Why doesn't India fear any country?



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Why doesn't India fear any country?



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India is in a unique position in the world. This position grants them a certain level of 'shielding,' for lack of a better term, and allows them to operate with relative fre m from fear compared to countries less fortunate.


1.India is rapidly approaching the position of the number one most heavily populated nation on earth, and indeed in all of history! This means that any action taken for or ag inst them is taken for or ag inst a significant portion of humanity on earth. This affords India a great deal of prection. Nations must carefully weigh their actions when dealing with 1.4 billion people, (some 1/6th of humanity) vs dealing with a nation of 1.4 million.

2.India commands the world's 6th largest economy. This is another layer of prection as nations must ponder their moves when a multi-trillion dollar economy is the one they are dealing with.

3.India is the 7th largest nation by land area and occupies a commanding position between East and West, and between the vast Pacific and Indian Oceans. This gives India the status of a giant and an important one at that! Giants simply cannot be played around with!

4.India is a nuclear-armed, space capable power with the largest all-volunteer professional armed forces in the world. They are widely regarded as having the 4th greatest con tration of power, behind only the US, Russia, and . A nation with this level of power is unlikely to worry much about the other 99% of states. Only a superpower level threat or a credible nuclear-armed opponent will elicit concern from India.





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India is an ancient civilization. They have thrived on the subcontinent for thousands of years and are people experienced in statecraft, diplomacy, and power po itics. Such a nation, filled with talented people and massive resources, are extremely hard to threaten or take by strategic surprise.

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1.India is almost unique in having excellent or at least correct and cordial relations with every power of ne in the world. Such good relations are rather rare among great power nations.

2.India is home to thousands of ethnicities, sub-cultures, groups, and dialects that provide an eco-sy em of talents. Also, major re gions have a significant amount of followers here.

For these reasons, India is largely free to con trate on domestic concerns, trade, and other matters of concern to it without being consumed by 'fear' of some adversary.

Of course, India is a prudent nation and invests in powerful defence forces backed up by a skilled diplomatic corps. They thus help ensure peace as most nations are very wary about warmongering when their likely opponent is one of the most powerful states on the planet.

So in general, India has good reason to proceed as a benign and peaceful nation, exporting talent, goods, and services, and its unique culture, and building bridges to many nations.







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Great question and one that needs a sensible, deep answer.

India does not fear any nation on earth. And the reasons are aplenty.

Geographically, the entire sub-continent is prected by the Himyan range on the Northern frontiers and by oceans on the other 3 sides. These are formidable barriers to overcome when ground warfare becomes necessary. Economically, India has risen from the ashes to become one of the worlds most feared and watched economic powers. Yesterday they were bullock carts and rickshaws. Today there are vast industrial belts churning out late model cars and aeroplanes and whatnot. The power of consistent manufacturing has vastly improved the livelihood of 800 million people! Wow. Thats an effort, measurable by any economic standard. A one billion workforce is a powerhouse.





Intellectually, India holds the brains of these one billion people working for a livelihood. Add to that a rapidly rising literacy rate with some States reaching 96%. How did that come about? Through sheer effort. Through cultural and po itical policy and the desire to be free and Independent. Thousands go overseas to feedback into the economy and automatically raise the standard of living of everyone. Foreign and intellectual capital is at the ready. Which other nation has such a pent intellectual and economic turbocharged ability?

Space and the Universe, long before any other nation even looked at the stars Indians were already peering into far off space. Aircraft were mentally designed thousands of years ago, astronomers were at work, the study of the cosmos was recorded and more recently India has become the 4th nation joining the space race and succeeding. Once an Indian sets foot on the moon the next stop will be Mars before all the others. Watch this space.



Once upon a time, the great country spread its peaceful message all across the world through its re gion and peaceful practice. Buddhism was exported and retained in most other countries. Hinduism is a growing practice and yoga is everywhere. Bollywood and Hollywood are almost synonymous. On a quiet night, you can hear the thump of the Bhangra drums and the crisp tones of Carnatic music somewhere or other.

Fear is created and practised. There are no Hitlers or Stalins in India. There are wise men and exuberant women all doing their bit to keep the country ticking. There is no fear in being India.

Go forward. Cm your place in the world without fear. Let others feel their own fear.





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Paul Rainn has provided an excellent answer.

I will hope to complement that from another perspective here.

You’ve seen the elephants in Africa and Asia.

The lion and the tiger are considered kings of the jungles they roam in. Apex predators and what not.

The elephants are not bothered much by either of them.

There are mischievous monkeys, poisonous snakes, scheming foxes, poisonous bugs, d-back sloths, hyenas that operate in gangs, and various creatures that infest these forests, each with its own concern, each with their own fears, usually of survival, or having to kill in order to be able to eat. It’s tough.

Why do none of them screw with the elephants?

For most part, elephants mind their own business, and the well being of the herd. They stick together, apart from the occasional rogue single elephant. They are not a threat to anybody, since they’re vegetarian, and of course they can eat down a forest or run out of food, but that kind of drought and problem is not theirs alone. Even in such situations, they will be the first ones to find a solution for themselves - they are smart and resourceful, and seem to be able to hand down knowledge and wisdom like most other animals may not be able to. But beyond all that, is their immense strength. An animal that can break a full grown tree by scratching its butt ag inst it is not to be challenged.

Paul Rainn给出了一个很好的答案。








No matter how brave or belligerent other creatures feel, none of them will want to rub an elephant the wrong way. Even if you mess with a kid elephant, you are asking for trouble, big trouble.

Elephants may appear gentle and soft. They are. But they can also make great speed when they run. They cover great distances quietly and gracefully and their reach and territory are bigger than most other creatures can cm. But they do not strike fear or panic into lesser animals around them.

They will not even trample over slee animals. Their kids are also largely very gentle even when they are curious. The reason is simple. They know who they are and how big they are, and are very confident about their place in the world. They do not need to show their power, hard power or soft power. They are absolutely cool.

India is that gentle, cool giant in the mix that has the experience, the wisdom, the knowledge and the fortitude to just stand there and keep watch over everything that is going on. This is not the beast you want to upset. There will be consequences. But there is no threat from it. And that is because it does not fear anything, because there is nothing it cannot handle.






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Why should we?

India is a geopo itical behemoth and cannot be bullied upon. There are multiple reasons for it, some of them are:

1.India is Absolutely Huge in every respect: With a population of 1.3 billion people India is one of the biggest Countries in the world according to population and no country can match it in terms of manpower except for . With a standing army of about a million men and many millions in reserve it is highly unlikely that we would run out of men before our invaders.





2.It is impossible to invade India: The only region from which you can invade us is from the north west which is a fertile pn, apart from that in the west India is covered by huge desert area which are long open areas with nowhere to hide, in the east it is just rugged mountainous terrain covered in thick forest it is so reme that when an Indian Air Force plane crashed in the area it took the Indian forces days just to track the wreckage and even after the wreckage was spotted it took days to retrieve the bodies, in the north we are prected by the mighty Himalyas, a territory so reme that even Indian Authorities haven’t been able to map the entire region, it is near impossible for an army to climb across and the general elevation of the area is 3500–4000 m at these heights fighter jets and transport aircrafts start feeling uneasy, good luck facing the IAF there, In the south we are surrounded by the ocean on three sides and you have to get through our navy first and even if you make landfall all the best getting your army through the western or eastern ghats.If you get through everything and take control of the nation prepare for insurgencies across the country by highly trained and patriotic mercenaries. 

3.Nuclear Threat: India has a credible nuclear deterrence with a complete nuclear triad so it only has a threat from superpowers for an all out war and if we face annihilation the nuclear time bombs we set in the deep seas(Read:SSBNs) goes off and we take the world down with us. 

4.Diplomatic Hurdles: India has been able to maintain cordial relations with almost every country in fact it is the only country in the world that maintains good relations with both the US and Russia, it would be very hard to convince the International Community for an invasion on India.

As you see that we do not have any reason to fear anyone. We do not meddle in anyone else’s affairs and expect people to be the same towards us and if someone tries to be cocky these guys are there for them. 

2.入侵印度是不可能的:唯一能入侵我们的地区是西北地区,那里是一片肥沃的平原,除此之外,印度西部被大片的沙漠覆盖,无处藏身;东部只有崎岖不平的山地,覆盖着茂密的森林,非常偏远,当一架印度空军飞机坠毁在该地区后,印度军队花了几天时间才跟踪到残骸;北面有强大的喜马拉雅保护,连印度当局都没能覆盖整个地区,对军队来说几乎是不可能跨越的。这个地区的一般海拔高度是3500 - 4000,对战斗机和运输飞机而言都很困难。南三面被海洋包围,你必须先通过我们的海军的拦截。如果你闯过了这一切,控制了这个国家,准备好接受训练有素的爱国雇佣兵在全国发动叛乱吧。






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India doesn't fear anybody because, India has 1.4 million active military personnel, 2.1 million reserved personnel, 1.3 million paramilitary personnel.

India has Agni-V missile which can hit the target upto 8000 km and 130–140 nuclear wons.

India has almost all powerful wons, ships and aircrafts.

India has good International relations and obviously it is a peace loving country.

India is one of the super power and its economy is increasing drastically.

India is producer of many great personalities and talented scientists. And many more.

If You have all the things why to fear ?

N.B: Your neighbours are always jealous of your own progress. Remember, If they are jealous of your progress, you are progressing in direction. And I think India is marching in direction.










Subhranshu Kumar, History Lover at India (2010-present)

India is the 7th largest country by area and second largest by population.

Why we don’t fear any country? It’s an interesting question. Let’s have a look.



1.India is 5th Largest Economy by nominal GDP[1] and 3rd largest by PPP.[2]growing at a profound growth rate of ~7%.

2.As we know that Economy = Empire, no country wants to disrupt their empire as war with India will disrupt their economy.

3.As we know that every sixth person in the world is Indian and they are contributing their best to the economies of the world. Who wants to burn their currency by wedging a war ag inst India.

4.Geographically India is very big. Even after initial set back India can attack ferociously and can do enough dge to any aggressor.(Remember 1971 war).

5.Indian army is one of the largest and bravest in the world. India being 4th largest in defence expenditure has enough wons in its backyard to disrupt any country in the world.

6.India has the largest workforce in the world, also it’s middle class is largest and creates huge demand for different world economies. So no one wants to go into depression like 1929 and 2008 by attacking India.

7.Indian culture is very strong and intact, and is growing stronger since 10,000 years. Its very difficult to uproot India and it’s culture. Whoever tried have failed.








We Indians believe in peace and harmony. Even our culture support space for all re gion and culture.

We are the land of Buddha and Nanak on one hand and Krishna, R and Shivaji on the other.

Jai Hind





Achal Gautam, lives in India

India is not the most powerful country in the world and India is ranked number 4 in latest Global Firepower ranking (which means that US, Russia and are more powerful country in the world).

But India doesn’t fear any country because India has been the most peace loving country / civilization in the world. India has never attacked a relatively weaker Pakistan with which with India has a long issue in Kashmir. On the other hand Pakistan has attacked India four times. India also has more than 3000 km of unresolved boundary with but still not a single bullet has been fired on Sino-Indo border in last 30 years. has been pressing hard on Indian border (like Do-m, Chunar border standoff in recent years) but still Indian leadership has refrained from making anti- statements. India doesn’t believe that war is the solution of any problem.

But still India is a big power on its own. Indian economy is thired largest economy on PPP basis and India has one of the biggest market in the world. India has more than 1.4 billion people and this is India's biggest strength. No country can ever think to attack and conquer India. India is basically unconquerable. India security has two pillars - its strong military deterrent and its diplomacy. India maintains good relations will many world blocks - America, Russia , EU, Israel, Arab World, South East Asia, Japan, Australia etc. India also has a working relationship with (its biggest trade partner). Only Pakistan and Turkey (to some extent) are only hostile ag inst India. may also not be willing to attack India and India has enough firepower to deal with Pakistan




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