Kerala woman rapes 9-year-old boy, booked


MALAPPURAM: Thenhippalam police have registered a case against a 36-year-old woman for allegedly ra a nine-year-old boy.

马拉普兰: 希帕拉姆警方已经立案起诉一名36岁的印度妇女,据称她强奸了一名9岁的印度男孩。

According to police, the incident came to light last week after the boy revealed it to a doctor of a local clinic. The doctor alerted Childline authorities, who recorded the statement of the boy and forwarded a complaint to the police.



Police have invoked Sections 5 and 6 of Prevention of Children from Sexual Offence (Pocso) Act that deal with aggravated penetrative sexual assault.


According to Childline, the boy was subjected to sexual abuse for more than a year. “We have confirmed that the boy was sexually misused by the woman for several months, and it has affected his mental health. The accused is the boy’s uncle’s wife and she lives near his house,” said Childline (Malappuram) coordinator Anwar Karakkadan.

儿童热线报道,这个男孩遭受了一年多的性虐待。儿童热线马拉普兰协调员Anwar Karakkadan称:“我们已经证实,这名男孩被这名女子性侵了几个月,这影响了他的心理健康。被告是男孩叔叔的妻子,她住在男孩家附近。”

Thenhippalam sub-inspector Binu Thomas said the case was registered based on the statement given to Childline and more details could be revealed only later. “We have learnt that there was a dispute between the family of the survivor and accused. We have to check whether the allegation is linked to the dispute. Police will record the statement of accused in the coming days,” he said.


Recently, in a similar incident, a woman was arrested in Ernakulam for sexually abusing a nine-year-old boy who is a cancer patient.




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Jonny Tonny Monny - 1 hour ago -Follow

See, yet again, the media has protected the identity of the accused because she is a woman. If it would have been a man, they would have whole-heartedly maligned his image even without considering the other side of the story or without going into evidence. And the so called sacrosanct media talks about equality and makes big noise about the useless and fake MeToo movement. So much for equality! But, such tactics of these medias will give negative effect, in actuality, to the concept of equality.

媒体又一次保护了被告的身份,因为她是一名女性。如果是男,他们会竭尽全力诋毁强奸犯,甚至不考虑故事的另一面,也不去调查证据。这些所谓神圣不可亵渎的媒体谈论平这就是他们所谓的平等! 然而,媒体的这种做法实际上会给平等的概念带来负面影响。


Srinivas Injeti - Hyderabad - 1 hour ago -Follow

Can death sentence be applicable here since the age of the victim is less than twelve years?



Vinod.raj42 - Location - 1 hour ago -Follow

Kerala women are very expert in this kind of sexual.act



C Kant - 9 mins ago -Follow

Why 9 years ??? 19 and 29 are also available. Give them a chance



Krishankant ingar - 21 mins ago -Follow

The culprit must be dealt with iron fist.

However, what about nun''s rape case in Kerala? Why no action against the bishop? 必须以铁腕手段处理罪犯



narasarao - Hyd - 31 mins ago -Follow

That is real Women empowerment.



Smoking - Land of Cannabis Indica - 33 mins ago -Follow

Where is our society headed??

Thats Sick!!!!


恶心! ! ! !


Harry Potter - 1 hour ago -Follow

men women equal so revel the name



Ragul - mumbai - 23 mins ago -Follow

what nonsense... she should be let off with a warning



Ravindra Nath Misra - 18 mins ago -Follow

We have to look into social aspects as to why such events occur. Harsh punishments are no solution . Sex is natural instinct in both men and women, and has to be accepted as it is.



S V Sriram - 22 mins ago -Follow

Though it is baffling that a 9 year old can be raped because is he capable of the sexual act , if it is true then she should be stoned to death !



True taxpayer - India - 28 mins ago -Follow

the accused should be hanged until death and we need full details of the lady.


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