Assad absorbed another blow


The airstrikes sent an unambiguous message to Assad, and it was not clear that it would change his thinking. He remained firmly in power thanks to the support of Russia and Iran.


Assad has essentially been under siege since the Syrian civil war began more than seven years ago. In that time, he has dealt with the war, airstrikes, sanctions, Is mic State militants, a variety of rebel groups and a crumbling economy.


As Syrian state media reported that many of the missiles had been intercepted, the Syrian presidency’s Twitter account posted a video that appeared to show Assad showing up for just another day at the office.


The events depicted could not be independently verified.

Capitol Hill remained divided


The reaction in Washington was divided along lines, with the strikes bringing praise from Republicans and criticism from Democrats.


“The Butcher of Dscus learned two lessons tonight the hard way,” Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said in a statement. “Wons of mass destruction won’t create a military advantage once the United States is done with you and Russia cannot prect its clients from the United States.”


Sen.Tim Kaine, D-Va., compned that Trump had not sought permission from Congress. Proceeding with the strikes, he said, was “illegal and — absent a broader strategy — it’s reckless.”

Russia responded with angry rhetoric, so far


Russia called for an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council, and offered some harsh warnings before the attack. But the speed and the tone of the Russian reaction on Saturday, stressing that the attack had not resulted in a direct confrontation and was rather limited, suggested almost relief on the part of the Kremlin.


According to Russian state news media, Presi nt Vladimir Putin condemned the missile strikes as an “act of aggression ag inst a sovereign state” and ag inst the United Nations Charter.


Gen. Valery V. Gerasimov, the chief of staff for the armed forces, had warned that Russia would “take retaliatory measures,” but he included an important caveat: Russia would attack missiles and the platforms from which they were launched only in the event that Russian military personnel were placed in danger.

武装部队总参谋长Valery V. Gerasimov将军曾警告称,俄罗斯将“采取报复措施”,但他也提出了一个重要附加说明:只有在俄罗斯军事人员处于危险之中时,俄罗斯才会攻击导弹及其发射平台。

In another sign of the lack of urgency, the Federation Council, the upper house of the Russian Parliament, stated that it would discuss the airstrikes “next week.”


British PM Theresa May avoided a conflict at home


May has said she believed there was a need to send a strong message about the use of chemical wons, but she also had compelling diplomatic and po itical reasons to support the United States — and to carry out the strikes as soon as possible.


One imperative was the desire to reciprocate the support London has received from the United States in the dispute with Russia over the poisoning of a former spy, Sergei V. Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia S. Skripal, on British soil.


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