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SYDNEY: Some backpacking travellers to Australia are being coerced to perform sexual acts for employers who must sign documents allowing them to extend their visas.

悉尼:一些去澳大利亚的揹包客被迫与雇主发生性行为 – 这些雇主必须在文件上签名以允许她们延长签证。

Queensland’s official anti-discrimination commissioner Kevin Cocks said on Friday that mainly farm employers were making the demands on fruit and vegetable picking tourists who often live on their farms, reported Xinhua news agency.


Backpackers who come to Australia on a one-year working holiday visa are required to undertake at least three months of work in regional or rural Australia to qualify for a second year.


But Cocks told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that some employers are withholding signing off on visa applications in order to manipulate travellers for sexual gratification.


“Young women are asked for sexual favours to get their visa signed off,” he said.

“他们要求在性方面占年轻女子的便宜,以此获得给她们的签证签字,” 他说。

“We’ve had a number of direct or indirect issues raised with us by the community members, police and other government agencies. At least a dozen over the past 18 months, and that is just in the area that we’ve worked in (the Lockyer Valley in southeast Queensland).”


“What’s been indirectly reported to us is more serious criminal sexual exploitation,” he added.

“间接向我们报告的,是更为严重的犯罪性剝削,” 他补充说。



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Vijayant•26928•Influencer Wordsmith Networker •India•1 day ago
Australians are all descendents of criminals as the whole continent was a huge prison where the British would send criminals to be jailed…and those criminals made a country out of a jail house…lol

澳洲人全是罪犯后代,整个大陆就是个巨大的监獄,英国人以前把要监禁的犯人送去那里…那些囚犯把监獄建成了一个国家 …哈哈


Sidhartha Gautama•27•Member • Vijayant •23 hours ago
I lived in Sydney for about a year… The place is a hell hole, because of the ridiculous cost of living and lack of jobs….. I wonder on what basis is Australia ranked the best place to live in , can you clarify ?



Sand Piper•16726•Influencer Wordsmith Networker • Vijayant •Brahmand•1 day ago
The demography of THIS country has since changed so drastically that the Original set of people (and their off-springs) are in the minority. To paint the whole country with ONE BRUSH is rather bad in attitude and thoughts. Get Real, my dear. Sweeping allegations are NOT good for YOUR health and mind. Take a chill pill.



Andrew Lachman•1642•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Sand Piper•usa•21 hours ago
totally agreed



Sandeep Mukherjee•552•Member • Andrew Lachman•Calcutta, India•8 hours ago
You are on the dot. I dont remember hearing that anyone was forced to go out there as a back packer. If you dont like it dont go there. It is simple. Before long it will become like a “multicultural” haven where any chick landing up would claim enormous damages coz her visa paper wasn’t signed !



vibhek aren•4969•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Sand Piper•Unknown•8 hours ago
thank God i dont live in Australia otherwise your suggestion to take a chill pill would in reality be more like a command. The descendants who now swarm Australia had criminals for forefathers ; thus the current stock very much carries the same DNA. Obviously you dont like it but facts though bitter remain fact.



Sand Piper•16726•Influencer Wordsmith Networker • vibhek aren•Brahmand•6 hours ago
My dear, prejudice can be harmful. One needs to just open their eyes and ears to the CURRENT reality rather than carrying on with the myopic views of the days gone by. Simply put yourself in THEIR shoes and what would they say of YOU & ME – people of the land of fakirs & snake charmers! Criminals abound everywhere and no country is immune to this factor, only methods change with the situation present.

这位,偏见是会伤人的。一个人需要对现实睁大耳目,而不是怀着过去的短视目光。简单来说,让你站在他们的立㘯,他们会怎么说你、我 – 托钵僧、玩蛇人!哪里都充斥着罪犯,没哪个国家能幸免于此,只能随着现状改变方法。

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