Bengaluru: Auto driver braves rain, travels 12km to return iPhone to passenger



BENGALURU: On October 18, an autorickshaw driver in the city went out of his way to return the phone of a passenger who forgot it in his vehicle.


Around 9.30pm on Friday, Aprajita Gaurav, 23, hailed an auto from Indiranagar - where she had a with colleagues - to reach her MG Road office. Aprajita, who works at an IT firm, had forgotten her iPhone 7 Plus in the auto. "The very thought it made me sad as it was a gift from my mother," Aprajita told TOI .

星期五晚上9点30分左右,23岁的阿普拉吉塔·高拉夫和同事聚会结束后,从英迪拉纳加尔打了一辆三轮车回到她在MG路的办公室。在一家IT公司工作的阿普拉吉塔把她的iPhone 7 Plus忘在了车上。阿普拉吉塔对《印度时报》说:“落了手机让我很难过,因为这是我妈妈送我的礼物。”

"I tried calling my number from the office reception but the calls went unanswered. Later, I took the office cab and reached my home in Sanjaynagar," she said.


However, a pleasant surprise awaited her. Auto driver Wajid Pasha, 45, who had driven till Commercial Street after drop Aprajita, found the phone in the back seat. "It had started raining heavily and I was trying to cover the seats. It was then that I found the phone. But it was switched off. I immediately drove back to MG Road in a friend's auto as rainwater had entered the engine of my vehicle," he added.


It was around 11pm when Wajid reached Aprajita's office. When the secu rity guard informed him that the employee had already left, Wajid decided to meet her and hand over the phone personally.


Both Aprajita and her father Kumar Birendra Tiwari were elated to receive Wajid, who arrived with the iPhone. "The in dent has restored my fa th in humanity. I take auto rides frequently. In fact, this is the second time I had left my phone after the ride. I wan't lucky during the first time," said Aprajita.


Tiwari said, "The resale value of the phone is around Rs 35,000. I really appreciate honest people like Wajid who travelled at least 12km to return my daughter's phone, that too at 11.30pm braving the rain. It is rare to find such honest people."



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Kinnu BLR3 hours ago

Very rare species among Bangalore auto drivers. He needs to be really appreciated for his honesty. Hope people stop blaming a community. There are good people every where around you



Anand KumarBengaluru3 hours ago

Whatever the DOUBTERS may say about this act of the Auto Driver,it was indeed A NOBLE and COURAGEOUS ACT.



Guest4 hours ago

he reached her home? who provided the address? isn't that security risk in general. Btw I am not saying he is bad or anything like that. what he did is awesome.






Jayakumar Pil1 hours ago

Hats off to the honest driver; he is indeed an exception among the greedy, arrogant auto drivers in Bangalore..



Speaking honestly3 hours ago

Why do women carry their phones in their hands? Why don''t they tuck it in their handbags after use? I have seen most women actually holding their phones all the time.





Navratan AgrawalJaipur50 minutes ago

The Auto Driver is among 10 Percent of Good Drivers ,the Owner should have to pay at least 24 KM running cost to help a low income person.



R Murti Paluri1 hours ago

Honest people deserve appreciation, even if it is, 1 in 10,000 instances.



Noor Muhammad1 hours ago

Heartwarming to see glimpses of honesty and upness in this materialistic world.


Viji Cheri2 hours ago




John VergheseMumbai17 minutes ago

Good. Very rare to find such people in the present world. I hope the lady must have given him some cash reward or a lunch or a dinner , God bless the driver and his family



ausa usaaDelhi26 minutes ago

Make him next finance minister



HappyTimes User1 hours ago

Hats off to the auto driver



A Singh1 hours ago

The state Gts should have special category awards to recognize such kindness and honesty.



Mansoor1 hours ago

Great to hear such honest Auto drivers est



Amit Agrawal1 hours ago




KettapaiyanDUBAI4 hours ago

7 plus, new phone is around 28000/-, for this phone just 14, 000 to 18000/- is the resale value. However his act has to be appreciated

全新iphone 7 Plus的价格约为28000卢比,而这部旧手机的二手价格仅为14000至18000卢比。司机这样做,值得赞赏


AakashUnited We Stand2 minutes ago

Though appreciation is the best...but she must have rewarded him with at least 20% of the Iphone's price..Money matters to poor people..



Edwin28 minutes ago

Same thing happened with me but I was not as lucky as this woman when I forgot the mobile in the rickshaw my mi max 2 I lost forever even though I compnt in police but no use not all rickshaw driver is honest only few bas



Laxmi Pandit33 minutes ago

How did the woman forget the phone a second time? That shows she is careless. The driver returned the phone as he knows that it can be easily tracked by the police using the IMEI number.




Matt 57 minutes ago

A honest person like him is rare to find in today''s fact paced greedy world.



Rajendra Jasathy1 hours ago

Very nice



DavidMumbai1 hours ago

We need more people like pasta



Indian5 hours ago

lost phone in auto once and careless enough to lose in auto the second time as well. you can't be lucky everytime.

it just takes a moment to look back at the seat while getting down from an auto to ensure that you are not leaving anything behind.




Kumar5 hours ago

Because iPhone is so complicated and he decided to return...

if it was Nokia, he would have kept it..



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