'Korean' woman YouTuber harassed on Mumbai street in viral video; accused arrested


MUMBAI: A woman YouTuber from South Korea was harassed by a man on a street of Mumbai on Tuesday night.

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media platforms. Following that, Mumbai police launched a search for the accused and arrested them.

The accused have been identified as Mobeen Chand Mohammad Shaikh and Mohammad Naqeeb Sadrealam Ansari.

Both the accused have been booked under section u/s 354 of IPC at Khar Police station. They have been sent to one day police custody.

Sharing a video, a Twitter handle had stated that the woman was from Korea and was livestreaming in suburban Khar when the incident took place.



被告为Mobeen Chand Mohammad Shaikh和Mohammad Naqeeb Sadrealam Ansari。



In the video, a young man can be seen coming very close to the woman and trying to pull her by holding her hand, as she protests. A man can also be heard asking her age.

Later, a man again appears on a motorbike with a friend and offers her a lift. However, refusing it, she says that her home is nearby.

Reacting on the whole incident, YouTuber Hyojeong Park said that such thing happened to her in another country too, but at that time she couldn't do anything to call Police.

"In India, action being taken very quickly. I have been in Mumbai for over 3 weeks and planning to stay longer," ANI quoted her as saying.

She further added that she doesn't want this one bad incident to ruin her whole travel and passion to show wonderful India to other countries.



对这起案件,youtube用户Hyojeong Park称她在另一个国家也遭遇过这样的事,但当时她没有办法报警。





•16 hours ago

80/20 fits well with this community, 20% population, and 80% crime.




•16 hours ago

When I came to know about this incident, I was sure that only one community can do such cheap things, and I was right.




• India First•20 hours ago

I agree that is very inappropriate and should never happen but I dont think that should be called a harrasment




•1 day ago

see the accused names ..thats enough




•1 day ago

Excellent work by Mumbai Police. Such behavior by these boys are early signs of future rapist!




•1 day ago

super publicity for indian culture...looks like Mumbai guys have learnt a lot from North indians...




•1 day ago

Hahaa it was a funny video. it seems like he tried to drag her to a hotel.




The ultimate Warrior• Guest•15 hours ago

Of course you have experience since, you are a son of rindi...So you saw your rindi mother drag like this to a hotel room every night




Divya Salunkhe• Guest•22 hours ago

You're mentally sick to even say such things.




•1 day ago

This one community members are real menace to the society, most are uneducated criminals .




User Tiwary•1 day ago

I always thought Mumbai is different, it is in competition with Delhi for such offences.




•1 day ago

Really pathetic. What image are we creating of our country?




Piyush Kumar•Bangalore•1 day ago

They deserve to be castrated ASAP. Simple solution, and will set example for many of their momin friends.




•1 day ago

That's why women should not travel alone in India as it's not safe. Many incidents have proven this. When will women learn? It's like going to Pakistan then crying when there is an explosion nearby.




Kiran Baliyan•Ahmedabad•1 day ago

Mumbai is the happening place in India. People should behave to maintain its reputation as its famous world over. The accused should be punished asap.




• Kiran Baliyan•1 day ago

Exemplary punishment needs to be given to these two criminals. They have brought bad reputation for the country.




Sigma Krishna•Unknown•1 day ago

Conspiracy found: Damage reputation of country by mal handling .




Nile Nile•1 day ago

Those men showcased Disgusting upbringing by their parents. Thrash them before taking them to court.




Rajesh Ameta•1 day ago

Why not these guys shall be heavily punished, They shall be thrown to Afghanistan or Pakistan




Omkar Naik•1 day ago

Again the boys are from peaceful community, will their parents teach some etiquette behaviour in the society.




• Omkar Naik•1 day ago

No wonder with teachings imparted to them in childhood they grow up with wielding knife, AK 47 and suicidal bombers.




User Shee•1 day ago

Mumbai police should arrest these culprits asap. We are shamed for this act.




•1 day ago

There should be more effective police patrolling everywhere in the cities frequented by foreign nationals.




• Balbir Singh Mehndiratta•1 day ago

Indian women not important?




Balbir Singh Mehndiratta• Mudi Ji•Unknown•1 day ago

They are the most important my dear and need security. However foreign nationals are our guests and make or mar our image as per their good or bad experience.




•1 day ago

I think we are missing the point here , look at the identity of harassers , the way these things are multiplying and with govt not bringing in any control measures on these things not even a uniform civil code india will become a one religion country and these acts will be normal across.




Nanji Bhai•1 day ago

Insects like such people should be eliminated for good. They are a stain to the nation and pose bigger danger to tourists.




Sanjeev T•3750• Naroda Modi•1 day ago

Its nothing to do with the police or law.. Its substandard behaviour of people especially men and their respect for women in our country, irrespective of the state. if Indians are treated like this in other countries, its called racism. Wake up!




Proud Indian•32324• Naroda Modi•1 day ago

if people are not educated and don't follow Sanathana Dharma and follow the Pepsi cola culture this will be the result. Why do blame the government for this incident? Your comment reflects your lack of understanding.




Satish Huria•6261• Satish Huria•1 day ago

good they are arrested. Such people are shame on our country where guest are treated as God.


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