Atlanta burning: More racial tensions in US after another white cop on black man sh ting



WASHINGTON: A white police officer who s t dead a black man in Atlanta, Georgia, was summarily sacked and the city’s white police chief resigned, as racial tensions continued to torment America this weekend more than two weeks into the George Floyd murder prests that has spread across the country.


A Wendy’s fast food joint where the encounter took place was torched by an angry mob that blocked highways on Saturday in a city that has a majority black population -- in a state that only last week was embroiled in an oral fiasco with allegations of African-Americans being disenfranchised to facilitate a white-driven Republican victory.

亚特兰大市是一个黑人占多数的城市,星期六,一群愤怒的徒堵住了高速公路,纵火焚烧了案发地旁边的一家Wendy 's快餐店。就在上星期,乔治亚州还因一场惨败的引发混乱,有人指控说,为了促成白人主导的共和党获胜,非裔美国人被剥夺了权。

Tensions are running high amid growing anger nationwide at America’s “killer cops” who employ deadly lethal force at the slightest provocation ag inst black people, who are arrested, incarcerated, and killed by police in disproportionately larger numbers across the country. In Friday’s encounter, the victim, police first tried to arrest 27 year old Rayshard Brooks, when he was appeared to be intocated, after customers at a Wendy’s compned that he was asleep in his car and was blocking access to the drive-thru pick up window.

全国范围内对美国“杀手警察”的愤怒与日俱增,紧张局势愈演愈烈。只要对黑人稍有挑衅,这些警察就会使用致命武器,在全国范围内,被警察逮捕、监禁和杀害的黑人多得不成比例。在星期五发生的案件中,警察首先试图逮捕27岁的布鲁克斯,当时他看起来是喝醉了,因为Wendy 's的顾客抱怨说他在车里睡觉,并且挡住了去餐厅外卖窗口的通道。

Body cam footage cited by the local media showed Brooks talking politely to two officers who arrive on the scene, cming he has had only one and half daiquiris and is good to drive home, before they attempt to handcuff him after a breathalyzer test purportedly shows him to be intocated.


In the ensuing struggle, Brooks appears to swing punches at Officer Garrett Rolfe, grabs his taser and makes a run, at which point the officer unholsters his gun and shoots him. Brooks died later in a hospital.


Rolfe was sacked from the force, and Officer Devin Bronsan, who was also present at the scene, was placed on administrative duty, even as the city’s Police Chief Erika Shields resigned her post as the black-majority city simmered.


The militarization of the American police and the use of deadly force for minor offenses and at the slightest provocation has been a matter of concern among minorities who are at the receiving end of this and of civil liberties activists who have long cautioned ag inst such hair-trigger responses by the heavily armed and well-funded police.


Amid nationwide moves by progressive local lawmakers to reform police, including banning strong-arm methods such as chokeholds that has killed numerous black men, Trump has defended the techniques, saying they may be required in some cases to contain criminals and should not be banned out. He has continually advocated a stronger police and military with ever higher budgets.


Trump’s position, which po itical pundits say is aimed at consolidating white vers, came even as several polls show him trailing Democratic nominee Joe Biden by a huge double digit figures in a presi ntial ion match-up, including losing the female and min ity ves by record margins. But Democratic activists like Michael Moore are warning liberals not to be overconfident about defeating the Presi nt, arguing that this will only result in white males who “feel their grip on power fading” rallying behind Trump.




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These tensions will lead to targeting of other minorities and immigrants as well. People need to be careful there.

这种紧张局势将导致其他 和移民也成为被攻击的目标,人们要小心。


Pipe Kasuko

So they torched the plaza (Wendy's) where the guy was killed - Did that bring him back to life? Was that an extraction of revenge? What did the fast food place have to do with killing the guy. The guy was drunk, and fell asleep in the drive-thru, blocking others from getting their orders






amit Kumar

This is nothing but sponsored by opposition to defeat Trump ...also must have a hand as a catalyst in this situation...it ardently wants to defeat Trump...

But the poor Americans will loose a lot and their downward jouney as a Super power will start...




Narotam Dewan

I think there was no need to shoot at chest or abdomen where it is likely to Proove fatal, if etall the sh ting was required. He was not a known dreaded hardcore criminal or te rort. Obviously he was an ordinary citizen tying to evade arrest.



Deca Thon

Soon other immigrants will be targeted.



Ashish Bandyopadhyay

WOW!! Difference between USA and India:

USA-One black man dies, prests rock the countryINDIA-over one lakh lower caste and non Hindus killed in a year by police, po iticians and goondas from upper castes, and not even one of those cases get highlighted in India.





Polter Geist

And we thought communal riots were the sole preserve of india. America first.



Neo The One

100000 Americans died of COVID but no one took out a procession ag inst the yellow Chhinnnks.....and one fccuukkingg drug pedling niiggaa was fully killed and the leftist burned half the world...what a joke



Jago Hindus Jago

Still Trump wants to mediate on India - Pakistan, India - conflicts



Polter Geist

If a black man commits a heinous crime = spare him cos he’s black - else society is racist.



Nation First

Now Black peoples showing racial hatred towards white peoples????



N Renganathan

violence has no place . it must stop forthwith. U S must set its house in order instead of looking elsewhere .



Anonymous Para Brahma

These may be the work of Opposition to incite riots as Election is approaching, maybe killings are pre-planned.



Deca Thon

Indians need to be careful in such areas. There could be violence aimed at other ethnic groups due to such in dents.



Rohan Gupta

I sincerely believe that they will start discriminating ag inst Asians as well in the future.



Kabir K

They should have searched for a black police man to shoot a black man. USA is becoming India.



vijay singh

Good to see America decaying and giving space to others.



Bau Saheb

American prestors are thugs using this opportunity to loot and riot under the disguise of prests.




Reservation should be removed form India.


D Siva

Reservation is big desease for India development.this country will never develop


Masood Syed

No one can dare to touch reservations in India not even 56” chest




Democrats is behaving like Congress in India. They are doing everything and convert every situation including the human crisis into their po itical advantage. People should be very careful in judging the next Presi nt. Past Presi nts like Ob and Clinton worked ag inst the interests of USA and supported too much and so much that has now become a big threat for even the USA. Byden would be no less and he would spoil USA further. If the people of USA are really intellignet and thinking, unbiased with long term interets of USA would certainly ve for Trump with bigger majority than before so that would be shown its place in the world.


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