特斯拉上海“超级工厂”首批Model 3交付

Tesla delivers its first made-in-China electric cars which are priced at $50,000, less than a year after construction of its $2billion Shanghai 'Gigafactory' began


Tesla has started delivering Model 3 electric cars built at its Shanghai 'Gigafactory' in just under a year since it began work on the $2billion plant - a record for global automakers in China - and said it would ramp up deliveries from next month.

The U.S. electric vehicle maker celebrated the debut today with a ceremony where 15 Tesla employees received cars they had purchased, and one of them took the opportunity to propose marriage to his girlfriend after getting his new set of wheels.

The China-made Model 3 sedans are priced at 355,800 yuan ($50,000, £39,000) before subsidies. Imported Model 3 vehicles start at 439,000 yuan ($63,000, £48,000) for the longer-range version, while the standard range plus model costs under $40,000 in the United States.

The Shanghai plant, up and running in just 357 days, is part of Tesla's plans to bolster its presence in the world's biggest car market and minimize the impact of the U.S.-China trade war.

The automaker, which previously imported all the cars it sold in China, had said it wanted to start deliveries from the Shanghai plant before the Lunar New Year beginning on January 25.

'From now onwards China-made Model 3 vehicles will start running on China's large streets and small lanes,' Tesla Vice President Tao Lin said at the delivery ceremony which was attended by employees and Shanghai go nment officials.

Zhu Xiaotong, the firm's Global Vice President and President of Greater China, said at the ceremony: 'Seeing domestically made Model 3s rolling off the assembly lines is like watching your own children going to university. [Its] performance will need to be tested by the market.' 

特斯拉已经开始交付Model 3电动汽车,这款车是在上海“千兆工厂”(Gigafactory)生产的,投产时间不到一年。这座耗资20亿美元的工厂是全球汽车制造商在华投资的最高纪录。


中国制造的Model 3轿车的价格为355,800元(5万美元,3.9万英镑),不含补贴。进口的Model 3远程版起价43.9万元(合6.3万美元),而标准的range plus车型在美国的售价不到4万美元。



特斯拉副总裁陶林在交付仪式上说,从现在开始,中国制造的Model 3将开始在中国的大马路和小巷子里行驶。参加交付仪式的有特斯拉员工和上海市官。



China General Manager for the Silicon Valley carmaker Wang Hao said Tesla planned to ramp up Model 3 deliveries in January.

The Chinese go nment has been supportive of the factory, the first wholly foreign-owned car plant and a reflection of Beijing's broader shift to open up its auto market.

Tesla has taken a different approach to the Chinese market, the world's biggest for electric vehicles with 1.3 million new-energy vehicles sold last year, as is evident from its marketing blitz in the country that is quite unlike anywhere else.

The company and its flamboyant billionaire CEO Elon Musk openly disdain marketing, but in China Tesla has offered racing events and showroom parties.

It is also building service centers and charging stations across China to assure customers of standardized after-sales service, Tesla's senior executives said, confirming a Reuters report on the plans published last month.

The car maker will double the number of service centers and fast charging stations in China next year, and plans to more than double its after-sales workforce to 1,500 from about 600 currently, the executives added.

Wang also told reporters the plant had achieved a production target of 1,000 units a week, or around 280 cars a day, and that sales for the China-made sedan had so far been 'very good'.

硅谷汽车制造商特斯拉中国总经理王浩表示,特斯拉计划在明年1月加大Model 3的交付量。








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Bckttsim, Exeter, United Kingdom, 49 minutes ago

What happened to America first ? Again, manufacturing jobs go to China.



Engineering Maniac, The South of England, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago

Won't be long before there are lots of Chinese copies all over China!



Tezack, Rotherham, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago

I'm just waiting for the Indians to produce there own (Tesla) .... they copy everything else..



Daveyk15, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago

The very rich Chinese will want something better than this and the average citizen wont be able to afford one all for export then ?



Mike Fielding, Lichfield, United Kingdom, 22 hours ago

Sold to the very wealthy, when I was over in China a few years ago I learnt from our guide translator.



Z.Beeblebrox, Atlanta, United States, 1 day ago

What could possibly go wrong?



epc, Ballymena, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Well done.



Midnight420, Detroit, United States, 1 day ago

Capitalism meets state capitalist fas-m to produce a sl-e labor made product for US market prices and consumption....sounds familiar, no?



Two Two Twain, Ocean View, Panama, 1 day ago

I think they want Chinese market. Are you saying Capitalism is bad?



alsocurious, copenhagen, Denmark, 1 day ago

But why so expensive? It's a frame with a hood, some seating, 4 wheels, 4 electric motors and a large battery. But $50K? Making it of gold is a poor choice - gold is so much softer than steel.



Blueshark71, Orpington, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

If it is so easy why don't you make one yourself.



Clic, Cockaigne., United Kingdom, 18 hours ago

Blue shark, Yes everything is easy from the comfort of your armchair.



Addo1, London, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Made in China



Two Two Twain, Ocean View, Panama, 1 day ago

So are your TVs and phones



telitlikeitis, kendal, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Just one more reason not to buy a Tesla. And how oiin earth does that help MAGA?



e ng la nd r ig ht, UK, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Chinese are more honest and trustworthy than the British elites. I would trust Chinese infrastructure more than anything run by our lot.



patmos1989, Orlando, United States, 1 day ago

That is because you are in China, comrade.



Bigg Hunt, Anywhere, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Should be building hydrogen cell cars. Delivery infrastructure change from petrol to H2. Fills in mins. No burden on the elecfrical systems. By-product only water.



Blueshark71, Orpington, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

How are you getting the hydrogen in first place. Only electrifying water is the long term solution. The main problem is that you only have 30% of the electricity to power the motor that you started with. Better batteries is the answer.



Pikkoz, peterborough, United Kingdom, 24 hours ago

Are you kidding? No burden on the electrical system ? If anything else it requires 3 times the electricity to produce and compress an amount hydrogen to run the same distance of an EV ,unless you want to get hydrogen from methane steam reforming which still use hydrocarbon and highly polluting. Also it takes 5minutes to refill now when is nobody in front of you, try to refill just after another costumer left the pump and you'll se that to get a full tank can 20-30minutes this is because the pump need to re compress the hydrogen back at 750bar.



Bullseye2, BRIGHTON, United Kingdom, 1 day ago




Chris, Devon, United Kingdom, 20 hours ago

It's aluminium you idiot!



Elgarswhiskers, Paradise, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

Aluminium still corrodes



Mr DP Gumby CBE, South Harmon Institute of Tech, Christmas Island, 1 day ago

Another reason not to buy a Tesla.



Dave, Gosport, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Tesla. Making America Great Again...



Mzungu, Sodden-on-the-Water, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

More made in China tat. Stop buying Chinese goods. China is our adversary, not ally, friend or partner.



Blueshark71, Orpington, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

The UK will not be getting Chinese Teslas. US made ones and soon German made ones. Q



telitlikeitis, kendal, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Couldn't care less where they are made. I won't be buying one.



brett.sinclair, cap ferrat, France, 2 days ago

impressive...apart from the 40k price tag..



mrsoapbox, Alveley , United Kingdom, 2 days ago

China put us to shame on the efficiency of there building ability.


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