Chandrayaan-3: We’ve long romanticised the Moon, but why’s Isro going there?


Humans have for long romanticised the Moon. It’s part of folklore, children’s tales, love songs and even mythology. But the Earth’s satellite has also been intriguing from a scientific point of view for decades.


If the SpaceRace saw Neil Armstrong and others land on Moon, subsequent missions have tried to understand Moon better. With a renewed global interest in lunar explorations, every Moon mission is a keenly watched event.


And so willIsro’s Chandrayaan-3, which the space agency is aiming to launch at 2.35pm Friday (July 14).


By late afternoon on Wednesday (July 12), the mission readiness review (MRR) committee had cleared the launch and Isro was awaiting the lab authorisation board’s (LAB) approval. The scientific goals of Chandrayaan-3 are the same as its predecessor that failed, and therefore, the reasons to go to the Moon too.


Ahead of Chandrayaan-2, Isro had said it was going back to the Moon because “it was the closest cosmic body at which space discovery can be attempted and documented. It’s also a promising test bed to demonstrate technologies required for deep-space missions’’.


Now, Isro says it is crossing new frontiers by demonstrating soft-landing on the lunar surface by its lunar module and demonstrating roving on the lunar terrain.





Good luck to ISRO!Only a handful of countries including ISRO have the capability to even consider a moon landing. A soft landing of course will be a bonus.




Aspiring INDIA has no choice other than printing her foot-prints on MOON and MARS. All the best to ISRO for its CH3 mission. Good Luck. Jai Hind.


Ivan Wolf

MCD: Mad Cow Disease



Ivan Wolf

Indians should go read India national news (archived by this TOIlet) from July to Sept,2019. Boast/brag daily with Sivan smiling/predicting and Indians roaring with wild cheers.Then dead silence with Sivan crying on Modi's shoulder and the world laughing. India is repeating history again



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Shame that the author of a leading newspaper doesn't even know the meaning of romanticize



User Panda

All the very best and God bless our mission. Best of luck for a successful mission.,Under the guidance of Shreemaanji Modi, this is the third mission to the moon .



J Rey

1) WRONG TO SAY that Chandrayan 2:was a failure ... IT WAS A NECESSARY and a USEFUL ATTEMT.,2) WE ARE GOIG TO MAKE IT THIS TIME !



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ISRO have to adjust it's time table with EC's 2024 election.



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2024 election propaganda and gimmicks this time on moon too.



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Modi hai to mumkin hai kyaa????



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ISRO should send Modiji to moon as Modiji is very romantised to visit outside of the planet after finishing tours of around planet.



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Leaving chandrayan and mangalayan ,more stress is needed to be given for "correct weather forecast" from which country will be directly benefited.



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nature can't be predicted most of times, we have evacuated millions from natural disasters, so have some faith.



Pradeep Banerjee

Praying for a successful mission.



User Rupani

Dear Andh bhakt. Chandrayan1 was in 2008. So i guess Modi busy studying the art of divide & rule



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Best wishes to ISRO and all fellow Indians.



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pre 2014 , the development of india was washed out due to misrule of muslim gulams supported pseudos. on the instructions of china, they were deliberately kee gdp of india below that of china.



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ISRO is going there for election campaign



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This time ChandraGhaan 3 will explode in stage 3 and debris will fall in Indian Ocean. NASA will help find pieces as usual; which these drunk truck driver ISRO scientists are incapable of. Somnathbis the next Sodappa Sivan in the making


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You must not be an Indian, because Indians love their country. I pity your mental state. God bless you.


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Guantanamo Bay is the best place for you I would request Mr Modi to send you there as soon as possible



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all'the best for ISRO to get mission successful



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Feels bad to see in the comment that while hating BJP now congi and k’s have started ridiculing their own nation .. shameful



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The White race leads the non whites in all technological advances


Rinku Singh

Under the guidance of Shreemaanji Modi, this is the third mission to Moon. Before 2014 ISRO was a white elephant in the room and was unable to do a single launch in 70 years. Now it has become a world class organisation rivaling NASA. My best wishes to ISRO in all their future endeavours.


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