43 on board, train runs backwards for 20 km after brakes fail



NAINITAL/PILIBHIT: With 43 passengers on board, the Delhi-Tanakpur Purnagiri Jan Shatabdi Special hurtled in reverse for about 20km and crossed two stations at high speed until a mound of sand and boulders hurriedly piled on the tracks finally stopped it. The loco pilot, assistant pilot and guard were suspended on Thursday.

“德里-塔那克普尔Purnagiri Jan Shatabdi”特快列车刹车失灵,向后滑行了约20公里,高速穿越了两个车站,工作人员在铁轨上堆起沙子和大石头,火车才停下来。星期四,列车司机、助理司机和警卫被停职。

The train was close to its destination, Tanakpur, on Wednesday around 4pm when an animal strayed onto the tracks.


"The snag developed after the train hit cattle,” Izzatnagar railway division PRO Rajendra Singh told TOI. The loco pilot appears to have hit the brakes hard, because of which the air pressure vacuum pipe burst. “The driver may have lost control of the engine and the train started moving backwards,” a railways offi al said.

铁路部门的专家Rajendra Singh告诉《印度时报》:“火车撞上牛后出现故障。”列车司机似乎猛踩刹车,造成气压真空管道爆裂。一位铁路官 员说:“司机可能失去了对引擎的控制,火车开始向后滑行。”

In the train compartments, there was panic. “Initially, we thought the train was going back to change tracks. But it gathered speed, and we realised something was wrong,” said Dev Singh, a TTE on board the train at the time. In video clips that went viral, the train can be seen running in the opposite direction as curious onlookers scream that there are passengers inside. “We were surrounded by passengers who wanted answers, but even we didn’t know what was happening … Those were the most frantic moments of my life,” said Lakshman Singh, the other TTE on board.




Tanakpur, at an elevation of 259m, is higher than the other stations. “The loco pilot could not stop the train as it started rolling backwards. He informed the control room immediately and all nearby stations were alerted. Our team went to several crossings, and placed sand and boulders on the tracks,” the railways offi al said. All crossings along the route, meanwhile, were shut. “The field staff was advised to alert locals to stay away from the tracks,” Rajendra Singh said.

德讷格布尔海拔259米,比其他车站高。这位铁路官 员说:“火车开始向后滑行,司机无法让火车停下来。他立即通知了控制室,附近所有的电台都得到了通知。我们工作组去了几个十字路口,在铁轨上堆放了沙子和大石块。”与此同时,沿途所有的十字路口都被关闭了。现场工作人员提醒当地人远离铁路。


Venkata Chm

That's a great escape and definitely deserves a lot of bravery awards for those railway offi als who managed to do all that mentioned in the article in the short span of time. Bravo!


那些在这么短的时间内做好应对措施的铁路官 员理应获得奖励。太棒了!


Bishwajit Kanungoe

Remember the film The Burning Train .




No substitute to experience. The driver needs to be retrained



Radhakanth Shenoy

Scary experience for poor passengers. Sudden braking has to be avoided.




Instead of suspension the offi als need to be thanked for their efforts that saved all the lives.



mshoora 1312

Why blame the driver for brake fail.. why the brake should fail even on hard braking. It's the poor design and quality of the brake which needs to be inspected.






Strange ! Incompetency will ruin this Nation !




Ponraj Abraham

This is the condition of our economy which picked up speed in the reverse direction.


Edmund Roosevelt

Bro, I only see you speak so negative about our country all the time. World over the economy is down. Atleast in India it is showing signs of bouncing back.Be proud to be an Indian Bro..




Ulhas Kulkarni

Railway is a GOVERNMENT Dept. So competence does NOT matter.



Pratul Karmokar

This only affirms that there needs to be aullary power units which can be used just incase of failures. More than the driver's it's the failure of the other staff who could not help stop the train.




symbolic reprn. of how retrograde bjp misrule has succeeded in pulling down economy many indicators effortlessly in 6 yrs evenbefore vir s phase....? gok



mshoora 1312

Alternate brakes should have provided..




Must have alternate breaking sy em, if one fails there's another sy em to rely on.



hrishikesh joshi

could not understand why the driver sod not use engine power to stop or slow the trains to safe limits. breaks have failed, not the engine or transmission...



Harshad B Chauhan

Railway should learn a lession from this in dence and Engineer a back up Safety Sy em to stop the train if main break sy em fail.



lahari supriya

Cattle on tracks first address that issue


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