Uddhav Thackeray puts brakes on bullet train, says will review project



MUMBAI: In a move that may set his go nment on a collision course with the Centre, chief minister Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday announced a review of the Rs 1.1 lakh crore Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project. A couple of days ago, he had stayed work on the Aarey car shed for the underground Metro 3 line, another flagship project of the previous NDA go nment. He also said that his re gie will come out with a white paper on the state’s finances and promised a cabinet expansion “soon”.


Addressing a press conference after a two-day special session of the assembly concluded, the CM said, “We have asked for an update on development works currently underway, cost estimates, hurdles, and deadlines. We will then decide on what needs to be done on priority and also if some works that are being done on priority are really needed.”


Thackeray asserted that his go nment would not work in a vindictive manner, adding, “We will review the bullet train project just like we have not stayed the Metro project.”


The bullet train is estimated to cost Rs1.1 lakh crore, 81% of which is being funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency through a 50-year loan at an interest rate of 0.1%. The National High Speed Rail Corporation has been set up to execute the project, for which Maharashtra and Gujarat will each contribute Rs 5,000 crore as equity while the Centre’s share is Rs 10,000 crore.


Currently, the project faces land acquisition hurdles, especially in the region immediately to the north of Mumbai, in Palghar. As of now, 548 hectares of the total requirement of 1,380 hectares have been acquired. The project is targeted to be operational by 2023.



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Rk • 2 hours ago

Sonia wants KICKBACKS on every major project in the state. She is starving for a loot. And this poor Sena fool is Doing her bidding. Thats all he hs no choice. This fella and his congi masters will take this commercial hub city of india Backwards. !



Honest Indian • 38 mins ago

Very correct. Better wind up Bullet Train project. Also all metro projects in mumbai. Push back India in to 70s.



Vijay• 2 hours ago

Excellent decision by Uddhav, this mindless expenditure for a white elephant must be stopped asap. Need to get basics right first. BulletTrain is not the need of hour when our economy is nose diving and in ICU.



Vijay Vasani• 2 hours ago

overturning everything that he himself did when in govt with the BJp.. what is this Buddhuv upto?



Honest Indian• 31 mins ago

I feel very sorry for Indian voters and taxpayers. Their money get looted in the broad day light from go nment treasury and Banks. They are helplessly watching like sitting ducks. If they do the same, the law acts against them.



R• 2 hours ago

Uddav Thackeray joins new ranks to keep India poor.



Proud Indian• 2 hours ago

He will take the state backward. Don't we voters have any say after elections. We didn't vote for this Govt.



Balachandran Nair • 1 hour ago

Congress want to see even this go nment fail



Tejas Shah

No Metro, no Bullet train- just Bullock carts. COMMON people needs to live on MINIMUM infrastructure-PROGRAM.


Jack Saunders

yes plenty of cows roaming in gujarat on streets we happy without bullet train



Nitesh Angre• 1 hour ago

Yes I would have supported the project if the bullet train was to connect all 4 major cities in India. Mumbai-Chennai-Kolkata-Delhi. This currently proposed route is not useful for Maharashtrians. We don''t go to Gujrat. Its for the sole benefit of Gujrat Diamond trade.



rk • 2 hours ago

This fool Doing sonias bidding ...Sonia wants KICKBACKS for this project. NOTHING ELSE.



Vishal Chauhan• 2 hours ago

All blame goes to. Maharashtra people who voted Congress and ncp



John Roe • 2 hours ago

These crooks will stop all development work and siphon money to farm loans waver and pocket it!

BJP was not letting them do this thus the anguish!




Sanjay Sawant• 2 hours ago

Incompetent at his best........Pity, we, Maharashtrians are forced to accept him as CM.



Latha Srinivas• 1 hour ago

If this is halted, it will also halt employment to literally thousands of people. Now with unemployment being high, UT is digging his own grave.



C Rajesh • 2 hours ago

This guy will take Maharashtra backwards.

He will soon ban cars & introduce bullock carts




Suresh Datta• 1 hour ago

Overturning or stalling the Japanese bullet train project will send a very bad signal to overseas investors about the political risk of investing in India. This will also undermine the authority of he PM of India who got the Japanese invest and bring bullet train technology to India. Uddhav Thackeray should not skittle this project out of vengeance



Beekay • 2 hours ago

Uddhavjee think over before taking such important decision. It's a project being funded by Japan on a long term loan, and already money has been spent on it. Delaying it for political reasons is a stupid idea, because eventually the cost overruns are going to be heavy.


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