Uddhav Thackeray compares bullet train project to 'white elephant'



MUMBAI: Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray on Tuesday likened the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project to a "white elephant", saying a decision on it will be taken after he is convinced it will boost industrial development of the state.


In the second part of his interview to Shiv Sena mouthpiece 'Sana', Thackeray said the state -- currently ruled by the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi alliance comprising the Sena, NCP and Congress -- was not getting its "ful share" of central funds which could be utilised for hel farmers.


The Sena presi nt also said the farm loan waiver scheme announced by his go nment will be rolled out from next month, and assured that not a single industry will be allowed to move oerut of the state.


Referring to the Centre's ambitious bullet train project, which has faced stiff opposition from farms and tribals whose lands are to be acquired, Thackeray said there should be a comprehensive discussion on its viability.


"Who will benefit from the bullet train? How will trade and industry in Maharashtra get a boost because of it? If it is useful, convince me and then let's go before people and decide what to do," the chief minister said.


"The bullet train may be a dream project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but when you wake up, it is not a dream, you have to face the reality," he said.


Developmental projects need to be prioritised considering the state's financial situation, Thackeray said in the interview to Sana's executive editor Sanjay Raut.


"We have to see what is urgent and not take up something because we are getting loan at zero interest or less interest. We acquire farmers' land for no reason and then look after these white elephants. This is not ," he said.


Notably, the Narendra Modi go nment has set the deadline of completing the bullet train project by August 15, 2022, when India marks 75 years of Independence.



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When business and rich people for whom time is more precious, are prepared to pay for the ride what is your problem. For him even Metro rail is not required but the trees which come in the way are important. With this mind set, you will go back to stone age. Farmers are not giving land free. They are amply compensated.



He seems to believe in bullock carts istead.



Greater • 19 days ago

The money for bullet train was brought as loan without interest by BJP. That was not a small thing.



Sarcastic Bee • Pune • 19 days ago

"Uddhav Thackeray compares bullet train project to 'white elephant'". Uddhav has started speaking sense after severing ties with the Bunch of Jokers Party.



Shaun • 18 days ago

something like this was said about building airports, building metros, buildings express Highway...this indirectly attracts foreign investors in India as it see india is willing and making a move to technology advancement. Start with one and in few decades bullet train will be running across India...same with hyperloop. If India needs FDI then India should step up its game to technological advancements which will indirectly benefit lot of other spaces



Kumar • Toronto • 19 days ago

The CM should travel on cycle or ST bus to various destinations - private or po itical - instead of flying. AFTER ALL, AN AIR PLANE IS ALSO A WHITE ELEPHANT COMPARED TO A CYCLE OR AN ST BUS...!!!



Mikallan • Mppuram • 18 days ago

Now he is trying to use his tiny brain into forecasting economic development. This rabble raise knows nuts about feasibility or future infrastructure needs. It is like teaching a pre school boy on issues beyond his scope of understanding.



Ramesh T M • Bangalore • 19 days ago

UT what is your credential to talk about these projects, by the grace of your dad & treachery you have occupied CM's post. What have you done so far in your life for the people around you or to your locality? You have been riding on the shoulders of goons & dada Giri backstabbing is what you know best. There is no need to convince the loers gang.


Kru Seeyu• 19 days ago




mavani • kamp • 18 days ago

The white elephant is Congress, and Shiv sena



Rben Patel • Vadodara • 18 days ago

Mr. Uddhava Thakaray is more a white elephant. Does he want to take India to 18th century so that his Party can remain in power for ever?



Praveen .Kumar • Bangalore • 18 days ago

Ofcourse, expected of a prehistoric thinking mindset... Imagine where would be if such po itical leaders were there 20 years ago. would still be a backward, develo country depending on bicycles for transport. Well considering the pollution problems they have now, bicycles would have been better. Fast-forwarding to the present, has become a global high speed train transportation specialist, although they got the technology from Japan, Germany and Bombardier through transfer. ...



Dinesh Singh Sagwan • 18 days ago

Maharashtra will also get boost in economy from bullet train and its not only Gujrat which benifits.Do not stop important projects only for ve bank po itics.



Shapoor Bomanjee • 18 days ago

Once again this Shiv Sena chief is adopting blackmail tactics to get funds.Other states would be proud to have a project like this.Thakeray once proved that he is a black-mailer.



Abhay Sandwar • Hazaribag • 18 days ago

Bullet train is a part of the development .Why to lament on this issue .This is not a free ride . One has to pay , who can pay .Maharastra Gt must explore local means to develop its economy in stead wasting the resources .




Rajeev • 18 days ago

Great Mistake to choose such a sick man, he should be provided bullack cart to travel to his office from Dadar.



Rakesh • Delhi • 18 days ago

Let us go back to bullock carts.



Gunny • Japan • 18 days ago

Sir, if you become anti India by acting like congress or TMC, your days are numbered.



parab DV • 18 days ago

This Bullet train project should be scrapped totally. Because If recent Mumbai to Ahmedabad Tejas express train is running superfast, there is no need to run Bullet train between this route. Bullet train project is not beneficial to general public. It is waste of time, money and natural resources and harm to nature in Mumbai & Maharashtra.



Secular • New Delhi • 19 days ago

How is multi floor fish aquarium useful then?

In case of Bullet train, Japan is giving 1 billion dollars loan to India at 0.1% interest to be repaid after 50 years. first 20 years nothing to be paid.

All manufacturing of Bullet train to be done in India, so all parts, metal to be purchased in India. Japan is also sharing the technological knowledge of Bullet train with India.

Will it not create jobs in India and boost the local economy ... Read More




Desh Premi • 17 days ago

WHy is this fellow taking our country back to stone age. We are very unfortunate to have leaders like this



Ved • Visakhapatnam • 18 days ago

Technology is the most important which We don't have now



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