Dubious distinction: All students in 150 schools in UP flunk board exams


ALLAHABAD: At least 150 schools across the state, mostly situated in districts marked as ‘sensitive’, scored perfect zero as none of the students in these institutions cleared either class X or XII examinations conducted by Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Board (UPSEB). Following it, board offi als are mulling seeking explanation from them.



The record shared by the board shows that 98 schools had 0% result in class X and 52 in class XII. These included go nment, aided as well as private schools. Secretary, UPSEB, Neena Srivastava told TOI, "This year strict measures were adopted by the state go nment to check copying. Apart from it, there is a possibility of only a dozen or so students appearing from such schools so we will decide on the fate of all such educational institutes when the board will reopen." The board is closed for three days after announcing the result on Sunday.


She further said, "The board will analyse the results and after it explanation could be sought from principals of these schools in case of a negative report." This year, 50 districts out of the total of 75 were declared ‘sensitive’ by UPSEB. Ghazipur district top the chart of sensitive district had 17 schools where all students were declared unsuccessful. In 11 schools, all examinees failed in class X while in six schools, all students of class XII couldn’t clear the examination.


Allahabad district which gave the state topper Anjali Verma also earned the dubious distinction of having six schools where none of the students were declared successful. Azamgarh also has six schools with perfect zero. Five such schools each are in Bahraich, Mirzapur, Mau and Hardoi. The other districts having at least one such school are Auraiya, Kaushambi, Kannauj, Mathura, Lakhimpur Kheri, Mainpuri, Aligarh, Ambedkar Nagar, Hathras, Basti, Gorakhpur, Jaunpur, Amroha, Deoria, Lucknow and Agra.


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Tara Chand


Tara-New Delhi-6 hours ago

It means earlier pass out were copied and passed exams.UP and Bihar both state. got their names of ulta Pardes and Bimar Pardes is in some sence.
Fools are grown in these state to ve fools and chors.




Gururaj Shabaraya


Gururaj Shabaraya-4 hours ago

The biggest reforms are the toughest to make. BJP has the guts to bring a problem to the surface & then to find a permanent solution
May it be the ne-ban, or GST or swach bharath or btinging ricity to the villages...
many middlemen & corrupt will have difficulties





Joe Kool Joe-5 hours ago

Cheating and deception is the hallmark of these primarily mus m controlled and dominated states. All this assisted by the Congress Party.





Ravindra-4 hours ago

Earlier during Mulayam singh and his sons rule these students were passing exams by copying. Shame on Mulayam singh family you are gutter worms.
Now BJP is doing great job. Thanks to BJP.




Simple Logic


Simple-Location-4 hours ago

i urge all failed students & their parents not to be disheartened. failing is loss of 1 yr only whereas passing without knowing anything/any skill is wastage of whole life plus all educational expenses. You end of unemployed roaming on roads or do all xyz leading nowhere.



Sachin Rathore


Sachin Rathore-5 hours ago

After 2 -3 yrs , these youth will make big rallies ag inst any gt for lack of jobs ! No talent and knowledge but want free house and a gt job !





Mk-4 hours ago

Zero results due to strict measures..it should have happened long before..



Prashant Nimje


Prashant-Mumbai-5 hours ago

most of them would end up becoming criminals so this needs to be stopped immediately. tough challenge for state go nment as this is an inherited problem for last 50 years



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