Godrej: State derailing bullet train land deal



MUMBAI: The Godrej Group, the city’s biggest private land owner, railed against the state go nment in Bombay high court on Friday for trying to keep it from getting Rs 572 crore for a 10-acre plot it has offered for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail project.


“It is recognised as a project of national importance, but the state is putting a spoke in it,” said Navroz Seervai, counsel for Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co Ltd. The company said it is willing to give its land to the National High Speed Rail Corporation for tunnelling for the bullet train. “The state wants us to deposit the amount in court,’’ said Seervai, questioning the “unreasonable and obstructionist attitude” of the state. If the state doesn’t relent, let them go in for the lengthy acquisition process, he added.


Justices Amjad Sayed and P D Naik asked advocate general Ashutosh Kumbhakoni to try and resolve the matter and adjourned the case to August 16.



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Rikin Shah•Mumbai•25 days ago

Hope state makes amend in planting those lakhs of trees for the land taken over.



Arnob•26 days ago

Everybody knows that Godrej is sitting on huge tracts of land for decades without development,That land should be forcefully taken away from them for development. Though there will be a outcry



Lalit•26 days ago

GOI and SC will get the land its matter of time, GOI for infrastructure of country can take the land and give alternate if stubborn.



Venkat•tobago•26 days ago

We all know godrej would have usurped the land encroaching it as it was a govt land. seems they want a pie in bullet train profits.



Ramaswami•26 days ago

where is the bulldozer!!!



Anon•26 days ago

Its useless project with first stop in mathardi village after bkc. Useless for mumbai and Maharashtra. Only gujju oriented



mohit anand•26 days ago

Bullet train is needed with existing train network infrastructure need to be upgraded. Government need to fix it as early as possible. Railway is lifeline for the whole India.



Vivek Dev•Mumbai•26 days ago

Stop development of Maha. Develop UP, Bihar, Kashmir etc.



Iindian•26 days ago

major flop project is bullet train no use for common man


Venkat• iindian•tobago•26 days ago

.For u toilets inside house is also no use.


Andrew• iindian•25 days ago

v r discussing bullet train n u r talking about toilet.....Venkat haggu



Bumrah•26 days ago

Bullet train may be loss bearing for years to come. In order for go nment to payoff loans involved in this project the ticket prices might be higher than flight travel, not sure if Gujjus will pay that much



Bharat•26 days ago

Land title dispute in which the go nment is a party and it is pending since 1973. AND YOU WANT TO BE SUPER POWER



Gatothkach•India•26 days ago

The dispute is pending since 1973??? Whoa!



Jagdish Madan•Vancouver BC•26 days ago

Can''t blame either the Godrej Group or the state go nment. The issue is with the courts since 1973. It is the Indian judiciary which is the chief cause of all ills plaguing the country. Radical judicial reforms, zero reservations in judiciary, selection of judges through tough exams and up gradation of courts infrastructure is the need of the hour.


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