1 lakh schools in India run with just 1 teacher each: Unesco report


Around 1.1 lakh schools in India are single-teacher entities, according to Unesco’s ‘2021 State of the Education Report for India: No Teachers, No Class’. A total of 19% or 11.16 lakh teaching positions in schools lie vacant in the country, 69% of them in rural areas.


Correlating this with low learning outcomes according to go nment data of classes III, V and VIII, Unesco recommends improving the terms of employment of teachers, revam their working conditions in villages besides earmarking ‘aspirational districts’ and recognising teachers as frontline workers.


Having underlined that 7.7% pre-primary, 4.6% primary and 3.3% upper-primary teachers are underqualified, the report that factors in 2019 data, states in its executive summary: “The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the role played by teachers and quality teaching in ensuring meaningful education and resilient education sy ems. Women account for about 50% of the teaching workforce (in India), but there are significant inter-state and urban-rural variations”.


Three states with over one lakh vacancies are Uttar Pradesh (3.3 lakh), Bihar (2.2 lakh) and West Bengal (1.1 lakh). The Unesco report accords them the status of the three worst states in this parameter. MP has the highest number of single-teacher schools (21,077).


Most of the vacancies are in rural schools like in the case of Bihar, where of the 2.2 lakh teachers required, 89% are in villages. Similarly, of the 3.2 lakh posts lying vacant in UP, 80% are in schools in rural areas. For West Bengal, the figure is 69%.



Jay Boro

BJP.and education doesn't stand in same sentence



Vinay Bhat

We have money to spend on defence, statues, vista, planes but not for improving education infra.



Chanda Chor Feku

who cares about schools , Mandir to banra hai na




India shining? The 3 Bimaru states of India, pull down all socio economic metrics for India to the bottom of the pool close to Somalia. The states get poor go nments and large uneducated population



Amrinder Panjeta

Great country india



Joseph Chettupuzha

Like we spend on Defence or on Roads, let us do a crash program on Schools and teachers.




State Govts run primary schools, not Centre.



Sunitha Sundarrajan

UP and Bihar with double gun go nment has highest teaching vacancies. Ram Mandir is important



Sarma V S

Why dont we learn from our leader, who could get a degree in entire po itical science without going to college, who can teach airforce personnel when to fly a fighter pilot? Schools and teachers are not required in a country which takss pride in fake degrees and quackery





Kvs Sarma

education doesn't mean only ability to read and write. in India we have great education built in daily life with kids being taught by parents and grand parents through moral stories based on mythology. knowledge you can gain anytime. but values have to be taught early. otherwise the country will be full of druggy kids like in the west.



Rajkumar Watsalya

so what ?? many schools have no students. or less than required ( students ) for one teacher.



Amit Mahapatra

There are no jobs. And no farmers/ workers for Agriculture. Better we give skill training from class 7 onwards.



Melman const

Govt will say it is western propaganda.




Scrap the Central Vista and hire the teachers. Simple



bodh ramdeo

Over two-thirds the masses live in villages and semi-rural areas, where conditions are more akin to the 12th century than the 21st century, with kids sitting on the floor in one-room shack-that-passes-for-school, with no ricity, water or toilets...and yes one teacher, who actually shows up sometimes.



San Tosh

Only one solution... Let's divide into 3 countries.. only then it possible. India with such a huge population country & can't manageable by any go nment, so it's better split up n work on progress



Kvs Sarma

there is actually an rming surplus of teachers, most of them with no real knowledge. teaching job is the easiest to get. quality is more important than quantity.



A S Murthy

thia is not new, these are the side affects of mad urbanization, and privitization of education and medical profession. Very few doctors/ hospitals in rural India. This is a long term need and need to be addressed sy ematically, dges done by the wrong planning and doings of Nehru family are enoromous, and overnight solutions are not possible



Not God

This is FEKU's digital India. Shame on FEKU . Trying to compete with China. China is on the moon and has Rover on Mars.



Rajender Vallapureddy

Has the report considered the number if students in school? I know there are some schools in Telangana where there are multiple teachers with no students at all.



Iron Dome

With uneducated teachers.


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