhi's Anaj Mandi area on Sunday morning, police and fire officials said.


Most of the people working in the units were fast asleep when the fire broke out in the second floor of the building in the early hours and 30 fire tenders were pressed into service, fire officials said. A preliminary probe suggested that short circuit triggered the blaze, they said.


Nearly 150 fire personnel carried out the rescue operation and pulled out 63 people from the building. While 43 labourers died, many others were injured including two fire personnel, fire officials said. They said none of the units had a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the fire department and the congested area made rescue operations difficult. Firemen had to cut window grills to access the building.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an ex-gratia of Rs 2 lakh each for the next of kin of those who lost their lives in the fire. The prime minister also approved Rs 50,000 each for those seriously injured in the fire, his office said. The amount will be paid from the Prime Minister National Relief Fund, the PMO said in a tweet.


The Delhi government ordered a probe into the incident and sought a detailed report within seven days. An ex-gratia of Rs 10 lakh each has been announced for the next of kin of those killed and Rs 1 lakh for those injured. North Delhi Mayor Avtar Singh said he has asked the municipal commissioner to form a team which will visit the site and probe the cause of fire. Police said they have registered a case against the property owner. Chaotic scenes were witnessed at the site of the fire accident which was clogged with bystanders and politicians arriving in convoys.



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Satya • 2 hours ago

Why can't the ₹10 lacs be paid from the salary of local Councillor,local MLA,local MP & Fire Department senior officials?........why should the tax payers pay for the apathy of administration????



Suresh Kamath • 2 hours ago

hope these OFFICIALS in Authority be SACKED en mass for such dereliction of DUTY and all such Compensation be recovered from their .



Rohit K • 1 hour ago

They always talk of increasing taxes why dont they cut parliament canteen subsidies salaries of Ministers MPs MLAs MLCs.


Rohit K • 1 hour ago

canteen subsidy already gone



Raghu • 3 hours ago

not educated even after several such incidents.



Sunil • 3 hours ago

Population is the root cause of this type of crisis.



Sudhakar • 2 hours ago

Catch hold of factories inspector and health inspector first.



Parthasarathy TN • Chennai, India • 1 hour ago

Respect for the departed souls and condolences to the families.



sanjeeb kumar• 2 hours ago

Why we ourselves are not responsible for this situation.. Why politicians are responsible for this.



Dheer Raju• 3 hours ago

Very sad and emotional precautions are important.



Nanksn • Planet earth • 1 hour ago

Usual story will be told..No valid licence, no clearance from Fire dept..etc..like in BMC.. This has become as common as rape..



Krishna • 2 hours ago

Modi. Bjp are the culprits.



Asok Datta • 2 hours ago

Another glaring example of gross administrative apathy and massive corruption - but they will pin this on some innocent scapegoat



Satish • 2 hours ago

Sad accident. All offer money to gain popularity. In fact money never reaches to victims.



Vijay Naidu • Location • 2 hours ago

Many old shop areas in Delhi area are prone for fire hazards. Examples: underground shop centre near connaught circle; the huge electrcal shop area (near Chandini Chowk?)where the fire trucks can’t access the buildings because the streets were narrow and the people cant get out of the buildings in case of fire



Murari Das • 2 hours ago

It is said that the cost of life of a human being in India is only 2 lakh which is 3000 dollars. India is run by idiots and old people.


Aishvaraya Gupta• 2 hours ago

humans are abundant in India..that's why there is no value of human life here.. population control is the need of hour.. Indian geography cannot sustain a population above 50 crores



Nilendu Sarkar • Durgapur • 2 hours ago

everything is just got destroying by the politics and the politicians who just wanted to make money and that's why I didn't care about any people.


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