印媒: 马尔代夫再次打击印度,与巴基斯坦签署电力协议

Maldives jabs India again, signs power deal with Pakistan



Maldives continues to pose fresh security challenges for India

After the helicopter and work permit snub, Male has now signed a capacity-building agreement in the power sector with Pakistan




NEW DELHI: Now locked in a bitter po itical stand-off with India, Maldives continues to pose fresh security challenges for India almost on a monthly basis. After the helicopter + and work permit snub, Male has now signed a capacity-building agreement in the power sector with Pakistan.

新德里: 目前马尔代夫与印度陷入了激烈的对峙,几乎每个月都会给印度造成新的安全挑战。在“直升机”和“工作签证”风波后,马尔代夫现在又与巴基斯坦签署了一项电力部门的能力建设协议。

Offi als of the Maldives state ricity company, Stelco, visited Pakistan last week + and signed an MoU for cooperation in "institution-building" activities. The timing of the MoU is significant for India as it comes when Male has stopped issuing work permits to Indians delaying work on projects being handled by India like the construction of a police academy.



Indian offi als here are struggling to figure out what Male wants from Pakistan when Stelco's all major projects are already being handled by companies.


"Given its precarious financial situation, Pakistan cannot do much to help Maldives. But Presi nt Yameen is trying his best to reduce Indian footprint and bring in elements hostile to India to undermine Indian influence in Maldives," said an Indian offi al.


One reason why Maldives has dragged its feet on India's proposal for deploying a Dornier surveillance aircraft on its territory is said to be its consideration of an offer of a similar aircraft from Pakistan.


While Male has again reminded India that the deadline for removing its naval choppers has expired, it has remained evasive on accepting India's Dornier aircraft offered in 2016 + . "The talk about Dornier seems to have all along been a deceptive tactic of Male meant to soften its decision to get rid of Indian helicopters. Yameen actually doesn't want any Indian footprint in Maldives," said an offi al here.


Indian offi als said Male probably doesn't realise that acquiring an aircraft is not enough as operation of such assets require considerable technical manpower and support infrastructure. "Who will pay for the deployment of the maintenance staff and aircraft servicing? Maldives until now has got everything on a platter from India," said a source.

印度表示,马累方面可能没有意识到,光买直升机是不够的,因为直升机的运营需要大量的技术人才和配套基础设施。 “谁将支付部署维修人员和直升机的费用? 直到现在,马尔代夫的一切都来自印度。”一位消息人士称。

Indian authorities believe that the presence of Pakistani offi als will see development of covert intelligence modules which will target India. The fear is that this might complicate the security situation in Maldives which is struggling to check radicalisation.



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Haha beggars! India should stop sending aid like food , water , ships during cmities. Let them get help from beggars



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why is modj wasting our tax money on backstabber like Maldives it's time to show them their actual place totally stop all charity to Maldives and let them enjoy and Pakistan help



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Pakistan cannot handle their own country.... cannot built their own power sector... hel Maldives....haa.. joke



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Ignore them..Pakis are never a threat for India..they cannot do any work



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