Do European flight attendants like Indian male passengers? An AIR HOSTESS answers | Karolina Goswami


So, in this episode, I speak to a female flight attendant from Europe who has regularly served in the flights to India about what she and her colleagues think of the behavior of Indian and western air passengers, and to be honest, I was really surprised by what she told me.



so for decades many in the west negatively stereotyped India as the land of snake Charmers and described India as the land of cow caste and Curry then they deceitfully labeled Indian men as sexual predators and now there seems to be some willingness to label Indian male air passengers as alcoholics who are dangerous and uncivilized so in this episode I speak to a female flight attendant from Europe who has regularly served in the flights to India about what she and her colleagues think of the behavior of Indian and Western Air passengers and to be honest I was really shocked by what she told me

but before you watch her interview please pay attention to this in 2021 in the USA a man from Colorado was charged as he refused to wear masks struck a flight attendant in the arm and urinated in his seat then several weeks ago it was reported that an Italian woman was arrested by the Mumbai police as it was claimed that she punched a cabin crew member spat on another and walked partially naked in the flight

and many such incidents are not even reported the data shows that in the west misconduct by air passengers is nothing new for example there are plenty of reported cases of unruly passenger incidents and the number in thousands as you can verify here on U.S government website even this U.S based flight attendant Union reported that 85 percent of flight attendants had dealt with unruly passengers on board as flight crews in the USA have faced racist sexst and homophobic abuse




as usual many Western media outlets seem to be on a continuous hunt to find random negative stories from India and when this Infamous Air India pregate incident took place right away it was picked up by Western mainstream media Outlets it was reported that due to this single incident India had been shamed globally even though the case was still being investigated or examined and later there were even some contradictory explanations of the incident reported in the media Now isn't it malicious to internationally defame a country of more than a billion because of this single incident when there are thousands of reported cases of unruly passenger incidents in other parts of the world Evelina who has a lot of experience working as a flight attendant has something to say here




The Mysterious Guy

You are more indian than some people who born in *India*.



Vedic Warrior

I don't think anybody has done more to dispel myths and negative stereotypes about Bharat than you  have, KarolinaJi.



Sharad Tiwari

Yes, this topic is so much raised but no one talks the real facts and statistics, thanks for bringing up this topic! Thanks to Ewelina too for sharing her unbiased opinion, best wishes



Aditya Kadam

I request my Indian brothers & sisters to be good diplomat of our country.

The world is observing us a lot now a days




Vishal Garg

Well-raised in Traditional families, Indian Men are really good in character!



Abhinav Singh

You are like our elder sister, who has taken responsibility to tell truth to the world!!



Ravindra Prasad Tiwari

Thanks for bringing this topic . As usual you nailed it right in the head.  Also thanks to the Air hostess for her unbiased opinion STAY BLESSED ALWAYS..



Ankita Malviya

i have immense gratitude towards you for the efforts that you make for our country



Pragya mishra

This kind of Stereotype is going around us since decades which is really disheartening



Golden Shortblack

You are doing great work karolina ji..we Indians are very proud of you. I can guarantee after 2 or 3 years your channel will have more than 5 million subscribers.



Vikas Kun

Thank you for the interview its really make a difference and the audience outside india can able to see a different side of these stories.... Thank you for your work Mam.




You are right because whenever I talk to Chinese people, they ask me questions related to cury or Caste. then i have to explain to them



Indira Haldipur

My  brother always used to tell his junior staff that when going abroad they were actually unofficial ambassadors for our country and therefore it was  their responsibility to behave well and create a good impression of our beloved country .




Thank you so much. I use to travel a lot. Deep down I was always use to think that I am third country person with all the news around me. But now after covid I can definitely say I am proud of my country and keep my head up.

Thank you so much for your constant videos about our country…




sriram v

Well said!!  I travel abroad and take only one glass of fruit juice since I am a teetotaler and a non smoker justlike a vast majority of Indians. I encountered an air hostess on her first trip to India from Frankfurt and she was surprised that the cabin is silent and people are immersed in their own stuff without disturbing anyone or even her with any requests. India is an island of peace and tranquility in the midst of a volatile world!!





ashwani chaitanya

Thank you for singlehandedly protecting India from negative media and putting the facts straight.

More power to you.



Mahesh Chand Sharma

Big big salute to Karolina Mam for always bringing a true & shining image of India, good going Mam, keep it up, Lot's of love and respect




You’re doing a really great job Thank You

Due to these stereotypes I’m afraid I maybe labeled when I go abroad the moment I tell my nationality. I hope people are wise enough to not judge without knowing the person.




Looks like you were a patriotic Indian in your previous birth and continue to do so even now. You are just amazing.



Gouni Sagar

You should be awarded by the government. You are more Indian than some people who born in India




Really appreciated the talks....hope it shows the better side of India to World.



Gayathri Naidu

Karolina....you are our Indian Ambassador




Yesterday, I came from the UK to Delhi.. I saw a British passenger was too rude to the flight attendant and was kind of yelling , why no one talks about it ? I have seen a few people who also mess with fellow Indian travellers and behave rudely . The biggest non sense is British airways staff who doesn't even attend Indian passengers properly moreover this did not happen to me but I have seen this happening Many times with so many people...  I would say "WESTERN SOCIETY (especially British and americans MUST LEARN TO RESPECT INDIANS AND MANKIND ).






Weird things happen in most parts of the world not just in India.  American and Western media jump on any negative news about India and skip similar or worse news in their own countries.  Not knowing that others are also watching around.rhe world.



subho dutta

you are the iron lady of india




When you have a large population and lot of people…. It’s natural to have more numbers of good people and the unfortunate misfits as well. I don’t think it has to do anything with culture or ethnicity…it’s human nature.  India is the second most populous country in the World and so we’re bound to produce the maxmum most number of best people (because of education being important for most Indians) but also a few crazy people! It’s inevitable!






Raman Beniwal

main target to hit tourism of india



Bachelorz Buffet

passengers for different flights for different destinations are different -the ones flying to UAE and Qatar are primarily blue collar laborers. You can't compare them with the IT tech and Businesspeople traveling between Delhi and Warsaw



Carlos Kissoondhan

The young Indian boys are sometimes a bit too enthusiastic and must certainly learn to behave themselves especially in the presence of lovely young girls.




The flight attendant mentioned she had heard about negative things about passengers from Emirates and Qatar.   Those negative comments are probably right ... most of the Indian sub-continent passengers from the gulf area are blue-collar construction workers (flying for the first time) who really do not understand the modern world and etiquette and can come across as rather cheap, boorish & unhygienic in comparison to other passengers.  As an Indian,  at times, even I had to face-palm  myself at the behaviors of some of my country-men in those flights.  And at other times, they seem rather subdued (like afraid to even ask for a glass of water);  lest they do something that might be construed as wrong behavior.   But in flights on other sectors,  generally it's educated Indians traveling who are just like any other passengers from around the world.








cows saved villages from famine, cast were created to pass down professional knowledge (not relevant anymore for the most part) , curry is our taste, snake tamers are part of our diversity. Westerners can try to disrespect it but we are proud of our culture and diversity




Harshita Jaiswal

It seems that the west was not open-minded enough to accept snake charming as a profession.



Fin Arfin

As the saying goes, when you point your finger at someone dont forget that, that same hand has 3 fingers pointing back at you.



Vidhu Shekhar Bhardwaj

Indians have always been the polite type


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